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Pedro’s Problemo

Jewel Thomas

Art by Brady Ballard

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2017 by Jewel Thomas and Brady Ballard


Dingbat Publishing

Humble, Texas


Copyright © 2017 by Jewel Thomas and Brady Ballard

ISBN 978-1-940520-92-6

All rights reserved.

Thank you for respecting this author’s and artist’s hard work.


Dingbat Publishing

Humble, Texas

“Ay-yi-yi!” Don Pedro pounced towards a red fuzzy cat.

“Who are you? Where is Momma Francy Pants?!” the cat snapped.

“I am Don Pedro Sanchez Ellll Puppy Dog!” Don Pedro bowed. “I come from royalty in my country!”

“Where is your country?”

“Mexico, but Momma Francy Pants found me in the meeedle of the road. She sav-ed my life!!”

“What is your name, keeety?”

“My name is Lucky, Lucky To Be Alive. Just so you know, I don’t like dogs!”

“But I’m not just a dog!” Pedro whined. “I’m an Ellll Royal Puppy Dog!”

“Whatever!” Lucky hissed back.

“Meeester Keeety, I want to see my new home!”

“I don’t associate with DOGS!”

“I’m not a dog! I’m…” Don Pedro whined.

“I know… you’re Ellll Royal Puppy Dog. Yes, I heard you. You’re still a d-o-g!”

“Oh, Lucky, you’ve met Don Pedro! I hope you two get along!” Momma Francy Pants scooped Don Pedro up and hugged him. “You’re part of our family now!”

Lucky sat on the floor, glaring.

“Now, Lucky, you be nice and show our royal puppy dog around.”

Pedro skipped out the door with Lucky slinking behind.

“I love this place. It has a keeety! It’s green and nice and reeeaallly preeety!” Don Pedro sang.

Hearing the sing-song of a Mexican voice, Yin The Yang trotted up.

“Who is this?” she asked Lucky.

“Don Pedro Sanchez Ellll Puppy Dog, Royalty from Mexico!” Lucky answered, and then bowed deeply as Don Pedro rolled his eyes.

“Yes! Momma Francy Pants found me in the meeedle of the road. She tells me I am family now! So… I guess that means we’re family?” He sidled up close to Yang.

“Ewwww!” Yang yelled. “We’re not family! You’re just someone she brought in off the street. You’re not royalty! She chose me! Now, you two…” Yang pointed at them both. “You might be family, since you came from the road!”

“Me and Keeety?! I love keeeties! Of course we’re family!”

“I’m not a keeety! I’m a cat!” Lucky reminded everyone.

“A keeety, eh? Hahahahah!” Yang rolled on her back with laughter.

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