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In a beautiful part of the countryside where the grass was green and the trees swayed softly in the cool breeze, there lived a rabbit called “Rey.” He was no ordinary rabbit, for Rey’s mother and father were the king and queen of all the rabbits. Rey had everything he could wish for; he lived in a nice field and was always warm and never hungry. But Rey had something missing which made him very sad and lonely… he had no friends to play with. Everyday Rey would wander around aimlessly looking for something to do. He would try to play but it was no good playing all alone, he desperately wanted some friends. Rey would always stop and look far into the distance at the forest that surrounded his home and wondered what was beyond. His mother always told him “never to go near the forest and to always stay close to home” Rey always did as his mother told him but he could not stop wondering what was on the other side.

One day while his mother and father were asleep, Rey went to play outside. There was nothing to do as usual so he just sat on the grass and relaxed in the warm sunshine. Suddenly Rey noticed a beautiful butterfly sitting on top of a flower, so he carefully crawled through the grass to get a closer look. The butterfly saw Rey and flapped its wings hard, quickly lifting itself into the air where the warm breeze helped it to float upwards. Rey began to chase after it, running backwards and forwards and around in circles. “This is fun” said Rey as he laughed and enjoyed himself for the first time in ages, but in all the excitement Rey never realised he was running further and further away from his home. The butterfly soon flew higher and higher and Rey watched as it flew into the distance. “That was great said Rey as he slowly lay down to catch his breath under the shade of the trees. “Oh no” said Rey as he quickly looked around him “TREES! TREES!” he shouted. He was sitting right on the edge of the forest… the forest where his mother had told him never to go.

Rey jumped up quickly and was about to run back home but suddenly thought to himself “maybe I can have a quick look, mother and father are still asleep and I won’t be long.” Rey quickly glanced across at his home and could see that nobody was watching, so he began to slowly enter the forest.

Rey walked quietly through the forest, the prickly plants and branches were ripping his clothes and he was very scared. “Oh, my clothes” said Rey as he looked down to see all the holes “what will mother say when I get back home?” he said. Rey was very frightened and began to cry. He turned around to go back home but realised he had gone too far into the forest and he couldn't find his way out. Suddenly, he could hear the leaves rustling behind him,Rey stopped dead in his tracks and began to shiver and shake. He was

Terrified “What is it?” “Mother told me never to go into this forest, why didn’t I listen to her?” Rey stood frozen, too scared to look behind him...Scared at what he might see. Then he heard a voice which made him jump “What are you doing in this forest? You shouldn’t be here; it is a very dangerous place.” Rey slowly turned around to see a large centipede leaning on a tree. “Who are you?” said Rey. My name is “Colin” said the centipede and I live in this forest. “Can you help me find my way home? I am cold and hungry and I have ripped all my clothes” said Rey. “I will help you find your way out but first let me take you to my home so you can warm yourself and have something to eat” said Colin.

After a short walk they arrived at Colin's home. Rey had some food and sat near the warm fire while Colin patched Rey’s clothes with some old fabric. Rey asked Colin “why do you live all alone in this forest and what is on the other side?” Colin gave Rey his clothes and said “you do not want to go on the other side of this forest; it is a very bad place, an evil place. That is why I moved away. It would be better for you to go home and stay there.”

Suddenly there was a loud bang on the door, Colin jumped up quickly and peered out through a crack in the door “OH NO!” he shouted “you must hide, now quickly! …QUICK!” yelled Colin as he rushed around trying to find a place for Rey to hide.

Rey asked “who is it?” but Colin was too frightened to answer and pushed Rey into a cupboard and covered him with some old rags. The door burst open and in walked a huge fox.

Colin looked scared “Felix!” said Colin “what are you doing here?” Felix glared at Colin “Did you think you could get away from me? Did you think you could hide from me and I wouldn’t find you? Said Felix “WELL DID YOU!” he shouted.

Colin cowered in the corner “No, no” I didn’t mean to run away and hide, I am sorry, please don’t hurt me.

Felix yelled “You’re coming back with me!” as he grabbed Colin and pushed him towards the door. But just as they were going out into the fresh air Felix turned around fast and his nose quickly started to twitch “WHO ELSE IS HERE?” shouted Felix. “I live alone” said Colin “nobody is here.”

Felix slowly walked around the room, lifting his head while sniffing the air.

He knew somebody was there “RABBIT!” shouted Felix, “I can smell a rabbit.” Just then Rey leapt from the cupboard and ran towards the open door, but Felix was fast and grabbed Rey by his back leg “GOT YOU!” shouted Felix as he lifted Rey into the air and towards his open mouth.

Rey shouted to Colin “HELP ME! HELP ME!”

Felix looked at Rey “Nobody can help you” he said, as he showed Rey his huge sharp teeth that were waiting to bite into him.

Colin shouted “STOP, STOP! You can’t eat him, he’s…he’s a royal rabbit.”

Felix slowly lowered Rey to the floor “Royal rabbit” “How do you know he is a royal rabbit?” …Rey also looked at Colin and wondered how he knew.

Colin walked forward “Look at him closely, see how well-groomed he is and his clothes are made from the finest materials, I knew he was a royal rabbit as soon as I started to patch his clothes.”

Felix rubbed his chin while he closely inspected Rey. “I think I have an idea, it looks like you will be coming with me also; I will take you for ransom.” Felix began to laugh as he grabbed them both and walked slowly out of the door.

Felix held Rey tightly as he walked through the forest; Colin was too scared to run away, he knew Felix might find him again, but he also wanted to stay close to Rey, maybe he could help him escape.

A few hours later they stepped out of the forest and into a clearing, the sun was shining and in the distance, they could see a village. “There it is” said Felix…“Capitavia” Colin started to tremble and looked across towards Rey with fear in his eyes, as they slowly began to walk towards the village.

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