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Great Cape o’ Colors: Capa de colores (Spanish with English pronunciation guide)

Book 4 in Careers for Kids series; Copyright © 2018, By Karl Beckstrand, Illustrations by John Collado

Cuenta (count) a los colores/careras/culturas

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Spanish vowels have one sound each: a = ah e = eh i = ee o = oh u = oo. Every vowel should be pronounced (except for the u after a q [and q sounds like a k]). In Spanish, ll has is pronounced like a y. The letter j is pronounced like an English h, as is g--if followed by an e or i. The Spanish h is silent.

Just as in English, most Spanish nouns are made plural by adding s or es (an -es ending is pronounced ehz). Spanish nouns are masculine or feminine and are almost always preceded by an article (la = feminine the, el = masculine the, una = feminine a or one, un = masculine a or one). Articles also reflect plural: las = plural feminine the, los = plural masculine the, unas / algunas = feminine some, unos / algunos = masculine some.

Primary colors are red (rojo), blue (azul), and yellow (Amarillo). ¡Mezclélos! By mixing them you can create other colors. What else is called a cape? ¿A qué más se le llama capa? See online story secrets at GozoBooks. MORE Career/earning books: ChildrenEarn

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