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Miss Shai Shai

The Sunflower Princess


Helen Williamson



Efe Peters

Miss Shai-Shai the Sunflower Princess

Williams and King Publishers

Orlando, Florida

ISBN 978-0-9983663-5-7

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Love, Respect and Friendship

I am a beautiful Sunflower. I am a Princess. I am the Sunflower Princess. I am Miss Shai-Shai. I live in Sunflower Valley, in this vast open sunflower field. My brother Man-Man and my cousin Bam Harp lives in this sunflower field with me. We are all sunflowers.

As the Sunflower Princess, the only thing I have to do is look beautiful and I do my job well, if I say so myself. My brother and cousin, on the other hand do all the real work. Today is Saturday. Saturdays are always work days for Man-Man and Bam Harp. Each Saturday they plant new sunflowers in this field, but today I am going to help them plant the new sunflowers. I just know that I will have lots of fun planting sunflowers with my brother and cousin.

Here comes our friend Jeremiah. I believe I will ask him to stay and help us plant the new sunflowers. Jeremiah is our only human friend. He comes to visit every day. He sings to us and we dance. Oh, that Jeremiah can sing so well. He is early today, he always comes in the afternoon. I hope everything is alright.

“Jeremiah, is everything alright? You always come in the afternoon to sing to us. Why did you come so early this morning? My brother Man-Man and my cousin Bam Harp are still asleep.”

Jeremiah turned his back to Miss Shai-Shai.

Miss Shai-Shai, I didn’t come to sing today."

Why did you come?”

I came to tell you guys that I will not be singing anymore.”

Why?” asked Miss Shai-Shai.

I start my new job today,” answered Jeremiah.

What is your new job?”

Don’t get mad, Miss Shai-Shai. My new job is to become king over this sunflower field. Yep that’s right…king! “

Did I hear you, right? Did you say king over this sunflower field?”

Yep, yep. You are hearing right. I said king over this sunflower field,” confirmed Jeremiah.

“Human boy, please don’t be silly! Listen, we don’t need or want a king over us. We are happy the way we are. Sunflowers are happy flowers. See my big beautiful sunflower smile?” She pretended to smile. “We are happy just the way we are, but since you want to be king over this sunflower field let me help you, King!

I will go and wake my brother Man-Man and my cousin Bam Harp. I will tell them, not ask, I will tell them to build you a throne and when the throne is finished I will also tell them, not ask them, to build you a castle. Every king needs a castle, doesn’t he?”

Do you mean it? Are you serious or you really going to help me to become king over this sunflower field?” asked Jeremiah excitedly.

Heck no! I lied. Don’t be silly. Why would I help you become king over me and the other sunflowers? I already told you we are happy with the way we are. Sunflowers are happy flowers.”

Miss Shai-Shai was mad as a red head hornet. “Get out of my face, human boy! Our talk is over! Yes, that’s right, over! Now get to stepping and step your butt out of my sunflower field! Yes, you heard me, my sunflower field!”

Jeremiah turned around slowly and started walking down that long dusty road all by himself with his head hung low. The sun was shining bright and the wind was blowing a soft cool breeze. Dust from the sunflower field filled the air. It was a beautiful day.

Jeremiah was sad. “What have I done?” he asked himself. “Those sunflowers were my only friends. They loved me so what will I do now?”

He was so overwhelmed by all that had happened, he sat down in the middle of the dusty road and began to cry.

What will I do, now that I have lost all my friends? Can someone please help poor Jeremiah?” he yelled out.

He was looking up toward the ocean blue sky low and there, flying above, dipping and dabbing in midair was a white crow. With his wings spread wide he swooped down and landed on Jeremiah’s shoulder.

“Jeremiah, you didn’t know I could dip and dab like that, did you?

“Who are you Crow?”

West. I am Adrian West Taylor. You can call me West for short, or just call me Crow. Tee hee, do you get it? West for short or Crow”.

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