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Greek Myths

Written by Paul Perro

Illustrated by D.McRae

First published 2014

by hfk books

This collection copyright ©Paul Perro 2014

The right of Paul Perro to be identified as the author of this book has been asserted in accordance with Section 77 and 78 of the Copyrights, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Copying of this manuscript, in whole or in part, without the written permission of the author or his publisher is strictly prohibited and would constitute a breach of copyright held.




Zeus was the king of the gods,

And also the god of the sky.

He liked to hurl thunder bolts

At mortals passing by.


Queen of the gods was Hera.

Zeus had reason to fear her -

She was jealous, the story says,

And got cross with his naughty ways.


Poseidon, brother of Zeus -

He was god of the seas.

For Greeks who lived near water

He was the god to please.


Ruler of the land of the dead,

Owned a dog with more than one head,

And a gold chariot - beautifully constructed.

He also had a wife, whom he had abducted.


Son of Zeus and his queen,

Savage, violent, selfish, mean;

Ares - god of war.

What was he good for? *


Ah, the lovely Aphrodite,

Daughter of Zeus the mighty,

Well...perhaps...not all agree.

Some say she came from the sea.

Either way, she was a cutie,

The goddess of love and beauty.


So young, and yet so wise,

He drove his chariot across the skies,

Every day bringing up the sun.

Apollo was loved by everyone.


Goddess of the moon,

Twin sister to Apollo,

She loved her dogs, she loved to hunt,

With her bow and arrow.


Demeter was the goddess of

The harvest and fertility,

Which, even for a goddess, was

A big responsibility.


Messenger of the gods,

Mischievous and clever,

And also one of the best

Negotiators ever.


Aphrodite was prettier,

Hera was meaner,

But nobody was cleverer,

Than the wise Athena.


Goddess of the hearth,

And domesticity,

She had a sacred flame burning

In every Greek city.


Handsome Dionysus,

God of the grape and vine.

The Greeks loved him, perhaps because

They liked to drink his wine.


The blacksmith god, he was adept

With hammer, anvil, bellows.

Apparently he was one of

The strangest looking fellows.


* - absolutely nothing.


Back in Ancient Greek times there was

A strange thing called a “sacrifice.”

To keep the gods in a good mood

The humans had to pay a price.