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Kimberly Perkins

Foreword by Chilita Perkins


I see a miracle every day when I see my daughter so

gifted, strong and talented, when I look at her

I see an extension of myself”

The greatest thing in the world is to see your children using the talents that God has gifted them with innocently. Kimberly has always been a talented artist and poet from the age of 3. She came home from school and gave me this book when she was 5 years old and she told me that she was going to be a writer. As a mom I took her beautiful poem with drawings and put it on the shelf along with the self-made pictures of me and her, her baby shoes and all her childhood memories.

As an author myself I am delighted to be the one to introduce Kimberly’s creativity to the world. Upon moving out of the home I once shared with my children for years and as they now move on to their own adult lives while their dad and I watch them grown into beautiful families of their own, I ran across Kimberly’s book entitled at the time A Book of Poems and I shared this memory with her. She thought how great would it be to share this book with other young people who inspire to write. To let them know that it can be done no matter how old you are. If you have a dream inside of you just believe and never give up and if you are fortunate enough to have parents that love you especially mothers who save all your childhood memories, then you can achieve anything you put your mind to do.

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Perkins, Chilita A Child’s Heart Poetry / by Kimberly Perkins. Summary:

Poetry told from a mind of a five-year-old

[1. Poetry- fiction 2. Fairytale – Children]

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“Where Dreams Come True”

Table of Contents



shy impressive

wishes to be a hairstylist

dreams of

being like her

mom when she grows up

want to go shopping every day

who wonders how to be very smart

who fears frogs

who is afraid of her new school?

Who likes animals

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