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A New House

For Mrs. Mouse



For my granddaughter,

Zoe Sophia

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2017 W.Wm.Mee

Mrs. Mouse lost her house,

And I’ll tell you the reason why.

But if I do, I’m warning you,

I might just break down and cry.

It happened quite quickly,

An accident; sad but true.

A friend came to visit,

And zap! It was all over,

Before anyone knew!

One warm night in June,

By the light of the moon,

Davy Dragonfly came by.

Now, Davy is a nice

And Davy is kind.

He’s a nice, kind Dragonfly

But his wings beat so fast,

That when he flew past,

Other things started to fly.

Up went the dogs

And up went the cats.

And up went some creatures

Even bigger than that!

There was Cora the Cow,

And her calf, Betty-Jean.

It was the strangest thing

That I’ve ever have seen!

Up, up they went!

Higher and higher,

Blown up by Davy’s big wings.

But what goes up

Must eventually come down;

And down came a whole

Lot of things!

Up went the Otter,

And Sally, the duck’s daughter.

And people Mrs. Mouse hardly knew.

They flew through the air,

Even Bruno the Bear!

And some landed in grandpa’s stew!

And all of this happened

Because Davy flew by,

With the fast beating wings

Of a dragonfly.

Davy came in low,

And the trees bent and shook.

Mrs. Mouse cried out:

What’s that?!’

Then went to the window to look.

That’s when the old boot

She lived in;

The place she’d called ‘home’.

Lifted into the air,

And on the wild wind did roam!

It flew over here,

And if flew over there.

It flew up and down,

It flew everywhere!

The old boot was tossed

This way and that.

It flew by the White Rabbit,

And Alice’s cat.

Then the boot went to the left,

And Mrs. Mouse to the right.

And down she fell,

In a terrible fright.

But Davy was there,

Flying faster than fast!

And he caught Mrs. Mouse,

And saved her at last!

He spread his wings wide,

And slowly went down.

And put Mrs. Mouse safely,

Back on the ground.

I’m sorry’ he said;

I didn’t mean to cause harm.’

I know you didn’t, Davy’,

And she patted his arm.

That old boot was drafty,

And it leaked in the rain.

I’ll be quite glad if I never,

See it again.’

Really?!’ asked Davy.

But it was your place!

But don’t worry’, he said.

With a smile on his face.

There’s an old boothouse I know

Built Harry the Hare.

Hop on my back,

And I’ll take you there!’

So they flew to the boothouse,

Built by Harry the Hare,

And it was all warm and nice,

And she loved it there.

Just the right place

For a fine family of mice!

And so that’s how Mrs. Mouse

Got her new place.

And both Davy and she

Had a smile on their face.

So just you remember,

the next time you see,

A dragonfly fly by,

Think of this story,

And me.

Augustus Tiberius Mouse


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