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Danny and the animal invasion.

Jackie Forster

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For Nicholas and Callum. Your smiles brighten my day and bring inspiration. Keep your friends close to your heart and you will never be alone.


1 Danny's mission

2 The fairies flight

3 Danny's return

4 Rose and the birds

5 A nights watch

6 Bella

7 A fairy meeting

8 A walk in the woods

9 The plan

10 Clean up

11 Animals help

12 Beech's idea

13 Mission complete

14 Ash's lie

15 Nicky's birthday

Danny’s mission

Danny stretched his wings and yawned. Excited to start the day, he jumped out of bed. Rushing around his room, the young fairy threw water on his face. He dressed in his green shorts and a yellow shirt and walked out the door.

Today he could return to his human child and Danny could not wait. It had been almost a week ago that Danny left Nicky, but he missed his child.

At the start of the summer Danny passed every class and chose his wings. The yellow and green pattern suited his name, Dandelion. He had flown away from his home to find a child to help. This was a fairies’ final test and Danny passed.

Nicky appeared to be a happy child, but Danny was drawn to him for a reason. He soon discovered the neighbourhood children and his own brother bullied Nicky every day.

After investigating, Danny found the imps. Imps were fairies who failed their final test but refused to return to the fairy home. With help from the animals, Danny had captured twelve imps and brought them home.

Stripped of their wings the imps retrained. Now, as fairies, they were ready to try again.

Usually Danny would have stayed at home, but he made a promise to his human child friend. He promised he would return before the summer ended. Now the only thing he wanted was to spread his wings and fly north

Danny grabbed a handful of berries as he walked through the kitchen and ran out the door. Seconds later he was flying high, swooping through the branches.

The fairy master was waiting for Danny when he arrived at the main courtyard. His silver and purple wings fluttered in the morning breeze as he stood perfectly still.

Danny landed carefully, walked towards the fairy master and bowed his head.

“Hello, young one, I am glad you have come early. We have a task for you.”

“But you said I can go back to Nicky today!” Danny said without thinking.

“You will.” The fairy master smiled. “However, if you wish to return, then you must take on this task.”

“What is it?” Danny asked nervously.

“The others must return to their child and finish their task too. They will need someone to keep an eye on them, to be sure they follow the fairy rules.”

Danny gasped, he had not realised that the fairies were ready to return.

“Can you watch over them and help when needed?”

“I…” Danny could not speak.

“Miss Poppy will be around if you have questions.”

“I think I can do that.” Danny said, straightening his back and looking directly at the fairy master.

“Good, I will inform the other before you leave.”

The fairies flight

“Young ones.” The fairy master called from the doorway. “It’s time for you to leave, but I want to say a few words.”

Danny walked closer to the fairy master and waited.

“Young Dandelion here, may be the youngest of you, but he is in charge. Come here, child.” The fairy master called Danny forward. The older fairies always used Danny’s full name. “You have taken on a difficult task for one so young. I’m sure you want to get back to your child, but you must help these twelve when they need you. Everyone is counting on you.”

Danny nodded before turning to the small group of fairies. He was not sure he would be able to complete the task. He had made Nicky a promise, this was the only way he could return. Now the fairies had new wings and their training was complete. Danny had promised Nicky that he would return before school started and he was eager to leave.

It was a week since Danny had seen his child now. The fairy master had asked him to wait and take the new fairies with him. Danny was eager to be back with Nicky before his tenth birthday.

“Okay, if everyone is ready?” Danny looked at the smiling faces. He still worried that the impish behaviour would continue, but hoped that he could solve any problems. “You each know where your child lives, so let’s get there.”

Danny flapped his green and yellow butterfly wings and smiled. He rose into the sky and swooped over the heads of the other fairies. One by one they followed him. Danny flew slowly and watched as the twelve fairies followed him.

A fairy with grey wings flew up next to Danny and grinned. Danny waved and smiled back. Ash, as an imp, had been causing Nicky’s brother, Thomas, to be naughty. Now, as a fairy with new wings, Danny hoped he might help Thomas to behave.

“How are you, Ash?” Danny called.

“Scared.” Ash turned his head. “Thomas is fourteen now. He won’t be able to hear me. How will I help him?”

“Oh, don’t worry so much.” Danny grinned. “Thomas is a good boy and he will listen to you when he is sleeping.”

The closer they got to Nicky’s home the more excited Danny got. Until he noticed that the other fairies were flying slower and looking afraid. Danny remembered how frightened he was the first time he flew from the fairy home and realised they must be even more afraid than he had been.

As he flew into the woods below, Danny called the other to follow. They were nearly at the estate, but the fairies needed time to prepare themselves. Perched on a high branch, Danny waited for them to land.

“I understand how scared you are.” Danny said. “You have made mistakes, it’s time to put them right. I have met your children and they are nice, but you must make them happy.” Danny smiled. “It’s easy, you just have to be their friend.”

“Will they remember?” A young girl fairy asked.

“I don’t think so.” Danny replied smiling. “The only time I saw you with your children, they were sleeping.”

“I don’t want to become an imp again.” A boy fairy said crying.

“Then don’t. If you are worried or think you are making mistakes, just come and talk to me. If I can’t help another fairy who comes to my child’s home can. You all know Miss Poppy. I can call her any time you need extra help.”

The sky was dark by the time the fairies reached the houses. Danny made sure every fairy got to the right house before swooping through the sky to Nicky’s home. He hoped his friend had not forgotten him as he climbed through an open upstairs window.

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