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Portals to Wonderland 2


Jean Young

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locations, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Cover: Karen Fuller

Illustrations: Stephanie Richoll

Editor: Maxine Bringenberg

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This book is dedicated to my children and my husband.

Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Julia. I have a secret. I have been traveling through a magic portal that opens to my house!

My brother and I were playing with our light sabers and pretending to fight off space aliens when we saw the magic portal suddenly appear in my brother’s room. It was the sparkly, blinking, multicolored portal that we had seen in our previous adventures. We were so glad to see the portal again that we made a run for it. As we were running toward the portal, my brother tripped and fell head first into the portal. Since I was running behind him, I tripped on top of him and tumbled in.

As we had experienced in our last adventure, we arrived in the magic travel agency. The Guardian of the portal was standing in front of her desk when we arrived. There were still posters of exotic travel destinations all over the walls, and the travel magazines were arranged neatly on the tables in the room. When she saw us sprawled out on the floor as we came out of the portal, she gave us a hand to get up. Luckily, we weren’t injured. We were just a little sore from tumbling through a magic portal.

“Are you two all right?” the Guardian asked.

“Yes, I’m fine. Sort of,” I said.

“I’m fine, too,” my brother said with a grin as he got up.

“Okay, you two look fine. I’ll get right to it. The astronauts in the spaceship Phoenix need your help,” she said.

She immediately led us to the Hallway of Many Doors while she told us about the astronauts. The Hallway of Many Doors was a magical place that appeared to stretch to infinity. There was also an infinite number of doors, and each door led to a different place and time.

“What happened to them? What kind of help do they need?” asked my brother.

“The astronauts in the spaceship Phoenix just came out of the wormhole to travel toward the seven planets in the TRAPPIST-1 star system. The seven planets were discovered and announced in 2017 in your timeline. People were immediately excited about it because it was the largest collection of earth-like planets in one star system that was ever found. If you are wondering what a wormhole is, it is like a tunnel through space-time that creates shortcuts for travel through the universe. But anyway, the eight astronauts in the spaceship Phoenix are in a lot of trouble. They were celebrating when they got out of the wormhole since they were the first humans to make it through. But as they got closer to one of the planets to land, the spaceship hit a force field around the planet. The spaceship is badly damaged, and the astronauts need your help!” said the Guardian.

“What can we do?” I asked.

“First, you should get your magic pouches back,” said the Guardian. As soon as she said that, the magic pouches were strapped to our waists. The magic pouch was like a 3-D printer that made objects that could be programmed through a computer. Our brains were like the computers for the magic pouches, and the pouch would make any object our brains imagined.

“What else do you think you would need?” asked the Guardian.

“We are going to need our special astronaut suits, and the super shield to protect us,” my brother said.

We imagined the spacesuit and the super gadget watch with the red button. From our magic pouches we took out the special spacesuits we had created when we had gone to Mars in our last adventure. All the special gadgets that came with the spacesuits were there. We also put on our watches and pressed the red buttons. The shimmering force field surrounded and protected us.

“Now we are ready to go,” I said.

The Guardian took us into the Hallway of Many Doors and said, “Okay, children. Go through door number eighteen, it will take you directly onto the spaceship Phoenix.”

We took a deep breath, and opened the door and walked through.

Chapter 2

“Carbon dioxide level is critically high. The air will not sustain life in twenty-five minutes,” blasted a voice as we arrived on the spaceship Phoenix. It looked like we had stepped into the command center. The eight astronauts were all passed out. Some were sitting on their chair in front of the computer, and some were lying on the floor.

Suddenly, the light started flashing red and the voice came back. “Please evacuate as soon as possible. The spaceship will explode in thirty minutes.”

“Oh, no! Think fast, what should we do?” I asked Benjamin.

“Let’s make sure everyone is still alive,” my brother said.

We went closer to the astronauts and saw that they were all still breathing, but they would be running out of air soon. I shook one of them to see if she would wake up, and she did.

