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Children’s Short Stories
& Poems

Volume 2

Featuring the adventures of Stitches’

Aged 3 to 6 years


Uncle John

Children’s Short Stories & Poems

Volume 2

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Stitches goes to the circus

Bella Banana cleans the house

Uncle John’s a-b-c

The clock on the wall (poem)

Carrot and the Snowman

The dancer and the witch

The boy who ran too fast (poem)

Henry hedgehog’s clever trick

Stitches goes to the farm

The hidden path

The noisy man next door (poem)

The perfect breakfast

The boy who lived in the jungle

Stitches goes into space

The free ice cream

The mouse (poem)

Bo, Petee and the wet cat

Peter the policeman

The little girl who loved stories

Tickles the feather

The house that smiled again

Stitches and the pirates

The spider and the fly (poem)

The car that didn’t go beep-beep!

The magic wish

The muddy boots

The very hot day

The naughty fairies

Little bird (poem)

Stitches and the burglar

My Family


Hello once again and welcome to my latest book. This is the second book of short stories and poems for children aged 3 to 6.

Many children loved the first book and were really looking forward to more stories. They especially liked the adventures of Stitches. Lots of young children fell in love with Stitches and Tommy and I can see why. They are really fun to read stories of their adventures. When I was writing about Stitches and Tommy I sometimes wished I was there with them. Some of the characters are the creation of Holly Bell from America who asked me to write short adventure stories about them. They have soon become very popular with the children. Holly has done some of the art work herself. You can see some of Holly’s amazing work on Fine Art America. Should you need any artwork done by Holly, you can contact her at:

Just like the last book, this one is also crammed with very short stories for boys and girls. Also short poems they will love and understand. So please read on and enjoy amazing adventures of our characters.

If you have a character of your own and a story to go with it, get in touch. I will put it in my next book and bring it to life. I will of course mention who the story came from and who dreamed up the character. Wouldn’t it be really cool to see your own story in my next book and your name too? So get thinking and get in touch with me at:

Stitches goes to the circus

Picture and character by Holly Bell

There is excitement in Stitches` and Tommy’s house today. The circus is in town and Tommy has promised to take Stitches. Tommy is older and has been to the circus many times. But this is the very first time for Stitches. He was shaking with excitement as he got ready after his lunch.

Off they went to the bus stop to catch the number 12 bus to the circus. It started to rain a little bit as they stood on the bus stop. Tommy was prepared and had brought his umbrella. Stitches would not have remembered to bring it because he was too excited. Along came the number 12 bus and on they climbed to go to town.

As they jumped off the bus they could see a queue of people waiting to go into the circus. Tommy knew the man working there and walked straight to the front with Stitches. They were the first two in the circus tent. They went right to the front and got the best seats. It soon filled up with lots of mums and dads and lots of young children all shouting and screaming.

This was a circus that did not have any animals. The owner thought it was cruel to keep wild animals to show in the circus. But there were many different things to watch; trapeze artists, clowns, acrobats, motorcycles, stilt walkers and so much more. But Stitches really only came to see the clowns being silly. The music started to play after the acrobats had finished. The ring master came out in his top hat and shouted,

Clown drawing by Holly Bell

“Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls; are you ready for the clowns?”

Stitches was jumping on his seat as the clowns came out. One of the clowns noticed how excited Stitches was acting. He ran across to Stitches and squirted water right in his face. Stitches and Tommy were really laughing. The whole circus lasted two hours and it was really good fun. But at the end Stitches was very tired and needed a sleep.

Tommy said, “Come on Stitches; let’s get you home; did you enjoy the circus?”

“Yes I did very much,” said Stitches, “I would love to do this again one day.”

Tommy agreed, but told Stitches that there were many other adventures to go on yet. Stitches was very happy about that and went straight to bed when he got home.

“Good night Stitches sleep well” said Tommy.

Bella Banana cleans the house

The owners of the house where Bella Banana lives have been away on holiday. But while they were away Bella Banana, Miss Lemon, the Grape family, Adam Apple and the Orange twins had a lot of parties. The house was messy and needed cleaning and dusting. No-one liked cleaning except Bella Banana. It looked as if she would have to do it all by herself. Bella grabbed a duster and started to clean the cabinet.

She cleaned the whole house. Then she washed all the dirty dishes. She then vacuumed the carpet and emptied the bins. They were full to the top with empty lemonade bottles and empty crisp packets.

Everyone in the fruit bowl was just sitting down watching Bella Banana. She was not happy that she had to work very hard for three hours all by herself. She finished cleaning the whole house just as the owners came home. That was lucky for Bella Banana who was back in the fruit bowl where she lived with all her friends.

As the owners walked into the house Bella was worried. She thought they would notice they’d had a party. The owners walked around the house checking everything was all OK and said,

“It’s nice to come home to a tidy house. I am so pleased we cleaned the house before we went away.”

Everyone in the fruit bowl was laughing. The owners did not know that everyone in the fruit bowl had been having parties every night. But because Bella Banana was such a good house cleaner no one ever found out. They all lay down in the fruit bowl and kept very still until the next time the owners went out. I wonder if your fruit has a party when you are out. I bet they do!

Uncle John’s a-b-c

Hello children. I bet you know your alphabet don’t you? Let’s find out what you know. We will start off with the letter A.

The letter A can look like both of these.

These are the different ways you can write a letter A. Ask your mummy or daddy about the bigger letter and the smaller letter. What can you think of that starts with the letter A? Let’s find a few.

Apple, ant, angel, alligator. These are just a few words that start with the letter A. Can you think of any more? Ask your mummy and daddy how many they know as well.

In the next book we will look at the next letter in the alphabet. Do you know what it is?

The clock on the wall (poem)

Can you hear the little clock?

It’s only going tick and tock

It must be strange hanging on the wall

A clock, it has no life at all

It does have hands and a face

And doesn’t take up too much space

It must be easy being a clock

When all you do is go tick tock

I bet Tick and Tock could really chat

Unless they find their batteries flat

Carrot and the Snowman

Hello children it’s me again. I’m Carrot with another story for you.

Winter came and the snow was lying four inches deep on the ground. You could hear the children playing all over the town. They were shouting, screaming, and snowballing.

Carrot and his family were nice and warm in their greenhouse. They had just bought a new fire for the winter. The last one was blown away when they had the bad storms and Carrot’s house was blown down. They were sitting watching the children playing when suddenly there was a knock on Carrot’s door. Carrot went to see who was knocking. When he got to the door he saw three young children all dressed up nice and warm in their big coats, hats, and scarves. “Hello children” said Carrot, “What can I do for you on this cold winter’s day?”

“Can you please help us build a snowman Carrot?” said one of the children.

“Of course I can, I will just get my coat,” said Carrot.

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