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A Collection Of Short Stories For Kids


White Christmas: a collection of short stories for kids

By Pastor Alfred

Published by Pastor Alfred

Copyright © 2018. Pastor Alfred.

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This Book Is Dedicated To You Who Are Reading It.

I Wrote It For You.


  1. How To Make Satan Buy You A Car

  2. I Only Make Friends With Bookworms

  3. I Received What I Always Wanted This Christmas

  4. I Am Catholic, I Won’t Let My Kids Watch A Protestant’s Movie

  5. I Am Shy, I Can’t Look At A Lady Straight In The Eye

  6. I Just Can’t Stop Sinning

  7. I Think I Ate Too Much Cake On Christmas Day

  8. I Had The Worst Christmas Ever

  9. If You Don’t Have Discipline You Would Never Be Rich

  10. If Your Parents Are Racist Don’t Put Your Footprints In Theirs


I Thank God


I Thank You (Who Is Reading This Book Right Now).


How To Make Satan Buy You A Car

Once upon a time, Satan was working around town as always looking for whom to destroy. Apparently, ever since he was cast out of heaven he doesn’t have anything better to do with his free time. Satan noticed a young man talking to a girl. He smiled as the girl gave him her number.

Well, planning to commit sin is almost as good enough as committing sin. Satan commanded two of his little demons to follow the young man, and they happily ran and jumped into him.In the physical realm it didn’t look like anything had happened but in the spiritual realm the young man just got two additional problem – generators.

Satan was feeling a bit bored so he decided he would cause a car accident to kill the human standing right next to him.

Satan’s plan was adverted by a Christian teenage boy who acted quickly and pulled the person that Satan planned to kill out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. The Christian teenage boy had saved someone’s life and he had cost Satan some fun.

Satan got mad and decided he would punish the Christian teenage boy. He declared to his demons that the Christian teenage boy is never to have a car but is to suffer having to walk for the rest of his life. They would stop any plan in motion that would result in the Christian teenage boy getting a car. The Christian teenage boy was cursed. He was cursed by Satan himself. That was his punishment for costing Satan a life he would have killed.

Later that day, while the Christian teenage boy was having one of his normal conversations with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit told the Christian teenage boy what Satan had decided to do.You see, when you spend a lot of time with God, his mindset and his power begins to rub off on you.

The Christian teenage boy laughed with the Holy Spirit at what Satan was planning. True, he knew Satan must be serious but he also knew that Satan is just a small little ant when you know your rights in Christ.

The Christian teenage boy told the Holy Spirit whom he had come to know as his friend that, this is not even a praying matter. Satan is not serious. He told the Holy Spirit that he would disturb Satan and make even Satan himself be the one to buy him a car. The Holy Spirit was pleased that the Christian teenage was thinking with divine authority. He had grown in the faith such that even the loudest threat from Satan couldn’t make him shake.

The Christian teenage boy came up with a plan. He started preaching to people anytime he met them while he worked on the street. He also won so many souls whenever he used public transportation to the point that his plan worked, Satan had to get him a private car himself so that the Christian teenage boy won’t see anybody to win to Christ when he is riding in a private car before he ends up winning everyone in the city who ever sits beside him in bus or in a public vehicle.

Satan told one of his disciples in the church of Satan to buy it for the Christian teenage boy.Satan’s disciple was shocked and asked Satan, “Since when did we start helping the enemy.”

Satan told his disciple to SHUT UP and just buy the car.

The disciple said, Ok! but maybe they should put a curse on the car first before giving it to the Christian.


So, by the end of that day, the teenage Christian boy was driving around town in his brand new expensive car. Satan couldn’t take the risk of buying a cheap car just in case the Christian teenage boy wouldn’t like it.

Unfortunately for Satan, the Christian teenage boy used his car to drive to much distant places to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus than he could have ever reached before. He would also use it to drive new coverts to church every Sunday morning until they didn’t need him showing up before they would get up and go to church. Then he would replace them with even newer converts and drive them to church every Sunday.

