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“I want to be famous!” Andrew said,

while he jumped up and down on his parents’ bed.

“I want all to know me, there’s no time to lose!

I want to appear on TV, in the news!”

“Being famous is not that much fun.”

Andrew’s mother smiled at her son.

“You’ll never be left alone, my dear,

with no private life of your own, I fear.

You’re only ten, Andrew, don’t worry,

you shouldn’t try to do things in such a hurry.”

“You’re not being fair!” Andrew said with a pout.

“Young kids can be famous, I know without doubt.

You heard about Matthew, he’s ten just like me,

and he took first place in the spelling bee.”

His mother replied, "For children your age,
it is not very easy to be on the front page.”

Andrew was upset, more than ever before,

he ran to his room and closed the door.

He lay on his bed, and started to cry,

“I never get lucky, though I try and try.”

“I can’t become famous; I don’t have a chance,

I can’t play guitar, or gracefully dance.

So I guess it will never happen to me,

I’ll never be famous, that’s easy to see!”

And then through his window, he saw way out far,

A beautiful vision – a bright shooting star.

And Andrew remembered at least once or twice

his older brother, John giving him this advice,

“If ever you see shooting stars in the night,

make a wish while they are still in your sight.”

Andrew then closed his little eyes tight,

he wished and he prayed with all his might.

You probably know what he wished for that night,

but I can’t really say if you’re wrong or you’re right.

If we say it out loud it may not come true,

and I don’t want the blame, and neither do you.

When morning arrived, Andrew sat on his bed,

stretching his arms. “What now?” he said.

“Maybe I’ll learn how to play a guitar,

I’ll perform in a concert and become a star.”

“But that isn’t very easy to do,

It will take much practice, a year, maybe two!

Wait, I know! I will capture a thief,

and all will then know me, even the Police Chief!

That way I’ll be famous, recognized on sight,

and that will be awesome, my future is bright.”

“But how can I catch a thief, I'm so small,

and he will be heavy and fearsome and tall?”

Andrew lowered his head, filled with gloom,

and continued to sit there alone in his room.

“Oh man! I don’t really have any good luck,

I don’t have cool talents, I feel that I’m stuck.

I cannot play music, not even a bit,

nor can I dance, or do a good split.

There’s really no chance that I will be known,

I’ll never succeed out there on my own!”

Andrew got out of bed and said,

“I’ll take Johnny my dog out for a long walk instead.

Maybe I’ll find me some skills by tonight.”

He grabbed his coat, and zipped it up tight.

His mother then asked, “Where are you going, my child?”

“I’m walking with Johnny,” he answered and smiled.

“OK, just make sure you are back home by one.”
“No problem, I'll come home as soon as I'm done.”

Andrew and Johnny walked out to the street.

He passed Joe’s shop, and waved to Old Pete.

He watched passers-by, looking for inspiration,

but he saw and felt nothing, except for frustration.

Andrew then sat on a bench in the park.

and Johnny showed friendship and let out a bark.

“Oh man! I don’t really have that much luck,

I don’t have cool talents, I feel that I’m stuck.

I don’t know to play music, not even a bit,

and nor can I dance, or do a good split.

There’s really no chance that I will be known,

I’ll never succeed out there on my own!”

Then suddenly he heard someone shouting out loud,

so Andrew walked over and reached a big crowd.

People kept coming from left and from right,

and Andrew then saw an unusual sight.

There in the center, as cute as can be,

two frightened kittens were stuck in a tree.

One kitten was ginger, with spots that were white.

It cried and it howled with worry and fright.

The second was grey, a white spot on its back.

It hung from a branch that looked like it might crack!

A small girl named Ginny stood close to the tree,

poor little Ginny was upset as can be,

“Oh what will I do?” she jumped and she waved.

“How will these small little kittens be saved?”

But Andrew knew something that no one could see.

A rope ladder was hidden behind the tall tree.

When he was little he'd climb, unafraid,

to play in the playhouse the children had made.

He climbed up the ladder, not a bit scared,

and rescued the kittens while everyone stared!

Ginny was stunned, she could not even stir.

So Andrew handed the kittens over to her.

“Please keep them safe, and hold them, before

the kittens start climbing that tree anymore.”

Andrew and Jonny walked home, feeling great,
he also was glad he wouldn't be late.
"Today was so fun, it all was a blast!
I never knew time could fly by so fast."
That night Andrew slept sound and slept deep,
with many good dreams all throughout his sleep.

In the morning Andrew awoke, and turning his head,

found his whole family right there by his bed.

“Andrew! Andrew! This is great, who knew!

The newspaper’s front page is all about you!"

“I’m proud of you, honey,” said Andrew’s mother.

“Yeah, it is really cool,” added his brother.

Andrew was stunned, "This couldn't be right!"

He read the front page with awe and delight.

“I did it!” He smiled. “I did it with style!”

And on his small face grew a very large smile.

“I have talent and luck, and though it is tough,

I can do anything if I want it enough.

I am already famous, at least for today,

I’ll cherish this moment forever and a day!”

Lots of love,

Idan H.


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