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When I Dream Tonight

I Want To Be A Ballerina!

by Deanna Macaulay-Earle

Illustrations by R.J. Macaulay

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ISBN: 9781370419517

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Deanna Macaulay-Earle

Another great book for my little girl...

July 22, 2014 - Zhu Hsia

I was so amazed of my first book, "When I Dream Tonight: I Want To Be An Astronaut!", that I decided to get another series, "When I Dream Tonight -: I Want To Be A Ballerina!" for my youngest princess... She is only 6 years old and she understood what I have read before her bedtime. When I was reading to her brother about being an astronaut, she is already very keen to ask me on other books from this author.

She already liked dancing, but when I read this book to her... She kept on asking me when can I bring her for ballet lessons and she can dance like a ballerina like the one in the story.

I find that this author really has a way with kids. I like the way she described what does it takes to become a ballerina.

A great kids book indeed!

Entertaining AND meaningful!

July 23, 2014 - William McC.

Delightfully written and charmingly illustrated, this story does double duty. Not only does it entertain, but it also shows how kids can confront their fears, especially when they see that their courage will benefit others. Without being preachy at all, the story teaches a valuable lesson about trusting in yourself. A great little book for kids to read by themselves or with their parents.

Chapter One - The Play

The applause was almost deafening as everyone was cheering. “Encore, encore,” the crowd was yelling out while others were whistling. The entire cast had now come out onto the stage and they were taking a bow for their performance. There were almost twenty in all, with their beautiful costumes.

The two main dancers were standing in the middle of the stage, and each of them had a large bouquet of flowers in their hands. They were throwing kisses at the audience as they smiled and waved back. People were standing up now, applauding and yelling for the actors and dancers.

Wendy was getting scared. “Mommy,” she said as she looked up holding her ears, “too loud!” She hoped they would stop.

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