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United we drive away

Once upon a time, that's was a forest which housed lots of trees, all sorts of animals ( small and big), birds, reptiles, insects among others. The forest was nourished by River that flowed through the forest.

In the forest were a lot of trees but one among them stood tall and broad, one could call it the King among the trees. But this tree was unhappy. Was not satisfied with life. The tree being big housed a lot of birds, squirrels, monkeys, small reptiles like chameleons and lizards, in its base near its roots were rodents and snakes. When all these chirped and made noise together it resembled a bazaar in its peak sales period. The constant chattering no doubt irritated the tree who was constantly looking for a way out.

The other trees said to the biggie, " Hey! Count your blessings. Who knows this could have been worse". The biggie scoffed "oh! What could be worse? ". The other trees mumbled among themselves. "The biggie will never understand"

Soon word spread that biggie wanted to rid itself of its inhabitants. The little birds and animals however didn't know this and continued to chirp about happily further irritating our biggie. A cunning dinosaur also heard this and decided this to his favour. He Approached our biggie saying "I Will help you drive away these brats if you will give me some space to eat and rest for a while". Without thinking, in a split second the biggie said yes

The Dinosaur was a terrible sight, very smelly and very vile. Seeing biggie associate with this dinosaur disturbed the mental peace of the inhabitants of the huge tree, and slowly they started migrating to other trees and those trees happily took them in. Who wouldn't love to wake up to chirping of birds? Initially biggie was very happy that was ultimately going to be free. But as days passed, when all his birds and squirrels had left, he started missing them, missing the tickling he felt when chipmunks ran up and down his trunk and branches, missing the song bird's songs, missing the pranks his little ones made.

HIS? when did those brats become his? In their place was a sinking heaviness, not just in his heart, because the dinosaur was literally seated on the tree. Biggie could no longer stand tall, he was on the verge of breaking down. Just then a bee approached the biggie. "Hey! I can help you drive away the dinosaur". Having dealt with Dinosaurs conditions, the biggie just asked "what do you want in return?" The bee replied "not all of us want anything from you. We want to help you for old times sake. you have sheltered us from many a storms and rains. If you wanted us to leave then all you had to do was say so. Why did you have to go to a stranger?" Profound wisdom in a tiny bee?

The Bee didn't wait for Biggies consent . He called for council meeting to decide on how to free biggie from the vile creatures clutches. This was now the Forest project. A core committee of Wise and courageous animals like the Owls, Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Eagle, Apes And such was formed. They tried negotiating, threatening... Nothing seemed to work in ridding the tree of the nasty being. A small mosquito just out of its larvae-hood and out of curiosity buzzed around, its mother was afraid that someone may just squat away her little one. That didnt seem to deter the little mosquito one bit.

He buzzed about and went near the Dinosaurs’ ears. The creature was disturbed and tried shooing away the tiny thing. this was noticed by the Owl. A full body meeting was immediately called and the way to get rid off the dinosaur was laid open. Many objected but but bees supported the plan. What harm in trying?.

It was planned. ... All set. The Bees were to buzz about, distracting the creature, the mosquitoes would bite in places where the dinosaur's limb wouldn't reach. The ants too wanted to be of use. So they got allocated to enter the dino's ears and nose. The beetles were assigned the task of picking up the injured and taking them to the base camp where the wise owl would treat them.

With every passing moment, the tree was giving itself away. By now he had realised his folly. No. .. This wasn't a folly but a sin committed in plain sight. He felt by now that he got all that he deserved and nothing more. In order to feel better and to distract himself for the pain, both emotional and physical, biggie who was already repentant, started reminiscing those good old days. Once there had been a forest fire in a neighbouring forest. All the elephants brought water in their trunks and sprayed it on all plants and trees. Only he didn't appreciate the efforts taken by the herd.. Oh he had ended squabbling and matriarch of the herd was hurt. If only he could say a sorry. Will he have enough time.

He heard a snap, aah! One his branches just broke. .. He felt a sudden jab of pain, it was as if the cunning creature was dancing merrily at the sight of his agony. But didn't he deserve it? That made him grin and bear it. Just a little while and then he would be gone. .. Biggie, the huge tree of the forest would be gone. Broken ...Most probably uprooted. .. A sudden thought startled biggie what if the dinosaur assaulted other trees too? Soon this forest would be nothing but a ruin. SNAP..ONE BRANCH BROKE. He had to do something ... No more breakings, he wasn't going to waste away.. He was not going to give up so easily this was his forest, these were his little ones.

So, with all the strength he had he got up, the insects too were ready to attack. The lion said charge. For a moment biggie thought he was in heaven. There were bees and beetles and butterflies...flies, mosquitoes, ants. He was so happy that his happiness knew no bounds. That have him strength to shake the dinosaur of him. The dinosaur fell with a great thud and started uprooting the tree. The tigers and lions that were hiding in the bushes leapt on the dinosaur and started clawing him. The elephants started hitting it with logs and bamboos, the monkeys pelted stones, Vultures pecked the wounds created by the lions and tigers. The rodents didn't want to be left behind. . They nibbled the dinosaur's feet. Dino had had enough and left the spot. Where ever it went it was attacked. And dinosaur thus fled the forest.

Biggie had no words... But all animals smiled there were laughter, squeals of joy everywhere. The biggie cleared his throat, all animals and birds ...insects too turned in his direction waiting for his next words. . "I am sorry" . "Hey what are you sorry for? " asked a few animals. "For everything" said biggie. "Oh shoot! Just forget it .. What are friends for"

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