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The Bully Frog


Luthie M West

Illustrations by

Olsi Tola

Little Cabbagehead Books
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Copyright 2017 Luthie M West

ISBN: 978-0-9986548-2-9 (eBook)

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Excerpt: Laila's Magic Brush

There once was a little frog named Weebit, who lived in a warm swamp.

There were all kinds of dangers in the swamp, alligators, birds, snakes and big fish. But the little frog was so small that most of those larger, dangerous creatures either didn't see him or didn’t think him important enough to pay attention to. Weebit lived happily in the swamp all his young life from a tadpole to a little frog.

“Life is good,” he thought. “I have mastered most of the dangers I will ever face.” This much was true. He learned to avoid large fish, and knew where all the tastiest mosquitoes and flies would swarm. He was set for all his life. There was plenty of room for all the frogs to spread out in this big swamp.

One day after basking on a lily pad in the hot afternoon sun, Weebit squished down in the mud by the cattails for a nap.

He had not napped for long when he heard a very loud croak. “Brrok, brrok!” It went. “Brrok, brrok!” The cattails were quite thick and tall, so he could not see who it was. He knew it could not be any of his kin. They sounded more like “needeep, needeep!”

This was a marvelous deep voice. “I must see who sings so richly!” He wiggled out of the mud and went to the edge of the water, where he liked to find mosquitoes at night.

There on a log was the hugest frog he had ever seen! "Oh my how big you are fellow frog!" he said with great respect in his voice.

"Who are you?" asked the bullfrog. He wobbled on huge flat flippers to get more comfortable on the log.

"I'm Weebit," he said cheerfully.

"Indeed you are," replied the big old bullfrog, all the while acting as if he had not seen anyone speaking to him.

"Welcome to this part of the swamp sir. What is your name?"

"I am Brrrok! And it is I who should be welcoming you to the swamp! If you were welcome at all!" He lifted a toady-like brow and peered down his wide, flat nose at the little frog.

Weebit cleared his voice. "Begging your pardon Mr. Brrok. But I’ve been living here for tens of frog years. And this is the first I've seen of you."

Well the bullfrog was so full of himself that he stretched out his gullet really big and round. "BRRRRRROOOOOOOKKK!" he croaked. It was so loud it shook poor Weebit to the point of vibrating his wee padded feet and made his between-toe skins hum!

No matter how respectful or nice Weebit tried to be, Brrok replied with meanness. “Needeep! As if he owns the swamp!” Weebit croaked and went back around the cattails to his spot in the mud.

By-and-by Weebit got hungry for dinner. So, he came out of his mud spot and looked about. Brrok was not on the log. "Well I can't say I'm sorry to see him gone." Weebit told himself out loud. “I’ve never met anyone with such a mean streak.”

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