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Twelfth Night Ted


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Twelfth Night Ted

It was dark in the box. Ted felt very alone and a little bit scared but he tried his best to stay feeling brave. He breathed deeply, straightened his jumper and wriggled a bit to get comfortable. His jumper had a very large Christmas tree on the front and as he touched this beautiful tree it felt soft and smooth.

Mrs Marley had knitted the Christmas jumper for him on the very day she had found him at the jumble sale. Sadly, Mrs Marley had died and this is why he was in the box.

Ted slept for a little while and then woke to a ripping sound, the sound of the box being opened. “Oh look!” said a kindly voice. Gentle hands lifted Ted out of the box. “A beautiful Christmas Ted!” The lady smiled at Ted, stroked his jumper and said, “ Welcome to our charity shop Christmas Ted, I am sure someone will give you a new home very soon.”

Ted was lifted onto a shelf right in the centre of the shop, opposite a window filled with all kinds of Christmas objects. There were Christmas pudding shaped teapots, red and white Santa salt and pepper pots, brightly coloured Christmas stockings in red, green and gold, and a rack of glittery snowflakes which twinkled in the sunlight. A large group of snowmen in all shapes and sizes, wearing big smiles and woolly red hats sat on a table covered with a holly and ivy tablecloth. The most beautiful tree stood in the corner of the shop, it was full of sparkly decorations and twinkly coloured lights.

On the shelf Ted found himself sitting in the middle of a reindeer and a Santa doorstop. From the shelf he had a wonderful view of the shop, he was amazed at how pretty it looked. There were tinsel garlands, red and gold candles and the most wonderful aroma of warm minces pies filled the air. Mrs Marley had been very good at making mince pies for her visitors, the smell reminded Ted of his old home and he felt sad and comforted at the same time.

When the shop closed for the day, it felt very quiet and rather lonely. It wasn’t cold but the shadows from the items in the window created strange shapes on the walls around Ted. “My first night here, I wonder if anyone will take me home tomorrow?”

“Oh I expect they will,” said a voice beside him. “You have such a beautiful jumper.” Ted was startled, had he spoken his thoughts aloud? He turned to find a very handsome white reindeer smiling at him. The reindeer had red antlers and a scarf of deep red, which matched his antlers exactly.

“Hello” said the reindeer. “My name is Frederick and I am very happy to make your acquaintance.” Ted smiled and replied, “ I am Ted and I am very happy to meet you Frederick.”

Ted and Frederick chatted through the night and became firm friends. They laughed at the same things and they both loved Christmas.

The next few days were fun, full of busyness and bustle and lots of people came into the charity shop to browse and to buy. They bought bright and shiny tinsel, decorations, crackers and one day a lady bought a wooden nativity set that really seemed to have been carved with love. Each day there was lots of laughter and every helper in the shop brought mince pies or fruity Christmas cake to share with everyone. As it drew closer to Christmas, Christmas carols were played on the battered old CD player behind the counter. Ted loved the carols and the cheery Christmas songs that were played every day. Each evening Ted and Frederick would chat about the day and fall asleep smiling.

Then, one day, someone bought Frederick! It happened so quickly that Ted had no time to say “Goodbye!” An arm reached up for Frederick and he was gone!

Ted felt bereft, first Mrs Marley and now Frederick. His head drooped and nothing could help him feel better. It felt like Christmas had died. Each day the shop became busier but nobody took Ted home for Christmas. On Christmas Eve everyone wished each other “Merry Christmas” and the shop closed. It was so quiet, no festive songs or the smell of hot chocolate and Christmas cake, just silence and darkness. Ted felt a tear trickle down his cheek and onto his jumper. “ I hate Christmas,” he thought, “I really hate Christmas”.

The shop opened again and on one morning things began to change. The ladies in the shop began to take down all the Christmas decorations and put them in boxes. This particular day they began to sing a song that Ted had never heard before. He looked around and listened. “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me …” The ladies laughed as they sang the song, which seemed to be very long. Finally with great gusto they sang the final verse ”On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love…” “Oh! Twelfth Night already” said one of the ladies. “Yes,” said another, “ a whole year till Christmas comes again!”

“A whole year” thought Ted. “Oh no, they are going to put me in a box for a whole year! Oh no this is too much! I can’t stay in a box for a whole year.” He was thinking so hard about what he could do, that he didn’t see the lady and the little girl come into the shop.

Then something wonderful happened! He heard the little girl saying “Mummy, look at that lovely Teddy with the Christmas tree jumper, isn’t he lovely.” Ted kept very very still. “Oh yes Sophie, he is lovely.” Then Ted could hardly breathe as he heard her say “Sophie, it’s Twelfth Night, the last day of Christmas!” They looked at each other and at exactly the same moment they said “Let’s take Twelfth Night Ted home!”

“Goodbye Ted, Merry Christmas!” the charity shop lady said gently as she placed him carefully in the bag. Ted wondered where he was going, what would it be like. Sophie peeped into the bag and gave Ted the biggest smile he had ever seen and he sat very quietly on the journey to Sophie’s house.

When they arrived, Sophie rushed into the house, holding the bag very tightly.

“Dad!” she called, “Dad, look who we found in the charity shop, we found Twelfth Night Ted.”

Sophie’s dad hugged her tight and Sophie giggled. She reached into the bag,

hugged Ted and whispered “Welcome to our family Twelfth Night Ted.” Sophie placed him in a room full of Christmas and love, right next to a white reindeer with red antlers and a deep red scarf that matched his antlers exactly. Ted smiled broadly at the reindeer and looked forward to his new life. Twelfth Night Ted sighed a deep sigh of contentment. “I’m home for Christmas”. And he was, indeed, home for Christmas.



Heartfelt thanks go to:

My husband Blair - my constant inspiration and support.

To Team Spirit who constantly inspire me.

John Lewis where I found my own Twelfth Night Bear many years ago.

Mark Coker and the Smashwords team who have made self-publishing such a straightforward and enjoyable process.

This story is for my three great nieces Elsie, Darcie & Sophia

Thank you for reading my book. If you enjoyed it please take a moment to leave me a review at your favourite retailer (I will pass it on to Twelfth Night Ted).

Live in light.


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I am a writer and artist who worked for many years in Early Years education and I am now a trained counsellor. I love to write stories and poetry and work with textiles and mixed media. I live in a small village in rural Norfolk, England with my husband Blair.

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