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monkeys in the wall episode 3

By Candy Michelle Johnson

Christian had been on his laptop for two hours doing research to find out how he and David were going to film the monkeys inside the wall. Christian had heard of mice getting inside walls, and knew that pest control companies would come out and have to cut a space in the wall to get mice out. He had not found the device online that he needed to film the monkeys yet. He had a brilliant idea. He would look up a popular pest control company his family had called before in the past. If they knew how to get mice out of the walls, they would be able to give him advice on how to film the monkeys. Christian Googled Emporia’s Best Pest Control Company and found the number (316) 555-1212. He put his headset on, and dialed the number from his laptop. A woman answered the call, “Thank you for calling Emporia’s Best Pest Control Company, this is Mary how I may help you?” “I need to talk to someone about filming monkeys inside the wall,” said Christian. The woman on the other end of the phone said, “This is a business and we don’t have time for prank calls,” said Ms. Mary. She was about to disconnect the call. “Oh no wait! I know I sound twelve, but this is a serious call,” said Christian. “Well then, let me take your number and have someone call you,” said Ms. Mary irritated. Christian gave Ms. Mary his name and phone number. He hung up and hoped someone would call back. Since he had been on the computer for two hours, his legs cramped so he went outside to stretch his legs. It was late in the afternoon, the sun was still out and the weather was perfect for Kansas. Christian walked down to the duck pond and watched a group of ducks lazily wade in the water. He decided to go back in the house and call his friend David. “No running in the house,” said Mrs. Combs. Christian slowed down, obeying his mother. “Sorry Mom,” said Christian. He then continued to climb the stairs to his room. Picking up the handset to an old fashioned, white rotary phone, Christian called David. Mr. Frost answered the phone. “Hello, Frost Residence,” he said in a deep voice. “Hello, Mr. Frost, may I speak with David?” asked Christian. “Sure, is this Christian?” asked Mr. Frost. “Yes Sir,” said Christian. “How are you and the family?” asked Mr. Frost. “We’re fine, thanks for asking,” replied Christian. Mr. Frost yelled for David. “David, Christian’s on the phone.” “Hey Christian, what’s up?” asked David. “I was calling to see if you had a chance to come up with anything to film the monkeys with,” said Christian. “Actually I haven’t come up with anything yet,” said David. “I left a message with Emporia’s Best Pest Control to call me,” said Christian. “Did you mention that there were monkeys in the wall?” asked David. “Yes, I told the truth,” admitted Christian. David paused for a moment. He felt speechless. He knew they would be the town lunatics if they told anyone. “Gosh Christian, why did you go and do a thing like that for?” asked David feeling a bit embarrassed. “No one is going to believe us,” said David. “They will once we have everything on film,” said Christian. “I think we should keep this a secret until we’re able to present our evidence at the science fair,” said David. “Do you want to come over and go horseback riding?” asked Christian. That sounded like a good idea to David. He enjoyed riding horses in the wide open meadow on Christian’s farm. The horses were well-trained, and easy to ride. “Sure, I’ll be right over,” said David hanging up. Before David rode his bike over to Christian’s farm, he asked permission from his mother. Mrs. Frost was in the kitchen helping to prepare a summer, country dinner with the family cook, Ms. Betty. Ms. Betty was a large, black woman who was very outspoken yet kindhearted. She had been the family cook since David could remember. Her cooking was well-known throughout the small town of Emporia. Her family had a small barbecue restaurant that had the best food in town. “Mom, could I go over to Christian’s to horseback ride?” asked David. Mrs. Frost looked up from the pan of golden fried chicken that was simmering on the stove. “Yes David. But be sure and be back by six, we’re having a fried chicken dinner,” said Mrs. Frost. Ms. Betty added, “David, I’m making my famous melt in your mouth buttermilk biscuits too!” “Wow!” David exclaimed. “I don’t want to miss those Ms. Betty,” said David. Laughing wholeheartedly, Ms. Betty says, “I know you don’t child.” David ran out the front door and jumped on his bike. He rode down the country road until he reached Christian’s farm. The gravel road pushed dust back into his face as he raced down the road. He didn’t mind, it was part of living the good, secluded country life. Peterson’s Dairy truck passed him along the way. Mr. Peterson honked his horn as he passed David. David hoped he stopped to make a delivery at his house. His mouth watered thinking of the fresh cream, butter and ice cream that was in the back of the truck. The Peterson’s used all natural ingredients in their dairy products and just served Emporia and the surrounding towns in the (316) area code. The Peterson’s kept their dairy small so they could ensure the people they served would always get fresh quality products. David finally reached Christian’s farm, he was sweaty and in need of a cool drink. He parked his bike outside near a huge cedar tree in Christian’s front yard. He was greeted by the large black and white cat that stayed in Christian’s front yard. “Hello Panda,” said David picking up the large, cuddly, friendly cat. “You’re getting heavier each time I pick you up. What have you been eating?” asked David. The cat had a strange look on his face that said, “You tell me, you humans put the food in my dish.” David put Panda down, then walked up to the white, Southern style porch and walked up the stairs. Before he could knock on the screen door, Christian appeared in the door. “Hey buddy,” greeted David. “Hey buddy,” repeated Christian. “Come on in. I bet you could use a cold drink,” said Christian being hospitable to his friend. “My mom just made a pitcher of Countrytime lemonade,” said Christian. Taking his friend in the kitchen, he gets two cold glasses from the freezer and sets them on the table. “Hello David, how are you?” said Mrs. Combs. “I’m doing quite well Mrs. Combs,” said David. The two boys enjoyed their cold lemonade and gingersnaps freshly baked out of the oven. “Mom, David and I are going to go horseback riding for about an hour,” said Christian. “Make sure you’re back for dinner around six,” said Mrs. Combs. “David will you be joining us for dinner tonight?” asked Mrs. Combs. “No Mam, we’re having fried chicken prepared by Ms. Betty,” replied David. “Tell your mother I’m going to steal Ms. Betty away from her one day,” teased Mrs. Combs. “Yes Mam,” replied David. “Come on, let’s go,” said Christian. The two friends walked a long way across the farm to a barn where four riding horses were kept. They laughed and talked about the monkeys in the wall they found at the tiny cottage at the Meadow’s subdivision. They dropped in the field and doubled over laughing together as they thought about how Ms. Mary felt getting a phone call about monkeys living inside the walls. “Yeah, I bet I really messed up her day with that call,” laughed Christian. Christian and David finished the long walk to the massive, wooden red and white barn. Inside were larger than life Budweiser horses direct from the Budweiser farm in St. Louis, Missouri. The four horses inside were well-trained and very docile. They may appeared monstrous and threatening, but were in fact very gentle souls bred specifically for riding or driving covered wagons. Christian opened the door to the barn. The two boys went up to the four horses and petted each of them. The horses grunted and greeted the boys by shaking their heads up and down. “I think I’ll ride Mumford,” said Christian. He went to get his riding saddle, and a step stool to stand on. David couldn’t choose between Cody or Old Calvin to ride. Either horse was a great choice for a young boy to ride. Christian gently groomed Mumford’s back with a brush before throwing a riding blanket across his back. Christian put the saddle on Mumford with expertise. David finally chose to ride Cody. Cody was a huge, twelve foot blonde colored Budweiser horse that loved children. Children at the Budweiser farm had been good to him by always having his favorite treats handy. David was no different, and always remembered to have a bag of horse treats on hand. The two boys straddled their horses, then rode them around the farm. They enjoyed themselves galloping across the meadows like two cowboys of the past.

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