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Scary Adventures, Clever Tricks and Sweet Treats


An Original Publication From C.M Ghilchrist

Halloween Short Stories

Written and published by C.M Ghilchrist

Copyright © 2017 by C.M Ghilchrist

All rights reserved.


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, and locations are either a product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious setting. Any resemblance to actual events, locations, organizations, or people, living or dead, is strictly coincidental. No part of this book may be used or reproduced without written consent from the author. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.


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A pumpkin sat proud and upright in the middle of the vegetable section of the store. It was waiting. Waiting for what? you may ask. It was waiting to be crowned king of course. It's time had come. It could feel it.

Ever since it was a little pumpkin in the farmer's field, it had dreamed of being king. Its mum had always told it not to pay any attention to the other pumpkins who teased it for being small and an unusual shape. It wasn’t quite as round as other pumpkins. But that’s what made it special.

Its mum told it that it came from a royal line of pumpkins. It had royal juice inside it. She used to say, “don’t you worry, one day you will be King of the World.”

During its years in the field, the pumpkin would often look up at the birds and think, when I am king of the world I will fly like those birds. I will build giant wings and soar up into the sky. Perhaps I can build a nest and live like a bird They have much more freedom than I do.

Two days had passed since the pumpkin arrived in the store. The farmer came into the field early that morning. It came straight over to the pumpkin and said “now, it is your turn. You are ripe and ready.”

I am indeed ready, thought the pumpkin.

The farmer placed the pumpkin in the back of his cart, and the pumpkin began its journey to the store. Oh, the excitement was building. Its day would soon arrive. It was destined for it. It passed other vegetables in fields such as cabbages, carrots, and parsnips. It felt sorry for them. They were not destined to be king as it was. They were just ordinary vegetables.

When it arrived at the store, it was a little disappointed. It didn’t seem a grand place at all. Certainly not fit for a ‘soon to be’ king. It had expected to be put in a place away from other vegetables. This was not proper royal treatment. Perhaps it's just a temporary place it thought, while they are getting my royal chambers ready.

As it waited, it glanced across the aisle. It could see magazines with great ships on the front. When I am King of the World, I will sail all the seas and meet lots of pirates. It also thought, it would be cool to own an airplane and go and meet pumpkins from other countries. I would like to hear tales of growing up in foreign lands.

Of course, it would live in a palace and have horse-drawn carriages when it was king. It liked the idea of dancing too, but wasn’t quite sure how he was going to manage that. It could perhaps get some artificial legs made. That might do the trick.

It noticed a picture of someone surfboarding on the front of some newspapers across the aisle and thought, that looks cool. Surfboarding was definitely going on its list of things to do when it was king.

It guessed it was going to be crowned king on a day that was called Halloween. When he was brought into the store, one of the workers said something about getting dressed up for Halloween and going to a party on King Street. Great, thought the pumpkin, I will have a street called after me too.

Just as the pumpkin was dreaming about all the things it would do when it was king, a shopping cart passed by. It had chocolate lollipops in it with a picture of a pumpkin on each one. They are getting ready for my crowning now, it thought. They are putting my face on various objects. Next, my image will be on plates, cups and even stamps, it thought.

There were other pumpkins in the same vegetable section. This worried the pumpkin a little. Perhaps, one of the others might be picked and crowned by mistake. However, the pumpkin knew that its head was the perfect size for a crown. Not too big and not too small.

One by one, the other pumpkins were taken away. Each time it happened, it got more and more excited. They were being weeded out. Not good enough. Not king material. No royal juice in them. Finally, it was the only one left. It was all going to plan.

Other items arrived in the store which the pumpkin guessed must be arriving for the crowning ceremony. There were coconuts, monkey nuts, and toffee apples.

Then his crowning day arrived. He heard one of the staff in the store saying “Happy Halloween” to someone. This was it. This was the day it would be crowned king. It tried to look as regal as it could, sitting there in the vegetable section.

It wondered where the ceremony would take place? Surely not here in the store. A much grander venue would be called for. There would be a red carpet of course. There was always red carpet at such events.

A boy came into the store with his mum and pointed at the pumpkin, “There mum.”

“OK, Jack” she replied.

The boy ran over to the pumpkin, lifted it up, and placed it in the shopping cart.

I have been sent for, thought the pumpkin. The boy recognized me. This is it. I am on my way to be crowned. However, it was a little annoyed that there were other items in the cart with it. Common items, such as cheese, bananas and washing powder. Surely a king should have a cart to itself, thought the pumpkin.

When they got outside, the pumpkin expected a carriage to be waiting to take it to the ceremony. Instead, it was placed in the trunk of a car. It was dark in there. It didn't mind being in the dark.

It had spent the first part of his life underground. However, this was not the transport he had expected. It wanted to see his subjects as they drove along. It couldn’t see anything from inside here.

Maybe they are keeping me undercover, it thought. I guess the streets would become too crowded if I were spotted. Yes, it makes sense to keep me out of sight, thought the pumpkin. Quite clever really.

