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Once upon a time,

Not that long time ago,

There was a Forest Park and in the park a lot of squirrels lived.

They all loved picking up the nuts and storing them for winter.

But one squirrel - whose name was Teddy - wasn’t interested in making supplies.

All what Teddy was doing was watching children playing with airplanes in the park.

How I wish I could fly” – Teddy sighed every time he saw an airplane or a helicopter taking off.

Forget it” – said his brother - Stuart - every time Teddy fell behind with his supplies.

One day Teddy and Stuart were making winter supplies.

Stuart threw at Teddy some nuts from the highest branch of the tree.

Hey! That hurts!” – Teddy shouted to him and scratched his head.

Catch the nuts and stop watching the airplanes!” – Stuart threw a few more.

Teddy focused on the job – “Got them” – he said.

Good. I’m coming down” – said Stuart but before he moved he heard a strange sound and saw a bright light – “Teddy! Help!” – he shouted frightened and passed out.

Teddy climbed up the tree – “Stuart! Wake up!” – he shook his brother.

Stuart opened his eyes – “It was a lightning. I’ve got stricken by it” – he said, embarrassed he passed out from fear.

No. It was an airplane that flew into the tree. Look, it got stuck there!” – said Teddy, and pointed at the airplane caught among the tree branches.

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