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When I Dream Tonight

I Want To Be an Astronaut!

(This edition as a girl astronaut)

By Deanna Macaulay-Earle

Illustrations by R.J. Macaulay

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ISBN 13: 9781310433962

Fab bedtime (or any time) story with great illustrations!

May 29, 2014 by Kay M

This is an engaging, roughly fifteen minute, 'read to' book; for those who may read it alone - there are some longer words in there, so 'read alone' would be for the very end of the age group. This book is available separately with a boy as the hero - a great idea! With the story covering two main themes (dream big in your career, and recovering from the loss of a pet) you get double bang for your buck. The illustrations are excellent and worth lingering over, and the story line is compelling enough to keep the interest of mums and dads - who'll no doubt be reading it more than once. This brave (in her dream) little girl, shows the qualities of respect, caring and focus and promotes the idea of working hard; all this is shown in a child friendly way. You'll notice there is a little bit of environmental 'saving the planet' in there, too. A great little read!

A lovely children’s tale.

May 2, 2014

When I Dream Tonight (Astronaut) is a really nice and light story. I found that it is written with great sensibility for children. Sophie, the main character, is a happy ten year old girl and her portrayal as a truthful, sensitive and at the same time adventurous child left me in no doubt as to the suitability to read this book to my kids. I found it a great bedtime story as most of it is a dream that shows our little heroine to be brave, in spite of her fears, as well as caring and environmentally aware. There are a couple of gender mismatches but nothing that detracts from this wonderful story.

My Daughter Had a Great time in Space

April 30, 2014 Mike M

Cute little story that my daughter really enjoyed, This was the bedtime reading over three nights and all she ever talked about. She actually wanted to go to bed early on night 3 just to move on with the book. The book has nice and colorful images as well. You can't go wrong with "When I Dream Tonight -: I Want To Be an Astronaut".

She is asking for a part 2. Will that happen?

Great Bedtime Story

May 4, 2014 K. Binley

I thought the book was going to be about a little a young child's desire to be an astronaut when they grew up, but there is a little twist that is very tender and touching. I think children that are sad about a pet passing, this book will surely help them move along in the grieving processes. The main character demonstrated positive self-talk and pushes through when scared. I will be sure to use this with my students!

Career Day!

Ring, ring, ring went the school bell. “Hooray, school is done for the day,” yelled the excited kids as they ran out the door. “School is out early, whoo hoo!” others cheered. Everyone was happy. Today was career day, so to celebrate, school was let out early.

As Sophie was walking home from school, she wondered what she would be when she grew up. “There are so many things I could be,” Sophie thought. “I could be a cowgirl, or a detective, or maybe even the President of the United States!

When she arrived home mom was there with a big smile on her face and the same question as always: “How was school Sophie?” she asked.

“Fine,” said Sophie. One day she is going to ask me a different question, “she thought.

“Are you hungry?” Sophie’s mom asked as she started to take her coat off.

“Sure mom,” she said. “But do I have to eat leftovers?”

“I’m sure we can find something different for suppertime, honey,” replied her mom as she headed off to the kitchen.

Sophie was still thinking about her future. If she could be anything, what would she be? Dad was a chef, but Sophie wanted something more exciting. Dad loved his job, and he talked about it all the time, but he was tired, too. Sophie could see it. Even at ten years old she knew that some jobs were harder than others.

I’m not afraid of hard work” Sophie thought to herself. “I just want something more exciting. But what would it be?”

Just then her mom called out from the kitchen, “Ok Sophie, I have some nice soup for you. Wash your hands, and I’ll get you some crackers when you’re ready.”

Sophie loved mom’s soup. She could make the best soup out of almost nothing. “Ok, mom, “she said, and off she ran to wash her hands.

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