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Mr. and Mrs. Wells were a kindly old couple (they were in their 50's) who lived on our street for years. They were two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet. Every Halloween they gave out more candy than any other house. They were very friendly and always said "Good Morning" to everyone in the neighbourhood. One day Mrs. Wells got very sick and we never saw her again. It was really hard for Mr. Wells to deal with.

After his wife's passing, Mr. Wells started to avoid everyone. Concerned neighbours would go over to check on him but he never answered the door. We left food and notes for him on his front porch but nobody had seen him for over a year. The only sign of life in his house was the constant banging sounds that we heard at night. We had no idea what he was working on.

It was my turn to take my dog Tippy out to do his business. It was a warm, calm evening. Everything was quiet and there was a nice breeze that caressed my face. And then annoying thumping noises began to echo through the streets spooking Tippy. He ran off to see where it was coming from. "Tippy! Get back here!" But he wouldn't listen so I had to chase after him.

Tippy had fled to Mr. Wells' house where all of the racket was coming from. "C'mon boy, we have to go. I have to take a bath and get to bed." But he wouldn't listen to me and he began to head around back to the basement window. I know that I should've just taken him home but I was a little curious to see what was going on as well.

"Tippy, there you are. We have to get going. I don't want to get into trouble with Mom and Dad." But Tippy wouldn't leave. He just kept staring through the basement window. My curiosity got the better of me and I tried to sneak a peek as well. I saw Mr. Wells in his basement with tools scattered about all over the floor. There was a big clock that he seemed to working on. I think he worked as an engineer or something like that. "Show's over. Let's go Tippy" I whispered. "WOOF!" "Shhhh! Be quiet." But it was too late as Mr. Wells had spotted us.

"Meg, is that you?" "I'm so sorry Mr. Wells." "It's okay. C'mon inside, the door's open." He fixed me a cup of hot cocoa and then started to tell me about his project. "As you know I lost my wife a while ago. She fought so hard and was very brave. We had a disagreement one night so I left the house to take a walk. When I got back she had passed away. I never got to say goodbye and it has haunted me ever since. That's why I'm building that thing." He looked at the big machine with a clock and wires sticking out all over. "It's a time machine. I'm going to make things right."

"I've been doing a lot of research on time travel and I think it's possible. I'm working on a prototype right now." "A proto-what?" I interrupted. "A prototype is a model from which other forms are developed." "Correct Tippy." "I'm going to go back to the moment before I walked out and be there to say goodbye. I haven't been able to think about anything else since that day." "Well it's getting late. I hope your time thingy works." As we were on our way out a fly started buzzing around inside the time machine. Soon it began to make all sorts of strange noises.

Bright lights started to flash, the machine began to shake, and the room was filling up with smoke. A great force of energy began to pull the three of us towards the machine. "What's going on Mr. Wells?" "We're probably entering a space-time continuum. You see, time can't exist without space, and space can't exist without time." "Not now Cupid!" Mr. Wells and I yelled as we were eventually pulled inside the time machine.

After spinning around and around we finally came to an abrupt stop. Mr. Wells opened his eyes first only to see a Viking with a bushy beard wearing a huge helmet with sharp horns. "Stowaways? On my ship?" "Um, hello" I said. "Say something Tippy." "I can't. My Swedish is a little rusty." "I have some good news and some bad news" Mr. Wells whispered to me. "My time machine actually worked. Unfortunately we're on a Viking ship and they're not exactly known for their manners."

"My name is Sven the Viking. This is my brother Lars and my other brother Lars. We are from Saint Olaf and are going to raid some villages for food and other supplies. I'll make you a deal. If you two help us row to and from our destination, I'll let you stay. If you say no then I will feed you to the sharks." So we started rowing as hard as we could. "How are we going to get out of this Mr. Wells?" "I have no idea Meg so just keep rowing."

Mr. Wells and I rowed until our arms were sore. The Vikings ran onshore and scared the people in the villages. They ended up loading the ship with lots and lots of supplies. On the way back Sven spotted Tippy. "What is this mongrel doing on my ship? Get this beast off my ship!" "Hey! That's my dog you're talking about and he's the best, smartest, and cutest dog around. Now say you're sorry!" I snarled. Sven apologized much to the dismay of his fellow Vikings. Then strangely, Mr. Wells, Tippy, and I started to fade in and out before completely disappearing from the ship.

"Did you do that Mr. Wells?" "I don't know. I reached into my pocket and found my TV remote so I just started pressing a bunch of buttons. Guess it worked. Brace yourself. I think we're going back in time again!"

"Welcome! Thou must be the brave warrior who shalt joust the Black Knight for the honour of the King's daughter." "He's dreamy" I blurted out. "What did he say?" “He speaks Old English. We must have gone back to medieval times." "The restaurant?" I asked. "Sigh! No the time period between the 5th and 15th century" Tippy said. "Sorry kid but I'm spoken for. There won't be any jousting today." "Who dost besmirch the honour of the King's daughter?" a voice called out from the distance.

"I'm sorry your Highness but I am, was a married man. I'm sure your daughter is a lovely girl but...." "Silence! Guards vanquish them to the dungeon. But leave that miserable mutt. This scoundrel shall suit up and battle the Black Knight for my daughter's hand in marriage." "I'm kind of seeing this cute pug back home and..." "Silence!"

As Tippy prepared to battle the Black Knight, Mr. Wells and I toiled in the dungeon." "Hey, it's the boy we met earlier!" My heart started to race. He was sooooo cute. "'Tis unjust what the King hath done to thou. I shall set thou free to rescue thine friend from peril." "Okay Meg, let's go!" Mr. Wells said as the boy unlocked us from our chains. "Do you Skype?" I asked the servant boy. "Meg!" "Alright! Call me!"

We got there just in time as Tippy was getting ready to joust the fearsome Black Knight. Poor Tippy didn't stand a chance. Mr. Wells pushed every button he could on the TV remote but nothing was happening. The Black Knight was getting closer and closer to Tippy. ZAP! Tippy disappeared into thin air and soon Mr. Wells and I joined him. What was waiting for us next?

"Yikes! Dinosaurs! Quick Mr. Wells, push the buttons!" "I am! I am!" ZAP! "Whew! We're all safe" Mr. Wells sighed. "Oh no, we gotta go back and get Tippy!" We went back to the Jurassic era, grabbed my dog and returned the dinosaur. Mr. Wells was starting to get frustrated with everything, and we were all feeling homesick.

We just floated around like we were in outer space. I felt lighter than air. "Where to next Mr. Wells?" "I just want to go home" he replied. "But there are still so many things from the past to see and do." "You don't want to do anything in the past Meg. It's called The 'Butterfly Effect.' One small move could change history forever" Tippy chimed in. "C'mon Mr. Wells gimme the remote control. I want to visit that cute boy from the castle. Please! Please! Pleeeeeeease!" "NO! YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE PAST!"

"You can't change the past" he repeated in a quiet voice to himself. "I'm sorry I yelled at you Meg. It's time to go." "Where are we going Mr. Wells?" "Home. It's time to go home." The following day Mr. Wells brought the time machine to the front curb to be picked up by the local garbage men.

The End

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