“What happened? Where am I? And who are you?” she asked us in surprise.

“My name is Julia,” I said.

“My name is Benjamin,” my brother said.

“How, what…where did you come from?” the lady asked.

“We came from Earth. The Guardian of the portal sent us here because she said you were in trouble,” my brother said.

“Are you angels?” she asked us.

“No, we aren’t angels. But I think the Guardian is an angel because she has wings,” I said.

“The spaceship will explode in twenty-five minutes,” said the voice again.

“Oh, no. We better get out of here quick,” said the astronaut.

“How can we help you?” my brother asked.

“Can you try to wake up everyone?” she asked.

We ran around the room shaking everyone awake. There were four female astronauts and four male astronauts. One by one, the astronauts woke up, looking groggy. One of the astronauts said her name was Captain Williams, the captain of the spaceship. We told her about the situation and she asked the astronauts to check the escape pods. But all of the escape pods were damaged.

“The air will not sustain life in fifteen minutes. The spaceship will explode in twenty minutes,” boomed the voice again.

“How quickly can you get into your astronaut suits?” my brother asked.

“Well, it could take us couple minutes, maybe five,” Captain Williams said.

“Why don’t you all get into your astronaut suits as soon as you can, so at least you won’t die from lack of breathable air?” Ben said.

“We could do that, but we would die anyway since we won’t be able to escape in time,” another astronaut said.

I suddenly had a flash of a great idea. “We have special spacesuits that have rocket thrusters on them, and we can pull you out very quickly,” I said. “I also can make a strong rope from my magic pouch. I will explain more about my pouch later since we don’t have much time. Once you are all suited up, Benjamin and I can string you up on the rope. Then we can use the rocket booster to fly out, pulling the rope and everyone on it.”

“Everyone, you heard what the kid said. Let’s all get in our suits as soon as possible,” said the captain.

“The air will not sustain life in ten minutes. The spaceship will explode in fifteen minutes,” said the voice from the spaceship.

All of the astronauts scrambled to get into the suits. Luckily, they all got into their spacesuits before the time ran out. I pulled out a long and strong rope from my magic pouch. As soon as the astronauts got suited up, we tied the rope around them to secure them. We also made a gadget from our magic pouch that linked our spacesuits to the astronauts’ and the spaceship’s communication device, so that we could communicate with the astronauts even if we got separated.

“The spaceship will explode in five minutes,” the voice said.

As soon as the outside door opened, we flew out of the spaceship and started pulling the rope that had strung up the astronauts. The astronauts came out of the spaceship one by one. However, the last astronaut got caught at the door since the door malfunctioned and started to close.

“The spaceship will explode in two minutes,” the voice from the spaceship blared into our suit communication device.

My brother said, “Julia, I’ll go back and try pulling the astronaut out the door. When I give you the signal, pull the rope as fast as you can. I’ll stay in the back and make a big shield if the rocket blows.”

I was scared for Benjamin, but I gave him a thumbs up to show him that I heard him. He quickly flew back and started pulling the last astronaut out the door.

“The spaceship will explode in one minute,” the voice boomed.

Benjamin wiggled the last astronaut free, and he gave the signal. I pulled the rope and flew out of there as fast as my rocket thruster could take me. Suddenly, I heard the loud BOOM of the explosion from the spaceship. I looked back and could see the explosion coming slowly toward us. Benjamin was in the back, and he created a giant shield from his magic pouch to protect us. The shield created a big ball of protection around all of us. When the explosion reached us, the force of the explosion pushed us like a giant wave pushing a beach ball. The force pushed us out very far, and I wasn’t sure how long we would be floating in space.I used my rocket thruster to go the opposite direction, and it worked like a brake to slow us down. Benjamin came to help and we both made the “ball of shield” come to a stop.

“How much oxygen do you have in your spacesuit?” I asked the captain.

