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Santa’s Little Helper

Now, we all know that Santa’s elves are very little but there is one elf that is even smaller than the regular elves. His name is Tiny. Because Tiny is so little, he likes to wear clothing that is way too big on him. By doing this he thinks it makes him look bigger.

“Tiny,” said Santa, looking down at Tiny’s feet. “You are going to trip on your own boots.”

Tiny’s boots were about five sizes too big for him and he was always tripping over them.

“That is okay Santa,” said Tiny, catching himself from tripping. “I think I look bigger now.”

“Well,” said Santa, looking at Tiny very carefully. “Yes. I must agree that wearing bigger clothes does make you look bigger but you are going to get hurt.”

Tiny went to his workstation in Santa’s workshop and he began putting hair on the dolls that had been completed the day before. Because Tiny was so small, he was able to do a lot of the intricate work because his fingers were so little they could get parts of the toys that no one else could.

“I need you to come here for a moment Tiny,” said Santa later on that same morning. “I seem to have lost a piece of this toy train. Do you mind looking under my table to see if you can find it?”

“Sure,” said Tiny.

Tiny always loved to do special chores for Santa and whenever Santa asked him to do something, Tiny would run as fast as he could.

“Don’t run!” exclaimed Santa. “You are going to hurt yourself.”

However, it was too late. Tiny came running up to Santa just as fast as he could go. He ran so fast that one of his boots ended up falling off. Tiny ended up stepping on the part to the train that Santa wanted him to find.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Santa, watching as Tiny hopped around on one foot. “I take it that you found the part I was missing.”

“Yes,” said Tiny, between clenched teeth. “I sure did Santa.”

Tiny pulled the part to the train out of his sock and handed it to Santa. Santa noticed the grimace on Tiny’s face.

“Tiny,” said Santa. “You didn’t hurt yourself, now did you?”

“Oh no!” exclaimed Tiny, clenching his teeth even more. “Not at all.”

“Are you sure?” asked Santa. “You wouldn’t be lying to me? Now would you?”

Tiny couldn’t lie to Santa. He knew Santa would see right through his lie.

“Santa,” said Tiny, sitting down on a bench up against the wall. “I did hurt my foot.”

Santa went over to the bench and bent down. He pulled Tiny’s sock off his left foot and he saw that Tiny’s foot was swollen.

“Tiny,” said Santa. “You must get to the elf hospital. You have really injured yourself.”

Tiny went to the hospital, much against his wishes. He wanted to stay and get some more work done for Santa. He had an x-ray done on his foot and it appeared he had just sprained it.

“Now Tiny,” said Santa, once Tiny’s foot was healed. “I don’t care what else you wear, but you have to wear these proper sized boots.”

Santa handed Tiny a pair of boots made specifically for Tiny’s small feet.

“Okay,” said Tiny, not ever wanting to hurt his foot again. “I will, I promise.”

Tiny wore his proper sized boots but everything else he wore was still much too big for him. Santa was pleased though. He just didn’t want Tiny, or any of his elves, to be hurt.

Toy Making Safety

Santa Claus was getting ready to lock up the workshop and head to his house when he heard a scream coming from the back corner of the workshop.

“Ouch!!!,” heard Santa.

Santa walked back to the back corner of the workshop and he saw Davis and Delilah working together on a toy truck. Davis had a hammer in his hand and Delilah was holding two pieces of wood together. Davis proceeded to hammer the two pieces together and he accidentally hit Delilah’s fingers.

“Ouch!!!” screamed Delilah in pain.

“Oh my!” exclaimed Santa, taking the hammer away from Davis. “What the devil are you two doing?”

“Oh please don’t take my hammer away,” said Davis. “I need it to finish this toy truck.”

“I think Delilah needs her fingers more though,” said Santa. “I don’t understand why you are not using the clamps to hold the two pieces of wood together like I explained to you yesterday.”

“I thought you said hands,” said Davis. “Not clamps.”

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Santa, shaking his head. “So you decided to use Delilah’s hands instead?”

“Yes,” said Davis, hanging his head in shame. “What have I done? I have hurt Delilah.”

“Actually,” said Delilah. “My hand isn’t hurt. When I yelled ouch, it was just the thought of the hammer hitting me that made me scream like that.”

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