Excerpt for A Closer Look by , available in its entirety at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 Sue Muldowney

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

I was wandering in my garden

When, there was a buggy sound

That’s the thing l like to do

This is what l found

I found a mantis praying

It swayed, like it was in a trance

I decided then, the thing was

They really love to dance

They like to dance and step it up

I’m sure they boogie too!

I can see them all dressed up, stepping out for a party or two

I spied a case moth having lunch

Case moths, are really quite shy

While l watched the case moth, l discovered a thing you can do

If you can be very polite and patient

They love to play peak a boo

Snails move quite slowly

They leave a lovely, silvery trail

They love to chew on this and that

They even love my kale!

I saw a large group of aphids

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