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Grumpy Grandpa

Makes A Dress For Zoe



For my granddaughter,

Zoe Sophia

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2017 W.Wm.Mee

One day Zoe was climbing a tree

and she ripped her dress.

“Grandpa, can you please

make me a new dress?”

“A dress?!” Grandpa grumbled.

“I don’t know how to make a silly dress!”

“Yes you do. You made a dress

for me last year.”

“Oh, alright, Peanut, but I’ll have to go

to the store to buy a lot of stuff!”

“Like what?” Zoe asked

“Like cloth, buttons

and needle and thread.”

“Can I come?” Zoe asked.

“Of course, Pickle, but you have to

help me pick out the material

and carry it to the car.”

So off they went to the store.

When they got to the store Zoe picked

some blue cloth, red buttons and

some white flowers for decoration.

“Okay,” said Grandpa.

“I’ll try, but sewing on those silly flowers

will be a lot of work!”

“I can help,” said Zoe.

“Alright, if you help it will go faster

and then I can have a nap.”

So Zoe and Grandpa got busy and

started measuring, cutting and sewing.

Zoe dropped the buttons on the floor and

Grandpa stuck his thumb with a needed,

but finally the dress was finished.

It wasn’t exactly the colour Zoe wanted

and the flowers were all over the place,

but it was super dooper, fit great

and most importantly,


Well, there was SOME pink,

but Zoe could live with that.

“Thank you Grandpa

for making such a beautiful dress.”

“It was my pleasure, Peanut.

Now, how about a snack?”

“Great!” she said.

“I’ll get the milk to go with the cookies!”

The End

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