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A Wet Nose Christmas

By A. R. Harwell

A Wet Nose Christmas

Copyright 2017 Amy R. Harwell

All Rights Reserved.

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Copy Editing by Jeni Chappelle

Cover Design and Illustrations by Amy Harwell

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A Wet Nose Christmas is a work of fiction.


Because love is priceless.

There once was a puppy, who sat all alone. He liked playing fetch and just wanted a home. He was small, black, and fluffy, a white spot on his chest. With a red bow ‘round his neck, he looked different from the rest.

One day a boy and his father appeared. The puppy didn’t know them. He was so scared! “It’s okay, little fella,” the father softly said. He reached out slow and rubbed the pup’s head.

“You sure you want him?” the father asked his son.

“Please, Pa,” the boy cheered. “He’s the perfect one!” The puppy was lifted into the boy’s arms. “You are coming with us to our home on the farm!”

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