“Maybe about an hour or a little longer,” Captain Williams said. “We will need a source to supply everyone with oxygen soon,” the captain said. “Then, we will need to land somewhere, but we’ll have to get through the shield that is protecting the planet.”

“For the oxygen, we can make something out of my magic pouch and put it inside our shield so everyone can breathe,” I said.

The astronauts watched me as I imagined an oxygen making machine with a big green button. They all looked with wonder as I pulled it out of the magic pouch. It floated in the middle of our shield ball since there is no gravity in space. Everyone was floating around in the ball. I pressed the green button and the oxygen maker started making the oxygen. It also took out the carbon dioxide that was building up inside the giant shield ball and made it into oxygen. My spacesuit computer said, “Enough oxygen to breathe. You may take off your helmet.”

I took my helmet off and took a deep breath. The astronauts saw that I was breathing and they all took their helmets off.

“That is amazing!” said one of the astronauts. He asked, “You must be coming from the future since your technology is so advanced.”

“No, we came from the year 2017 when the discovery of this star system TRAPPIST-1 was just announced,” Benjamin said. “We got the magic pouch from the Guardian of the portal.”

“You kids are actually our ancestors. We left Earth in the year 2767. That was seven hundred fifty years after your time. But tell us more about the Guardian of the portal,” asked another astronaut.

“Well, she is like an angel because she has wings. She sends us on adventures to help various people. She wants us to use our imagination to help people, and she gave us the magic pouches to make things happen,” my brother said.

“Can she help us now?” asked Captain Williams.

“She wants us to try using our heads to figure things out before we call her for help. She says to call her if we really, really, really need her help,” I said.

“So, let’s put our heads together to figure this out,” said the captain.

Chapter 3

The captain told us that the crew of the Phoenix had made a two year historic journey across the universe to be the first to go through the wormhole. There was no way to make the trip with a conventional spaceship, since the seven planets of the TRAPPIST-1 star system were forty light years—235 trillion miles—away from Earth. The fastest way to get to the system was to find or make a wormhole. Scientists in the twenty-sixth century found a way to create small wormholes to send probes to the TRAPPIST-1 system. It was another two hundred years before they could send people. The wormhole had to be far enough away from the planets so that it wouldn’t drastically disturb the gravity around them. That’s why it took the astronauts two years to get into the wormhole and get out on the other side. Earth and the other planets of the solar system had been so overpopulated that humans needed to find another star system to inhabit. The scientists thought that the TRAPPIST-1 system would be a good place to look since it was promising. There were three planets in the habitable zone, and they decided to land the spaceship on the fourth planet from the star since it was the warmest of the three planets in the Goldilock Zone. None of the high-tech telescopes from Earth had detected any force field around the planets.

“How can we get through the force field?” asked the captain.

We were closest to the fourth planet where the spaceship was heading. However, you could see some of the other planets since they were all fairly close to each other.

Benjamin said, “Let me make special glasses to see how far this force field goes.” He took out the glasses from his magic pouch and put them on. “Yes, just what I suspected. The force field is around all the planets,” he said. I tried on the glasses and I saw the shimmering force fields around the planets and the connecting areas between the planets. The glasses also allowed me to see far away, and I could see all seven planets with the glasses on.

“Maybe if we flew into the planet’s force field with our ‘ball of shield,’ we could get through,” I said.

“It’s worth a try,” said the captain.

So we used our rocket thrusters to drive the ball of shield that was protecting us and the astronauts. We decided to land on the fourth planet since the astronauts had originally headed toward it. When we hit the force field with our shield, we just bounced back like a ball hitting another ball that was much bigger.

“Hmmm, let’s try something else,” my brother said. Benjamin and I went out of the shield ball and went closer to the planet’s force field. We still had a small shield protecting our spacesuits, and we had our magic pouches with us.

“Do you remember the special ring you made that would let you go through anything?” I asked.