So obviously, Satan lost.



I Only Make Friends With Bookworms

Once upon a time in a place much like where you live right now there lived two twin brothers. One’s name was Peter and the other one’s name was Paul. They were 12 years old and where blessed with lovely Christian parents.

They were not really doing well with their school work and their parents had instilled compulsory daily reading time on them however it only moved their grades up from D’s to C’s. They rarely ever got B’s and they never got A’s.

Most parents are satisfied with their kids getting C’s but when a parent knows that C means average and A means great, then that parents would not settle for their kids being average when they know their kids can be great.

Their Mum prayed for God to reveal to her what the problem was, and one day she had the opportunity to see the kind of friends her twins keep in school when she came earlier than usual to pick them up. It was clear that the kind of friends they kept loved to play more than they loved to read. As a matter of fact they didn’t like to read at all. They were just all play kids who must have only read when their parents forced them to.

When they got home. She told her two sons to only hang out with those who read and love to read which means that they should stop being friends with the people she saw them playing with.The twins never argued with their Mum. They both nodded in agreement.

The next day in school, Peter was surprised when he saw his twin brother still going to hang out with their old friends. He cautioned Paul, but Paul told his friends what his brother was warning him about and they all made fun of him; saying that he thinks he’s better than them all of a sudden.

Peter left them alone and went to make friends with the most brilliant kids in the class.At the end of the term, when their Mum received their results from the school through her e-mail she saw that Peter was getting a lot of A’s but Paul was still getting C’s.

She called Peter and told him to tell her the truth. She then asked him if Paul still remained friends with the people she told them to stop being friends with and Peter said Yes.Mum then called Paul and told him why he is about to receive a good spanking, and then she took him upstairs and gave him a real good spanking.

Being friends with people who do not read makes their attitude towards reading rob off on us. If we have a good foundation with people who love reading but also keep friends with people who don’t love to read; the negative influence of those who don’t love to read would impede your mental growth.

So it’s wise to only make friends with bookworms: those who love to read.



I Received What I Always Wanted This Christmas

Once upon a time there lived a little Christian boy named Jonah. He loved the Lord dearly and he was the only child of very very wealthy and loving Christian parents.

Jonah was very happy today because it was the day before Christmas. That evening as was the custom in their home he’ill get to receive his Christmas gift. His parents didn’t bother telling him that gifts during Christmas are brought by Santa Claus because his parents were smart. And smart people know that if they tell their kids that Santa is real and he operates on Christmas day. And at the same time tells them that the reason for Christmas day is Jesus Christ, when that child grows older and finds out that Santa isn’t real, that child would also question everything else that you told them was connected to Christmas; and I’m talking about Jesus Christ.

Though some kids would find out that Jesus is still real even through Santa is not, why create a potential stumbling block for them to encounter in the future?

Jonah wanted a special limited edition realistic action figure this Christmas. He had been hungry to receive it since his prep school closed for the Christmas season. The special limited edition realistic action figure was very expensive, otherwise he could have bought it himself.

Late that morning, Jonah’s Mum told Jonah that he should escort her to a friend’s house to drop off some gifts that she promised to give her for her charity organization, but the place was far from their house and they would have to drive through quite a few neighborhoods they are not used to.

After they were through and where on their way back, their car breaks down right in the middle of a poor neighborhood.

Jonah’s Mum pulled out her cell phone to call the tow truck but he realizes that the battery is empty. Her genius son had played mobile games on her cell phone all through the better half of the previous night and he had forgotten to charge it.

“Oops!”, Jonah said as he made a cute face and said he was sorry.

Jonah and his Mum had to walk up to the closest house in the neighborhood and ask for help. They were such nice people. They welcomed them into their home, the plump elderly man, Mr. Jacobs told Jonah’s Mum that she didn’t need to use their phone to call the tow truck that he could fix it himself for free.

Jonah’s Mum said that it’s really no big deal that he shouldn’t inconvenience himself, but Mr. Jacobs said that he insists; besides it is Christmas.

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