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My Name Is Bella

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This book is dedicated to the “Dogs they used to call strays”, in hopes that one day, you too, will get to lie in big puffy beds”.


Chapter One

My name is Isabella and I am grateful. About one and a half years ago a kind hearted woman named “Granny” found me in a bad situation. I was only eight weeks old then, no family, homeless, hungry and a target for other homeless and hungry elders. I spent a lot of time hiding to keep from being bullied. I was scared. I don’t remember how I got to this place or where I had been.

I was living under Granny’s house. I could hear her during the day going up and down her stairs a lot. Most of the time, she was going to the clothesline in the back yard to hang out laundry. I heard her say “there’s something under the house”. I didn’t know who she was talking to at first, but then I saw her neighbor coming across the lawn to take a look.

I knew it was me and I didn’t want to be any trouble. I tried to be quiet, but I was getting hungry. She could probably hear my stomach growling. I don’t remember the last time I ate. I could smell food cooking upstairs in the house and it smelled good!

Granny ‘s neighbor shined a light under the house and there I was, tucked under a scrap of old carpet by the water pipes. One pipe leaked a little bit, so I had my own drinking fountain! He told her there was a puppy under the house, but he couldn’t crawl under far enough to reach it, so he would have to get me to come to him.

“I have just the thing”, said Granny and she ran into the house and returned with a small piece of warm ham!

“Here, try this”. she said, as she handed him the ham.

Granny’s neighbor crawled back under the house and reached his hand out as far as he could., holding the ham.

“Come here little one” he said. You can’t stay under here forever.”

I knew he was probably right. I couldn’t live forever under a house, and the ham smelled so good.

“It’s okay. Come on…. I won’t hurt you. It’s alright”, he said.

“What kind of dog is it? Granny asked.

“It’s hard to tell right now, but it’s looks like she has stripes”, said the neighbor.

“She’s coming closer…got her.” Good girl. Let’s have a look at you”.

“Wow! She does have stripes! I wonder how long she’s been under there…she looks awfully little to be on her own”, said Granny.

Granny cuddled me and thanked her neighbor for helping.

“I think we need some food and water”, she said, and she took me into her house.

She fed me some more ham and bread and gave me a dish of water. Then she took one of the folded towels from her laundry basket and set it down for me to lay on. Granny could tell that I was quite young and all alone.

Granny called the local dog pound to see if she could find me a better place to live. The pound told her that they charged a fee. It was more than she could afford to pay. Since dogs were not allowed where she lived, she knew she had to find me another place soon.

I stayed with Granny for four days. She did her best to share what little food she had with me and doctored the bite wounds I had when she found me. She was nice to me. She gave me a bath in the sink. I had a small area inside with a lot of paper on the floor. I didn’t get to go outside. I was only there temporarily, remember? No pets allowed! Granny spent much of her day on the phone calling people to see if I could stay with them.

She told them I needed more care, room to run and a family.

Granny’s neighbor stopped by every day to check on us. He told her he might know someone who could take me. It was at a small farm in the country and a few other dogs they used to call “strays” lived there. He took a picture of me with his phone and sent it to his friend with a message that said, “Please Help”.

About an hour later, my Mom showed up. I didn’t know she was going to be my Mom at the time, but she thought I was pretty and surprisingly healthy for all I had been through. She said she would take me to her house to care for me until she found a forever home and said Granny was welcome any time to stop by and visit.

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