Excerpt for The World According to Peter Pickle and Peter Pickle Goes to Camp by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

The World

According to

Peter Pickle

Written by:

Papa Joe Wilson

Especially for:

Isaiah A. Cooksey



My name is Peter Pickle. I wasn’t always a Pickle. I was actually born a cucumber and when I was born my parents named me Charley. But everyone called “Cuke”. Cuke wasn’t really my name it was my nickname and seemed to only rhyme with Puke. So I really didn’t like my name and when I got older I changed my name to Peter Pickle. This kept me out of a lot of jams.

As you may have guessed I’m a home grown green pickle, known worldwide as kosher pickle.

I want this book to be a fun way to look at the world according to me. What would it be like to go to the store, the movie theater, the ice cream parlor, the car wash or a local gas station and find out that everything has been “Pickelized” or otherwise painted with my special “pickle” brush?

In this book we have specially developed themes that give YOU an inside look at everyday things with a pickle slant.

So kick back, let your mind wander into the new world of pickles.

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