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Children’s Short Stories
& Poems

Volume 1

Featuring the adventures of Stitches’

Aged 3 to 6 years


Uncle John

Children’s Short Stories & Poems

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Stitches goes to the beach

I love the snow (poem)

Shopping with my mummy

Feeding the ducks and swans

The wish that came true

A Day at the Zoo

Little girls and little boys (poem)

Bella Banana wins the race

The lucky penny

The Tooth Fairy

Rain, Rain, go away

Goodbye brother Trogg

When I was a kid (poem)

The Old House in the Woods

The day Carrot was cold

I love to jump (poem)

Bo, Petee and Sammy

Stitches goes to sea

The girl who sings in her dreams

The sly fox

Tick and Tock

The girl who likes to frighten you

The wind is blowing (poem)

Bobby, Betty and the big apple

Stitches and Tommy go camping

The little boy who stole money

Always be good (poem)

Baking day

The spider and the snail

A fairy at the bottom of the garden

The singing mermaid

Matt and Maddie

Little lost kitten (poem)

Stitches and Tommy go flying


Hello children, mums and dads. Thank you for reading my e-book of short stories and poems for children aged 3 to 6. My name is Uncle John and I’m now 66 years old. I have loved to write children’s stories and poems since I was around 15 years of age. I like to write simple poetry that children love. I write stories that they can easily relate to. I want to let their imagination run wild as it is read out to them, or they read it themselves. Every poem and story I have written myself and I enjoyed every minute of it. Some of the artwork has been drawn for me by Holly Bell from the United States of America, including the front cover. Holly is a great artist as you can see. She has also created some of the characters and asked me to write their stories. I was delighted to be chosen to do this. Stitches and Tommy are her and my favourite. There will be many adventures from them in this book and other books that follow. There will be another book out soon called Short stories and poems, volume 2. If you would like to contact Holly Bell regarding any art work you might want doing yourself, you can contact Holly on this e-mail address.

Stitches goes to the beach

Picture and character by Holly Bell

This is a story about a little Teddy bear called Stitches. Everyone loves Stitches because he is so much fun. He goes on adventures nearly every day. It doesn’t matter really where he goes as long as he has fun. Stitches has a very good friend called Tommy, and they go everywhere together.

One day Stitches and Tommy went off to the seaside to play on the beach. On the way there they stopped at a big shop to buy Stitches a nice red balloon. He’s never had a red balloon before so he is so excited. Stitches was skipping along the road and singing, holding his balloon as high as he could. They were not very far now from the beach and could see it in the distance.

As they arrived at the beach Stitches and Tommy ran as fast as they could. They were really looking forward to being on the sand. Tommy is big and has long legs. Stitches is only small and has very short legs. Stitches can’t run as fast as Tommy. Tommy got to the sand first and shouted,

“Hooray we’re at the seaside.”

Then Stitches got there one minute later and shouted;

“Hooray! I am at the seaside with Tommy.”

They both started to laugh a lot as they were so happy and enjoying having fun on the beach.

Tommy and Stitches were sitting on the sand watching a boat sailing past. Suddenly the wind blew very hard and Stitches let go of his new balloon.

“Oh no” Stitches shouted out, “My balloon has blown away in the wind.”

Picture and characters by Holly Bell

Tommy tried so hard to catch the balloon but was not tall enough. Up and away the balloon sailed into the sky. It blew so far away they could only just see it in the distance. Stitches started to cry a little. Tommy is a really nice person and he bought Stitches a new balloon from the big shop. Stitches and Tommy were all happy again for the whole day as they played by the sea together.

Stitches kept the balloon for a whole week before it went flat.

I love the snow (poem)

I am 4 years old I love to play

With my friends and sister too

We play in fields and in the woods

And places that are new

But most of all we love to play

In winter in the snow

Although it’s cold and makes you wet

It leaves you all a glow

But most of all we liked to slide

For hours we would play

Till mum would call us in for tea

We’d stay out there all day

But now I’m old and cannot walk

My bones they hurt me so

But I always will remember

Playing in the snow

Shopping with my mummy

Everyone likes to go to the shops. Little Sarah likes to go shopping with her mummy. If she does she knows her mummy may buy her some sweets. Sarah is 4 years old and has just started to go to nursery school. But today was the day they went shopping together.

“Sarah” Mummy shouted, “Where are you?”

“I’m coming mummy; I am putting my coat on so I don’t get cold when I am shopping.”

Mummy thought Sarah was a very clever girl. She thought about putting her coat on all by herself. She didn’t want to get cold. They were both ready to go shopping now so off they went for a long walk to the shops in the town.

They were soon at the shops and Sarah was looking in every shop window. As she walked past she looked at the dolls, sweets, new shoes, and everything she would buy if she was all grown up. Mummy picked Sarah up because it was very busy with a lot of cars driving past very fast.

“Here we are now at the shop we want” said Sarah’s mummy.

Sarah did not say anything. She looked around to see if there were any sweets for sale. Sarah could see the sweets on the other side of the shop. It was taking mummy such a long time to do all her shopping. They were getting closer and closer to the sweets. Sarah had a big smile on her face.

Sarah didn’t say a word but was thinking to herself, ‘I wonder if mummy will buy me sweets today?’ Sarah kept really quiet as they got closer to the sweets. Mummy reached out and took a big packet of jelly babies and asked Sarah if she wanted them. Sarah’s eyes opened really wide and she smiled at mummy and said,


Mummy said to Sarah,

“What else should you say Sarah?”

“Yes please mummy” said Sarah.

“That’s better” said Sarah’s mummy, “OK you can have them when you get home.”

Sarah was so happy and was singing songs all the way home. Sarah held tightly onto mummy’s hand.

I know Sarah won’t miss next week when her mummy goes shopping. I’m sure she will want to go with her again.

Do you go shopping with your mummy?

Feeding the ducks and swans

It was a Saturday morning and very early. Robert who is 7 years old was going to the park with his mummy and daddy to feed the birds today. He woke up really early. He did not make any noise because he was listening to see if mummy and daddy were awake yet. He heard his daddy’s voice and so he jumped out of bed and ran down stairs shouting,

“We are going to the park yehhhhhh.”

“Shhhhhh be quiet Robert” his daddy said, “Your mummy is still in bed, I am making her a cup of tea, and then we’ll get ready.”

“Can I go and have a wash now please daddy?” Robert asked in a quiet voice.

“Yes, but be quiet for a little while.” Daddy said.

Within a few minutes Robert was all ready to go to the park. He sat in the front room and watched some cartoons on the television while his mummy and daddy were getting ready.

“Robert” his daddy shouted “We are ready to go to the park.”

Robert turned off the T.V like a good boy and went out to the car. His daddy made sure he was safe and put his seat belt on for the journey to the park. It was only 10 minutes away in the car. When they got there Robert jumped out and ran so fast across the grass, he fell over.

“Are you OK Robert?” his mummy shouted out.

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