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Kenny Fischer


Story Girl

The story girl will be coming today. So I heard other children saying as we were fetching water at the village stream. She always comes when the farming season is almost over and the only work left is the threshing of the harvests’ grains. I have never seen the story girl before, but I hear she is very beautiful and that she never grows old. The last time she came, I couldn’t join the other children by the Shea trees because I was ill. And at other times, Baba said I was too young to go out at night to listen to stories. “what about my friend, Adama?” I had asked Baba. “she is about my age and her father lets her go.”

“Adama has an older brother” Baba said. “and besides Hajjiya Hauwa always takes them there and bring them back” he added.

So that morning, when I heard that the story girl will be coming to our village, I ran to see Hajjiya Hauwa and pleaded with her to come tell Baba that she will be taking me and Adama to hear the stories. Hajjiya Hauwa promised me that she will come, and that she will also make sure I get to sit in the front row, where I can see the story girl tell her stories. Hajjiya Hauwa is the woman who takes the story girl to all the villages. She has a big house in our village, which is very close to the Shea trees.

When evening came, and the moon was full, Hajjiya Hauwa came to pick me as she promised. I was so happy when I saw her and I ran to tell Baba that Hajjiya Hauwa was around to take me to the stories. Baba gave me three silver coins and said I could go with her. I said thank you to Baba and started to run towards the door. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” I heard Baba calling out to me. That was when I remembered that my hair was not covered. I quickly went back to pick a veil. Then I ran to meet Hajjiya Hauwa. Adama and her brother were with her when I joined them, and together, we headed for the stories by the Shea trees.

Other children were already there when we got to the Shea trees. They were all looking very happy, just like myself, and we were all looking forward to hearing tonight’s story. Hajjiya Hauwa took us to the front row and placed a mat on the floor for us to sit on. “We have never sat in front before,” Adama said, as Hajjiya Hauwa was walking away. “Thanks to you.” she added, and squeezed my hands a little.

Hajjiya Hauwa soon returned with a bowl and started passing it round. Everyone was dropping a silver coin into the bowl, and when the bowl got to us, I quickly took out one of my silver coins and dropped it in the bowl. Then Hajjiya Hauwa came and asked us to be quiet and we all went silent. Then suddenly, she shouted:

Gatana! Gatana ku!”

and everyone shouted

Ta zo mu ji ta!”

which means:

Here she comes! Here she comes!

We wait to hear her!

For a second time, Hajjiya Hauwa shouted:

Gatana! Gatana ku!

And Again, we shouted

Ta zo mu ji ta!”

And for a third time, she shouted with a very loud voice:

Gatana!! Gatanaku!!

And this time we all screamed real loud

Ta zo mu ji ta!!!”

Then colorful balloons started dropping from some of the Shea trees until they formed a small hill in front of us. Then, a beautiful woman crept out from the colorful hill of balloons and all of us started screaming: Story girl! Story girl! The woman that came out from the hill of balloons slowly raised a finger to her lips, and like magic, we all went silent. I looked at her as she walked slowly to her seat by a Shea tree. She sat down and crossed her legs very slowly, and turned and looked at us. She was very beautiful. She then said: today, my name will be Auntie Ginnie. “Are you a Genie?” I asked, and everyone started laughing. “No my dear,” she said. “But if you can stay quiet, I will tell you stories, filled with Genies and princes and dragons and Dujals.”

“What’s a Dujal?” I whispered to Adama’s brother. But before he could answer, we heard a slow dragging Shish sound. It was Auntie Ginnie, she was asking me to be quiet. She had a finger to her lips and she was turning her head from side to side, very, very, slowly. Her eyes, bright as the full moon, were looking straight at mine.

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