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The Book of




(for Zoe Sophia

& Goldie our own elf.)

Copyright 2018 W.Wm.Mee

Smashwords Edition

All the ARTWORK in this

book was done by

Pascal Moguerou &

Jean Babtiste Monge

First off, let me explain that this book is about

the WILD ELVES that live in NATURE,

not their kinder cousins that help out

Santa at Christmas.

Most of Santa’s elves are sweet old

toymakers like Japetto Fuzzyhair

and his twin brother Baldy.

They live with Santa all year long.

There is one Wild Elf that works

for Santa that is not very nice.

Sneaky Snodgrass licks the candy canes

whenever Santa’s not looking.

But he only works part time.

Another Wild Elf is Grandpa Grumpy.

He rides a magic pumpkin on Halloween

Night looking for lost children

to take safely back home.

Most Wild Elves live deep in the woods.

Their friends are the birds and animals

of the forests and mountains.

They are kind hearted but very shy.

This is Pecker the Acorn Gatherer.

This is Sparrow, Pecker’s big brother.

He is always on guard duty against

trolls, goblins and bandersnatches.

What are ‘Goblins’?

Nasty little soldiers that

like to steal your candy.

They LOOK mean but they are

really scardy-cats! Just say BOO

and they run away!

And what are ‘Bandersnatches’ you ask?

Why, they are the nasties that live under bridges,

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