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Visiting Grandma

Book 4

Rishi Harrison

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018


“Saminder” is a delightful story for children of life set in the post-colonial Indian state capital Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills, one of many tales written by Rishi Harrison in this series. She is well known to younger readers since 2010, when she published many short stories. Her own sympathy with the instincts and longings of the child’s heart reflecting Indian society following the days of the British Raj is shown in her portrayal of Saminder’s Short Stories. A record of the early life of an Indian child amid the beauties of her passionately loved mountain home.

The next morning the sun came out early as bright as ever, and then Sunil appeared with the goats, and again the two children climbed up together to the high meadows, and so it went on day after day until Saminder, passing her life thus among the grass and flowers, was now dark brown with the sun, and grew so strong and healthy that nothing ever ailed her. She was happy too, and lived from day-to-day as free and light-hearted as the little birds that make their home among the green mountain trees. Then the season changed and autumn came, the wind blew louder and stronger, and the grandfather would say sometimes, “Today you must stay at home, Saminder; a sudden gust of the wind would blow a little thing like you over the rocks into the valley below.”

Whenever Sunil heard that he must go alone he looked very unhappy, for he saw nothing but mishaps of all kinds ahead, and did not know how he should bear the long dull day without Saminder. Then, too, there was the good meal he would miss, and besides that the goats on these days were so naughty that he had twice the usual trouble with them, for they had grown so used to Saminder’s presence that they would run in every direction and refuse to go on unless she was with them.

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