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Steve Jones: Secret of the Red Emerald(Adventure Fiction Book for Kids)

Isabel Jones


Marian Middleton

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Adventure Awaits!

Chapter 2: A Strange Greetings

Chapter 3: Unexpected Results

Chapter 4: The Adventure Begins!

Chapter 5: The Desert Temple

Chapter 6: The End?

Chapter 7: A New Threat Appears

Chapter 8: A Strange Reunion

Chapter 9: The Fight for the Emerald

Chapter 10: Just Another Day

Chapter 1: An Adventure Awaits!

“Steve Joans-daring, bold, and a kick with the ladies.”

The horse whinnied unintelligently.

“I quite like it Blackie,” Jones patted his horse. “It really highlights the best of me.”

Blackie snorted his disapproval.

Steve lowered his brow, “Well what do you know? You’re just a horse, not a brave adventurer like me: Steve Joans-daring, bold, and a ahhhh!” Steve cried as Blackie buckled.

“I hate horseback,” Jones groaned under his breath. It’s been four days since he received a mysterious letter urging him to travel to a village east of the Desert of No Name, and today he’ll finally be arriving.

“What an awful name,” Jones first thought on reading the letter. “Why name a place no name? It gives me a headache just thinking about it.” That thought diminished as he read on, “Treasure hidden among the sands huh? Sounds like a job for…” he paused dramatically, “Steve Jones!”

“That must be the village now,” Jones said as sandstone structures began to take shape. He pouted his lip unimpressed, “At least it’ll be easy finding the one who sent the letter,” counting the five buildings that surrounded a not particularly interesting well.

He chuckled to himself, “WELL it’s something right?”

The horse snorted and made a bold attempt to roll its eyes; however, upon realizing it was unable to do so because it was a horse, it decided to buckle Steve off once again for old time’s sake.

Steve landed on the ground with an audible “thump.” He pointed angrily at his steed, “I swear, do that again and I’ll…I’ll…” Steve paused not having any horse-threatening threats, “I’ll do something very unpleasant.”

The horse stomped his hooves in what can only be a sign of pure delight. It was loving seeing Steve so flustered.

Steve quickly took out his journal. He found a blank spot and began writing, “Note to self: find what horses find threatening and threaten Blackie.” He closed the book shut and climbed back onto the horse. After a few bickering moments later, they arrived at the village.

Chapter 2: A Strange Greetings

Steve quickly found himself being rushed by a villager with a smile filled with so much joy; you must wonder where he keeps his teeth and tongue.

“Hello and welcome to our village,” the villager said excitedly.

Steve nodded at him, “Hiya. Are you the one that sent me this mysterious letter?” He pulled the letter out.

He shook his head side to side, “No.” He then stood there with his gaping smile.

“Alright then,” Jones said as he slowly backed away. The village hobbled after him. Jones looked back at him, “Yes?”

The village smiled once more, “Hello!”

“Can I help you?” Jones said uncertain.

He shook his head again, “No, I’m alright.”

“Then why are you following me?”

The villager’s face then turned to distraught, “Oh no! I forgot to mention I was the official town greeter.” He slunk down on the side of a building, “I have failed my job! I’m a failure. Mother was right all along!”

Steve awkwardly patted the villager’s head, “There, there? It’s all right?” He looked at his horse for help, but it was too busy grinning at the events at hand. An idea popped into Steve’s head, “Hey you know what always cheers me up?”

The villager snorted through his sobbing, “What?”

“Having a nice ride on my horse,” he gestured to the now-no-longer grinning Blackie.

“Oh boy,” the villager jumped back to his feet. “I always wanted to ride a pony, like that Steve Jones guy.”

“I am Ste…” he cut himself off. “You know what? Just go have fun for a bit, exactly like the Steve Jones fella.”

“Yay!” the villager shouted and hopped Blackie’s back, “Giddy up stallion!” He jabbed his legs into the horse.

It cried out in pain and began to rush off, away from the village.

Steve rubbed his hands together, “Well that takes cared of two problems.” He looked at his letter again, “Now where would this mysterious sender be?”

Jones saw another villager filling a bucket by the well. He walked over, “Hi, you have a minute.”

The villager turned to him, “Yes?”

“Could you help me with something?”

He nodded, “Of course, but did you talk to Frank yet?”

“Uhh Frank?”

“The town greeter?”

“Oh yes, yes I have.” He said sternly.

The villager smiled, “That’s good. He’s never been the same since his former village was attacked by zombies. I’m glad he had found his place in our village.”

“Oh, that’s…good.” Jones said imagining a screaming Frank as Blackie tries to buckle him.

“Now you wanted help with something?”

Jones snapped back to reality, “Yes, I’m looking for the person that wrote this.” He handed the villager the letter. “Recognize the hand-writing?”

The villager gave a surprised expression, “Actually, I do. It’s my son’s.”

“Excellent. Take me to him post-haste!”

“Well you see, he’s only a…”

Jones talked over him, “I need to talk to him over this powerful treasure he had written so longingly about!”

“Again, he’s only a...” the villager tried again.

“No excuses! I traveled four days and five nights to come here!”

The villager gave up, “If you insist.”

Chapter 3: Unexpected Results

“He’s just a child!” Jones said as the villager pointed to his son among a few other children playing around a cactus.

The villager lowered his head, “Yes, I was trying to tell you…”

“How would he know anything about hidden treasure?”

“I’m not…”

Jones raised his hands, “I traveled four days and five nights to come here.”

“I’m sor...”

“And it was on horse-back. Everyone knows I hate horseback!”

“Maybe it was…”

“I better get an explanation.”

The villager’s face wrinkled in frustration, “Maybe you should go ask him Mr. I-talk-over-everybody-and-lack-the-manners-to-realize-it!” The villager stormed back to the well in anger.

Steve shrugged it off and walked towards the children.

“You know the rules Pip. Now touch the cacti,” one of the child villagers demanded.

“But why do I always have to be the one to touch it,” a squeaky voice moaned.

“Because you always lose,” another child joined in.

“Yeah. Touch it! Touch it! Touch it!” the children began to chant around a scared Pip.

“Looks like it’s time for Steve Jones to save the day,” Steve thought as he stood tall above the children. “What seems to be the problem here!?” Jones said boldly and strutting a poise.

The group gasped. “Is it really you?” Pip asked with stars in his eyes.

“Yes, it is I, Steve Joans-daring, bold, and a kick with the ladies,” he smiled widely knowing somewhere, off in the world, Blackie was buckling extra hard.

“Wow, it is you.” Pip shook one of his friends, “See I told you he would come.”

“That’s right. Wherever treasure lies, Steve Joans will join in on the fry.”

Pip screamed in delight, “He said his catchphrase! He said his catchphrase!” He began jumping up and down. “I have all your books and collectibles!”

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