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Cat Soup


Luthie M West

llustrations by

Olsi Tola

Little Cabbagehead Books
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Copyright: 2017 Luthie M West

ISBN: 978-0-9986548-0-5 (eBook)

ISBN 978-0-9986548-4-3 (hardcover)

ISBN 978-0-9986548-6-7 (paperback)

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Excerpt: The Bully Frog

Once upon a time… the kingdom of Bandon, a certain little silver-white cat belonged to a princess. She loved him very much.

A castle is a very big place for one cat to hunt and play. The courtyard and gardens make it as big as a whole world to one small cat. The princess would often call out through the halls and rooms and gardens. “Here kitty, kitty!” And the silver-white kitty would respond with his own delicate “meow” and come running to her.

One day when a travelling tinker came to sell new pots to the cook, kitty got to be playing in the courtyard. He chased a butterfly to the top of the tinker's cart and fell inside! Of course, the tinker didn't know the cat was inside when he closed the wagon up tight.

The tinker’s next stop was many miles away. When he did stop and open the cart, the frightened cat jumped out and ran away. Knowing whose cat it was, the tinker went in search of it.

By nightfall, when her cat did not come in, the princess worried. For days, everyone in the castle and the yards and gardens went out calling. “Here kitty, kitty.” Many cats and kittens mewed and came running to the callers. But there came no delicate “meow” and no little silver-white cat running.

The princess began to cry. Oh, she sounded so sad like her little heart was broken. The king, who felt sad for his only little girl, sent out an announcement that he would give up to half his kingdom to the one who could find the princess's cat.

Many people responded to the announcement. The entire countryside of Bandon was crawling with searchers all calling out, “here kitty, kitty!” “Heeeeere kitty!” “Here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty!” They really needed outside help.

The king had his royal sign makers post reward signs everywhere!

That is how news about the missing cat and the reward spread to the neighboring kingdom of Hod. The king of Hod said to his son, “Gael, we have a chance to expand our kingdom. Go to Bandon to find the princess’s cat.”

Gael rode his white steed off to find the cat. He had just come to the outskirts of Bandon when he came upon a cottage in the woods. The prince called out, "is anyone at home?" then politely knocked on the door. No one answered, so he peeked his head in.

Inside, a warm fire glowed in a fireplace over which hung a big pot of soup. “Mmm,” said the prince, “it smells yummy. Hello!" he shouted as loudly as he could. "I say, soup's on! Don't want it to boil away! Anybody?" He called and called.

Prince Gael became terribly hungry, what with being tempted by the simmering pot. Since no one was around to stir the soup, he did so, and then helped himself to a bowlful. Delicious! He gobbled up another bowlful. More delicious! It was so good, that he ate up all the soup.

Being a prince, he didn’t even think to feel embarrassed about eating up someone else’s food.

With a full tummy, he felt very tired. He found a big, soft feather bed in the corner and fell asleep.

Just a little while later, an ogre came into the cottage. He roared when he found all his soup was gone! This woke the prince up. Though the prince was scared, he said to the ogre, "I did it. I'm sorry, but I could not find anyone about. Besides, I hadn't eaten in so long.”

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