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The Adventures of Cristopher Webtoe, Volume 4:

The Absent Acorn

By Randy Sultzer

The Adventures of Christopher Webtoe, Volume 4: The Absent Acorn

By Randy Sultzer

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To My Sweetie


After a warm, sunny, fun-filled summer, and a beautiful, colorful autumn, the residents of Green Forest began settling down for the approaching winter. Some gathered food to store in their forest homes. Some dug into the ground and made dens for a long winter's nap, called hibernation. But, the little frog named Christopher Webtoe wanted to play as much as he could before he had to come inside for his nap. He did not yet understand why the other animals worked so hard to get ready for winter. But, he would soon learn, although he did not yet know it.

During the winter months, frogs are one of the animals which take long winter's naps. They dig a hole in the moist ground, and fall into a deep sleep. Christopher would soon feel the need to take that nap. Before then, however, he thought there would be plenty of time to play.

One day, shortly before winter covered Green Forest with a blanket of white snow, Christopher played in a grove of big oak trees. He was busy playing when, suddenly, a thing round like a ball fell from the sky, rolled up to him and stopped. Christopher nudged it with his snout, and it rolled a little more. Christopher thought this looked like a great toy, and rolled it around some more. After a while, Christopher decided it was time to go home. But, he did not want to leave his new toy. So, he rolled the new toy back home with him. What Christopher did not know was that this thing was not a toy at all. It was an acorn that had fallen from one of the oak trees. And Christopher did not know that another animal was looking for that acorn!

When getting ready for winter, squirrels are one of the animals that gather nuts and things to store in their dens. The nuts and things are their food, and squirrels must gather enough to last the whole winter. Chester Nutly is one of those squirrels. He works hard every winter to find enough nuts and things to last all winter. This year, he still needed one more acorn to make sure he would have enough food until next spring. The trouble was that he just could not find that last acorn. And he did not know that the last acorn had fallen that day, and Christopher Webtoe took it home as a toy.

The next morning was very blustery, and Christopher knew that this would be the last day for playing before his long winter's nap. He took his toy out to the oak trees for one last rolling game. As he rolled and twirled the acorn around the tree trunks, he spied a little hill that looked like a great place for a fast roll. He climbed to the top of the little hill.

When he looked down the other side, Christopher saw an animal at the bottom, curled up and looking very sad. It was Chester. Christopher wondered why Chester was not working hard. It was the last day before winter would come, after all. As he watched Chester, Chester looked up into the oak trees, as if he was looking for something. Then, he sadly looked down again, and curled up even tighter. Christopher thought he might need something that was up in the tree. He then remembered how his toy had fallen from the sky, near one of the oak trees. Maybe his toy was what Chester needed!

Christopher looked at his toy. It was a great toy, but, since it came from the oak tree, there would be plenty more next year; and he hated to see any animal so sad. Christopher rolled the toy down the hill. It really rolled fast, until it softly bumped into Chester. Chester looked up and jumped for joy! It was the last acorn he needed so badly. He stuffed the acorn in his cheek and cheerfully scurried to his den for the winter.

Christopher was right. Chester did need the toy. This made Christopher glad that he was able to make another happy. And he learned a lesson about giving. He also realized that animals work hard to get ready for winter, so that they will be able to see the oak trees, and the rest of Green Forest, next spring.

As Christopher let out a big yawn, he knew that it was time for him to go home for his long winter's nap. And that is just what he did.

The End


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