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Mrs. Claus Makes the Best Peppermint Tea

A New Workshop for Santa’s Elves

The Magical Snowman

Santa Claus Knows Everything

A Christmas Gift for All

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Mrs. Claus Makes the Best Peppermint Tea

It was Christmas Eve and Santa was in the workshop with his elves. They were packing up the gifts into Santa’s sleigh, while Santa was changing into his red suit and black boots. Once Santa was dressed, he stood in the workshop and took a good look at the elves.

“You elves have done a wonderful job again this Christmas,” said Santa. “I don’t know what I would do without you. You have all been working so hard and you have also worked so well together.”

“Thank you Santa,” said Mickey Elf. “We love working for you.”

“Good,” said Santa. “Now you all go and enjoy your Christmas Eve because we will back to work as normal the day after tomorrow.”

“Achooo!” exclaimed Barney Elf.

“Oh dear!” exclaimed Santa. “Are you elves getting the flu?”

“No Santa,” said Barney Elf. “We aren’t sick at all.”

“Let me take a look at you,” said Santa, feeling Barney’s forehead and then Mickey’s forehead too. “Oh dear! You are all coming down with the flu. Off to bed the lot of you!”

Santa went into his house and asked Mrs. Claus if she would take care of the sick elves while he went on his journey to deliver all the gifts to the good little boys and girls all around the world.

“I have just the cure for them,” said Mrs. Claus, stirring a big pot of her famous peppermint tea.

“Good,” said Santa, kissing Mrs. Claus on the cheek and heading off in the sleigh.

Mrs. Claus took her peppermint tea into the workshop and prepared each of the elves a big cup of it.

“I think I feel better already,” said Mickey.

“Me too,” said Barney.

All the rest of the elves felt better as well.

“That is good,” said Mrs. Claus. “Now all of you are going to get to bed and you will all feel so much better in the morning.”

The elves had a good night sleep and the next morning, Christmas morning, Mrs. Claus had a gift for each of the elves. She had worked on making them each a sweater and a pair of slippers.

“Now we won’t get sick again for the rest of this year!” exclaimed Mickey, loving his new sweater and slippers.

“Good,” said Mrs. Claus. “Santa needs your help and he can’t afford to have you all sick.”

“That is right!” exclaimed a jolly but tired voice.

“Santa!” exclaimed Mickey. “You are home from your long journey. We are all feeling much better now.”

“Good,” said Santa. “I am giving you an extra day off. We will go back to work the day after tomorrow.”

“Hooray!” exclaimed Barney.

Mrs. Claus prepared the Christmas dinner while Santa went for a much deserved nap. When he got up, all the elves were invited up for Christmas dinner.

“Now,” said Santa. “No more getting sick on me! I need you elves.”

“Yes,” said Mickey. “We promise!”

“Good,” said Santa, laughing. “That is what I like to hear!”

A New Workshop for Santa’s Elves

“Guess what elves!” exclaimed Santa just after the Christmas season was over. “We are going to build a brand new workshop for you this year.”

“Really!” exclaimed Harold, one of the elves. “We have wanted a new workshop for years! We have to keep up with the times.”

“If you mean that we are going to get computerized equipment,” said Santa. “That will never happen.”

“Why not Santa?” asked David, another of the elves. “We could build the toys in half the time.”

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