“Yeah, let me make it again,” Benjamin said. He made the special ring with his magic pouch, pressed the black button on it and tried to walk through the force field. But he just bounced back. The magic ring didn’t work!

“That never happened before. How can it not work?” Benjamin said in surprise.

At that moment, the Guardian appeared. “Oh, I should have warned you. Nothing will be able to go through this force field,” she said.

“What do you mean? Why can’t anything go through this force field?” I asked.

“It was not only made to keep things out, but it was also made to make sure nothing from the planet could escape,” she said.

“Why, what’s on the planet that shouldn’t escape?” my brother asked.

“It’s a long story. About four hundred million Earth years ago, something happened that destroyed all life on the fourth planet, and the rest of the seven planets after that. The scientists from the planets made the force field around the planets to make sure that the life damaging elements didn’t get out and destroy all life in the universe. Even I came here at that time to put the final touches on the force field to give it extra protection,” the Guardian said.

“What happened to them that all life forms were destroyed on the seven planets?” I asked.

“Well, that’s why I came. I came to take you back four hundred million years to see if you can stop the Life Destroyer,” she said. “Are you kids ready to travel through the portal again?”

“What about the astronauts that are waiting for us back there?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about them. By the time you get back, no time will have passed for them,” the Guardian said.

“Okay, we are ready now,” my brother said.

Chapter 4

The Guardian made us another portal and we stepped through. We still had our spacesuits and super shields on when we stepped into the portal. When we came out on the other side, we were standing on a rocky planet with lots of trees and well maintained grass. Some trees were as tall as skyscrapers on Earth. Some other trees looked as big as houses. We also saw giant shaped moons in the sky that looked like they would touch the tall trees. It looked so beautiful and strange at the same time. There wasn’t much sun light, and it looked like it was going to be evening soon.

The Guardian told us that we didn’t need the spacesuits since there was enough oxygen for us to breathe. The aliens on this planet were called Zobians, and they also needed oxygen to survive. So we had that in common.

“What else do we have in common?” I asked.

“Well, the Zobians also have language, and they have technology. Even though they existed millions of years before the humans, their technology was way more advanced than humans when they destroyed themselves,” the Guardian said.

“What do they look like?” my brother asked. So far, we haven’t seen any. They must be hiding somewhere, I thought.

“You will see them soon enough,” said the Guardian. “I will introduce you to two Zobian children, Hansoo and Juri, fairly soon.”

“Why those two children?” I asked.

“I went to their dreams and prepared them. I told them that I will be bringing two Earth children to them, and they are to help you on this planet,” the Guardian said.

“And why them? Do they have special powers? Do they also have a magic pouch?” my brother asked.

The Guardian smiled. “No, they are not as lucky as you two. But their parents work at the Interplanetary Science Center, and they are part of the team that is making the Life Destroyer.”

“Oh, now I see why they were chosen. The two alien children can help us sneak into the science center so we can get rid of the Life Destroyer before it kills everything,” I said.

“Well, it might not be as easy as you think,” the Guardian said.

“It’s worth a try, anyway. So, where are Hansoo and Juri now?” Benjamin asked.

“They are at school. But they will be back home soon,” the Guardian said.

“Where do they live?” I asked.

“They live in that tree over there.” The Guardian pointed to a big tree that looked as big as a house.

“They live in a tree?” my brother and I asked at the same time. “That doesn’t sound like they have a lot of technology to me,” I said.

“Well, the trees here are different than the trees in your world,” the Guardian said. “They grow into shapes that the owner requires. The Zobians figured out how to mold the trees to fit their living style. They can also talk with the trees so they can communicate with their house. And the trees here do not burn down like the trees in your world. They are made of strong materials that are like bricks in your world.”

“Wow, then they are way more advanced than we are. But if they are living so well with the trees and they have so much technology, why are the Zobians building the Life Destroyer?” my brother asked.

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