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Danny and the lonely child

Jackie Forster

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For Nicholas. Stay as sweet as you are.


1 Wings

2 First flight

3 Watching Nicky

4 New friends

5 Bullies and tears

6 Looking for answers

7 Imps and explanations

8 Faries and spiders

9 The spider plan

10 Bad Luck

11 Birds of prey

12 The master visits

13 Thomas cleans

14 Catching imps

15 Returning home

16 New mission


“Seeing you all, I know you will do the best you can to make this world a better place.” The fairy master smiled out over the new fairies. “Collect your wings as you leave the hall and find your human companion.”

Dandelion waited as all of his classmates left the hall to collect their wings. He was scared. The world seemed like a big place, how could he find the child he was destined to help.

“Hey, Danny, You coming?”

Walking towards his friend, Danny found himself by the door. What type of wings would he get? Which way should he fly?

“A group of us have decided to set out together. You want to come with us?” Bramble asked.

“Sounds good. Thanks Bram.” Danny smiled. At least he would not be alone.

Bramble pushed Danny through the door with a laugh. Everyone knew how worried Danny was that he would make a mistake. All the teachers thought Danny would be good as a fairy helper but they worried that he would not follow the rules.

“So, what colour wings would you like Danny?” Violet asked. She was a large, motherly looking fairy with dragonfly wings.

“Something to match my name.” Danny smiled.

“Ooh, lovely. Green and yellow would suit you well with your hair.” Violet smiled. “What kind?”

Danny frowned. He had never really thought about the different types of wings. Most fairies had small fluttery wings like a dragonfly. A few had chosen feathery wings like a bird, some even had bat like wings. Skimming through the picture book on the table, Danny frowned over the possibilities.

Turning the page, Danny gasped. On the paper was the most beautiful wings Danny had ever seen. They were large, with tips that would reach out above his head. Swirls of colour covered them separated by thin black lines.

“Good choice.” Violet smiled again. “These are butterfly wings. Children are so used to seeing butterflies, you could fly right passed a child without them even noticing you.”

Tearing the page from the book, Violet moved to a strange machine in the corner. Placing the paper down, she fiddled with the buttons. Danny watched as the colours on the page changed to the brightest yellow he had ever seen mixed with grass green.

“How’s that?”

“Perfect.” Danny grinned, then gasped as she pulled the wings straight off the page.

“Turn around dear.”

Danny did as he was told and felt a warmth spread across his back as Violet pushed the wings onto his shoulders.

“Now be careful for the next few hours. You don’t want to over work them too soon.”

Danny heard Violet call for the next fairy as she pushed him from the room.

“Wow, Danny, they look fantastic.” Bram smiled and fluttered his dark green, black and purple wings. “Let’s try them out.”

They spent the afternoon swooping through the treetops, learning how to make sharp turns to avoid bumping into each other. Everyone joined in. There were so many wings of different colours, it was easy to spot who you were looking for from a distance.

As the evening approached the fairy master stood on a branch and called everyone over to him. He looked stern as he waited for the new fairies to settle.

“You all know that tomorrow morning is the first day you will fly out into the world. It is also the first day of the summer holidays.” He paused and looked from face to face. “It will be sunny so most children will be outside playing. You must watch and find the child you will spend time with over the next few weeks. If you do not find your child by the end of the day, then you must return here and hand in your wings until next year. Do you all understand?”

Everyone nodded. This was what Danny was afraid of. What if he could not find his child? He looked over his shoulder at the bright wings and sighed. He could not bear to part with them.

“Okay. Off to bed with you all. Get a good night's sleep and good luck tomorrow.”

As his class mates flew home Danny sat alone on the tree branch. He was afraid. What if he didn't find his child? What if he found his child, but could do nothing to help? The moon rose over the treetops as Danny sat shivering in the night air. Finally, he decided it was time to go home and try to sleep.

Sneaking in through his window Danny curled up on his moss bed and sleep came almost instantly.

First flight

Danny woke as the sun started to lighten the sky. His mother had laid out his new leaf outfit the night before and Danny jumped out of bed to get ready.

Splashing his face with the water from the dew bucket outside his window, Danny shivered in the early morning chill. Pulling on the new clothes he smiled at his reflection in the mirror. The green of his shorts matched the green in his new wings perfectly.

Grabbing a handful of berries from the bowl on the table, Danny shouted goodbye to his mother and flew out the door. Spiralling up through the tree branches Danny arrived at the meeting place. Bramble was already waiting for him.

Within minutes, more of their class had arrived. The chatter between the groups was deafening. Everyone seemed to be excited and terrified at the same time. Danny relaxed when he realised he was not the only one who was afraid to fail.

“Welcome, children. It is time for you to leave us and find your child.” The fairy master stood at the front of the crowd. “You may go alone or in a group, but remember, each of you must find your child by the time the sun sets tonight.”

With a wave of his hand, a breeze blew through the gathered fairies and they all took flight together. Danny followed Bramble and Clover as they circled overhead.

“Which way should we go?” Clover asked, fluttering her dainty purple wings.

“This way.” Bramble pointed away from the others who had set off towards the south. “There should be loads of children to choose from in the north. Everyone else is heading south.” He laughed.

Four more fairies joined the three friends and they flew together over hills and trees. Swooping through the early morning air as they searched the ground below them for signs of children.

“Where is the best place to find children?” One girl asked.

“In parks.” Bramble replied knowingly.

They passed over a large city without even stopping to look for children. Few fairies liked being in a large town. They loved the countryside. They needed the trees and flowers to hide in as they watched their companion child. As the morning grew warmer fairies from their group drifted away alone.

“How about over there?” Clover asked, pointing towards the edge of a small town.

“Looks good to me.” Clover and the last boy fairy waved as they left the group.

Danny was starting to worry, it was just himself and Bramble left now. They had been flying for three hours, but Danny still did not feel the pull that everyone spoke about.

“Let’s take a break here.” Bramble swooped down towards a small collection of houses built around a large field. “We must be careful not to be seen. I’m not sure I like this place.”

“Looks nice to me.” Danny smiled. “Look, there are some children just coming out to play.”

Moving closer to the children, Danny watched as they rode around the field on their bikes and scooters.

“Hey, Danny, I’m going. You coming with me?”

“No. I think I want to stay here.” Danny frowned as he saw a small boy kick a girl who was sitting on the side of the road. “I’m not sure why, though.”

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