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The Forgotten

Rita Hestand

The Forgotten

(Doggie Book Heroes Book 4)

Rita Hestand

Copyright© 2017 by Rita Hestand

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This book is dedicated to Ginger, the family dog. She's a mongrel with the sweetest personality you could want. To all the other Ginger's out there that make their masters very happy and content.


Rita Hestand

The Forgotten

Chapter One

The puppy whined when the car door opened and someone pitched her out the door without a second thought. The puppy watched the car drive away. Hanging her head, she didn't know what to do. The wind was blowing and it was a bit cold.

She didn't understand. She barked, but they didn't hear her, and they didn't come back for her, either. Had they forgotten her?

What was she going to do, they'd left her?

She'd looked down the road where the car disappeared. She smelled the grass around her but nothing was familiar. She laid down and whined.

She'd been picked early as a pup by an old gentleman that could hardly get around. As a young Irish Setter, she'd learned quickly about where to go on the newspaper, and then outside. She'd spent many days curled in the old man's lap as he gently stroked her. Now the old gent was gone and so was she.

Left on the outskirts of the city, the puppy didn't know where home was any more. But the bright lights in the night led her back to an older neighborhood, where tall building loomed overhead.

There were a lot of people on the streets here. But no one paid much mind to the lost puppy. She found a few scraps behind buildings that smelled of food and survived her first week of being alone.

She didn't like being alone. She'd never been alone before. She'd never been out in the cold this long before.

Kids played in the streets here, and kicked something round and on the ground. It was kind of soft and round. She smelled it, but it wasn't a familiar smell. She hadn't been around many children. They moved fast and she had to run to get out of their way.

Some of the kids pet her, but others ignored her.

But one day she ventured on to a new street and met a man sitting on the concrete. She went straight up to him and licked his face.

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