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Princess Summer's

Fairy Forest


aka Cat Dog Fairy

Written by

Jori Lynn

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My lovely, silly nieces.

Princess Summer loved the fairy forest.

It looked spooky.

Princess Summer was not afraid.

It was magical.

Inside the forest is where her fairy friends lives.

This is where she plays with many animals in the forest.

Where she plays hide and seek with butterflies

Where she learns how to swim with an alligator.

Where she helps a dragonfly.

Where she flies with her friend, Meg.

Where she tap dances with a chicken.

Where she saves a frog prince.

Where she eats invisible carrots with bunnies.

Where she learns magic with an elf.

Where she eats all the cupcakes she can.

Where she takes naps with a cat.

Where she plays hopscotch with a dog.

Where she reads with a sea turtle.

Where she saves the fairies from giants.

She goes home to her mom, dad, and sister at the end of the day.

The end.

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