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The Chihuahua Who Couldn’t Play

Freddy was a sad little boy. He was only six months old but unlike all the other Chihuahuas in the village, Freddy didn’t know how to play.

People would stop and say to him, “Why do you look so sad little boy?”

Freddy didn’t know what to say so he hung his head very low and looked very serious.

Other people would try and make friends and ask him to play but Freddy just didn’t know how, so eventually they would give up on him and find other Chihuahua friends.

Sometimes people would make fun of Freddy because he was so skinny and small. He didn’t have much fur to keep him warm so he was always shivering. He had a terrible cough too.

But nobody knew Freddy’s terrible secret and he was too ashamed to tell anybody.

You see, Freddy didn’t have a mum and dad-in fact he had lived all by himself since the day he was born.

A friend had told him that some very big people took his parents away one night, when Freddy was a tiny baby asleep in his cot.

He often dreamt about what his mum and dad looked like and how they would smell.

He loved imagining that one day they would come to find him and then they could be a proper family and then everything would be ok.

“Maybe then”, he thought, “I could make friends and learn how to play.”

Freddy had heard about the Chihuahua fairy that made special dreams come true.

He had heard that some other girl and boy Chihuahuas had their wishes granted by the fairy, and had found some wonderful families to live with.

Freddy closed his eyes tight each night and wished with all of his might that the Chihuahua fairy could hear the wish in his heart.

But every morning when he woke up in his empty house he realised the fairy had not heard him, and a little tear would run down his face because he was so lonely.

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