After a short journey the car stopped, and soon afterward the trunk opened. The pumpkin was lifted out by the boy and carried inside a house.

This isn't exactly how I imagined the venue, it thought. I don't see any red carpet. And where are the ushers and attendants and the other royal workers?

This boy Jack isn't even wearing a uniform. An important job of carrying a future king should require the wearing of a uniform and some white gloves perhaps, thought the pumpkin.

Jack placed the pumpkin on the kitchen table. “Can we get the pumpkin ready now mum?”

“Later Jack, when we get back from grandma’s house.”

Oh, ok thought the pumpkin I am going to be crowned later. Well, that's fine. There isn't much of a crowd gathered yet, anyway. I can wait.

It had waited this long. In fact, it had waited his whole life to be crowned king, so a few more hours were not going to matter much.

Jack and his mum left, and the pumpkin sat on the kitchen table, and began dreaming again, of all the adventures he would have when he was king.

Suddenly, the family cat jumped up on the table and began sniffing the pumpkin and wrapping its tail around it.

Hideous animal thought the pumpkin. When I am king, I will put aU those foul cat creatures in cages, never to be released again. Doesn't it know that I am about to be king and it should treat me with more respect? That purring sound is going right through me. I should not have to put up with this.

After a few hours had passed, Jack and his mum returned. "Let's do the pumpkin now mum,” cried Jack, sounding very excited.

The pumpkin was glad it was finally going to be crowned. However, it was surprised more people hadn’t gathered, and there was no sign of the coconuts, monkey nuts, toffee apples or chocolate lollipops that had been in the store. It was sure they would be here by now.

“OK Jack, get the big knife out of the drawer,” said his mum as she hung up her coat.

BIG KNIFE! What did they need a big knife for? Perhaps they are going to cut some ribbon after I am crowned.

The cat meowed and ran away when he saw Jack approaching with the knife.

"I will cut the top off, and you can do the rest," said Jack's mum.

The pumpkin panicked. CUT THE TOP OFF! What on earth was going on?! I thought they were going to crown me, not cut my head off There has been a terrible mistake.

But then the pumpkin wondered if perhaps, they would have to remove a little from its head so the crown would fit properly. It had never been crowned before, so it wasn't quite sure how it all went.

I guess I can live with a little bit taken off my top, but it's quite undignified. Surely, they should try the crown on me first, to see if it fits, thought the pumpkin.

These people need training in royal duties he thought. They seem like amateurs. I will have to look into this when I am king.

Jack’s mother sliced across the top of the pumpkin. It now felt a little chilly with air rushing inside it.

“I’ll get a spoon,” said Jack.

A SPOON What was he going to do with that? wondered the pumpkin.

When Jack returned, he began scooping out the insides of the pumpkin.

This is an outrage! How can I possibly be king with my head cut off and my insides removed? Next, they will want to eat me, it thought.

Just then Jack’s mother said. “This will make great soup.”

SOUP! I was not born to be made into soup, madam. There has been a terrible mistake. I have been brought to the wrong place. I am sure of it.

Just then, Jack began to carve into the pumpkin creating two holes for the eyes and a hole for the mouth.

Now, I am being cut up into pieces like a lump of meat. When I am king, I will deal with these humans. They will all be put into cages just like those cat creatures.

When Jack had finished preparing the pumpkin, he placed a large candle inside and lit it. Jack's mother placed the top back on.

That’s better, thought the pumpkin. Now, I am feeling a little warmer.

Jack lifted up the pumpkin and brought it out into the front garden. He placed it on a wooden table which was covered with a black cloth.

This is more like it, thought the pumpkin. It looks like I am going to be crowned outside. It makes sense. My royal subjects can bow to me as they pass by.

After a few minutes, a lady walked past with her dog. “What a lovely pumpkin,” she said to Jack.

The pumpkin felt pleased by her comment. No one had admired it before, apart from its mum, of course.

“Happy Halloween,” she said.

“Happy Halloween” replied Jack.

Of course! thought the pumpkin, Happy Halloween must mean AU Hail the King.

Jack left the pumpkin on the table and went back inside the house. Several more people passed by and stopped, and admired the pumpkin that evening.

Several of Jack's friends arrived later carrying coconuts, monkey nuts and chocolate lollipops with pictures of pumpkins on them.

They are arriving a little late, thought the pumpkin. They shouldn’t keep a king waiting. But, better late than never I guess.

More greetings of “Happy Halloween” were exchanged. Some of the kids touched the pumpkin and rubbed its skin. I guess they have never touched a king before thought the pumpkin. I will allow it on this special occasion. Though, royal subjects would not normally be allowed to do such a thing.

As the evening went on, several more people passed by and looked at the pumpkin. Others, however, did not stop to pay their respects. The pumpkin was not happy with this.

Ignoring your king must be against the law. Everyone who passes by should bow and say “Happy Halloween,” it thought.

As the evening turned into night, fewer and fewer folk passed by. By midnight the pumpkin was alone on the table. It had time now to begin planning all the changes it would make to the world, including putting cats in cages. People were not so bad it thought. They just need a little more training.

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