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Summer Camp Superhero

Summer Camp Superhero

M. Novak

GYR Marsh, LLC

Published by GYR Marsh, L.L.C.

Copyright © 2017 Michelle Novak

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For those with big dreams

and superhero hearts.

Chapter 1

Riding the Bumpy Bus

It’s my first day of summer camp at Camp Firefly. The August sun is shining, the sky is clear. I’ve got my bags packed, and I’m ready for fun.

I can’t wait for camp. I hope it’s just like the brochure that Ms. Bloom handed out on the last day of fourth grade.

The brochure showed campers canoeing, hiking, roasting marshmallows, log rolling and playing ping pong.

Ping pong! I love playing ping pong! It’s my favorite game of all time. In school, I hold the record for most ping pong balls hit into the gym teacher’s office.

My gym teacher, Mr. Ruskin, calls me sledgehammer because of my powerful swing. How could I not sign up for a camp that offers ping pong?

All summer since school got out, I, Genevieve Colette Dooley—my friends call me Ginnie—have dreamed of becoming the ping pong champ of Camp Firefly!

Why do I want to become the ping pong champ? Well, why not? “Dream big,” my family always says. So, I decided to do just that— Dream Big!

But before I become the ping pong champ of Camp Firefly, I need to get to camp. It’s a 40 minute bus ride from the Greenberg Community Center—our starting place.

Greenberg is my hometown, but kids from all over Wisconsin go to Camp Firefly. I bet I’ll have some great Ping Pong competition—and maybe I’ll meet some new friends, too.

Chapter 2

Bumpy Ride

So here I am, packed into the back seat of the bright orange school bus with the words “Camp Firefly” painted in big black letters on the side.

My backpack sits next to me, stuffed full with my clothes, gummy worms, and my fuzzy bunny, Nibbles.

“Welcome, campers,” says a teen counselor named Greg. He walks up and down the bus aisle and waves his hands in the air like …a firefly.

His eyebrows look like wriggling caterpillars as he talks, making me giggle. I hide my mouth behind my cupped hands and try to listen carefully.

“We are about to begin our journey to Camp Firefly,” says Counselor Greg. “In about 40 minutes we’ll arrive at camp to start the amazing Camp Firefly adventure.”

The bus explodes with thunderous clapping and cheerful hoots as campers grow excited for the fun week ahead. They rock the bus as they stomp their feet on the floor and shake their hands in the air.

“Yay!” I yell as I think about my quest for ping pong greatness.

Counselor Greg sits down in the front row behind the driver and the bus lurches forward with a loud squawk.

The campers quiet down, talking in low whispers. I hunker down next to my backpack and daydream about whacking ping pong balls.

We are on our way at last!

The bus ride to camp is bumpy and I begin to feel a little sick to my stomach as I bounce around in the back seat.

To keep my mind off the gurgling in my stomach, I read a comic book I brought from home. It’s about a super hero named UltraKid who saves his small town from a giant squid.

UltraKid wears a blue uniform that looks like a super shiny wet suit. His cape and boots are the color of a yellow banana.

He wears a mask over his eyes so no one knows who he is. I can still tell who he is, though, because he has freckles and red hair that are easy to see even with the mask covering his face.

The people in the comic book don’t seem to recognize him, though, so his identity is safely hidden.

UltraKid has some fierce gymnastics skills and he cartwheels and tumbles through town while tracking down the giant squid.

The giant squid gums up the streets with his slime. Cars stick together in the gooey mess which brings the town to a standstill. The townspeople shake their fists at the squid, but it ignores them and tears apart buildings with its tentacles.

When UltraKid catches the squid, the slithery monster slimes him with some oozy black, inky goop!

It makes me laugh so hard that I almost forget that I’m ready to lose my lunch.

Chapter 3

Welcome to Camp Firefly

On the bus ride to Camp Firefly, Counselor Greg explains how the camp works. He has to yell over the campers’ chatter but he doesn’t seem bothered by the noise.

“Each Camp Firefly camper is a member of a squad,” he says loudly. “You’ll get your squad assignments when we arrive at camp. Each squad spends the day together doing activities, having lunch, getting lost in the woods… Ha ha, just kidding.” He snickers, but no one else on the bus laughs.

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