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Zeus and Me

The adventures of a boy and his dog

Candace Carpenter

Illustrated by Isabella Alvarez

Original Concept by Jonathan, Candace, and Jason Carpenter

Text Copyright © 2017 by Candace Carpenter

Illustrations copyright © 2017 by Isabella Alvarez

All Rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in any printed or electronic form without permission

The Library of Congress has cataloged as follows

Carpenter, Candace.

Zeus and Me. The adventures of a boy and his dog /by C. Carpenter; illustrated by Isabella Alvarez

First Edition: December 2017

Printed in the United States of America



To Jason and Cole, my little hearts, Thank you for ALL of the inspiration. I hope mommy made you proud with our first adventure together!

To my husband who co-inspired the idea to put our sweet stories out there, your silly mind will no doubt provide this series with countless ideas to come!

The Carpenter Family would like to dedicate our first Zeus and Me adventure to Alyssa, Preston, Keith, Riley, Aiden, Beau, Walter, Henry, Alice, and all of our other little reader friends! I hope you enjoy our story as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Mom and Dad said they have a surprise for me. It was time to get up and get dressed.

“Happy Saturday”, I said to my teddies as I got out of bed and stretched.

“We are going somewhere very special, Jason. You are going to be so excited!”, Mom said as we piled into our car.

When we arrived, I looked out the window and read the sign.

Doggie Rescue Shelter

“Oh my goodness!”, I thought. “Am I going to get to see some puppies?”

Dogs are my favorite animal. I love them all so much, especially their waggy tails, big, slobbery tongues, and silly-willy ears. “Jason, Daddy and I have decided that you are finally ready to have your very own doggie best friend”, said Mom.

“You have been such a very good boy and we trust that you will be responsible with your new pet”, Daddy added.

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