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A Goats Trail

Book 3

Rishi Harrison

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2018


“Saminder” is a delightful story for children of life set in the post-colonial Indian state capital Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, in the Himalayan foothills, one of many tales written by Rishi Harrison in this series. She is well known to younger readers since 2010, when she published many short stories. Her own sympathy with the instincts and longings of the child’s heart reflecting Indian society following the days of the British Raj is shown in her portrayal of Saminder’s Short Stories. A record of the early life of an Indian child amid the beauties of her passionately loved mountain home.

Saminder was woke early the next morning by loud whistling; the sun was shining through the round window and falling in golden rays on her bed and on the large heap of hay, and as she opened her eyes everything in the loft seemed gleaming with gold. She looked around in astonishment and for a moment was lost to where she was. But her Baba’s deep voice was now heard outside, and then Saminder recalled all that had happened: how she had come away from her former home and was now on the mountain with her grandfather instead of with old Aunty Uman. The latter was nearly stone deaf and always felt cold, so that she sat all day either by the hearth in the kitchen or by the sitting-room stove, and Saminder had been obliged to stay close to her, for the old woman was so deaf that she could not tell where the child was if out of her sight. And Saminder, shut up within the four walls, had often longed to be outside. So she felt very happy this morning as she woke up in her new home with many new things, which she would see again today and above all she thought with delight of the two family goats. Saminder jumped quickly out of bed and a very few minutes sufficed her to put on her clothes for there were not many of them. Then she climbed down the ladder and ran outside the hut. There stood Sunil already with his flock of goats, and the grandfather was just bringing his two out of the shed to join the others. Saminder ran forward to wish good-morning to him and the goats.

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