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By Agnes Musa

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Chapter 1

Mrs Banks was so happy, so very, very happy, tears of joy gushed right out of her eyes. Yes, yes they did. Buckets and buckets of them.

“Eh, eh, did you, did you hear that honey?” Mrs Banks enthused to an equally delighted Mr. Banks.

“Every word of it. Every single word of it, honey.” Mr. Banks said, wiping the corners of his own teary eyes.

“Heard each and every word of it.” Mr. Banks again said. “Every word.”

And all this, because the Banks, after trying to teach eight young people to save some of their pocket money… in case of a rainy day, finally, finally seemed to be getting somewhere.

This was notwithstanding the fact that none of the young people, were keen to hear that they had to save their pocket money for a rainy day. Not keen at all, at all.

“Save for a rainy day?” Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg said. “Save for a rainy day? Please!”

Nor did the young people appear afraid of the Banks. Or their strange house. Or the way they were brought to it. Not at all, at all, at all!

So, not surprising, none of the words said, not a single thing the banks said or did seemed to work … so far.

Well, not a thing worked, until these five minutes past when… everything sort of, changed.

Maybe it was the green forest cake or the strange looking yellow and black tasty sweet eats Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg had just eaten.


Truth be told, the short and the long of it was that the last half hour changed everything. Yes sir, it did, and, it went something like this….

It was right when Mr. Banks stood up. That moment when he turned his head back, stopped, took a step back and another, and then paused, only to continue.

“You spend all of your pocket money but none of you know why you should save for a rainy day?” The booming sound of Mr. Bank’s voice was louder than lighting and thunder.

At this, Mrs Banks laughed, or rather, made a noise that was something of a cross between a shrill and the sound of a banshee.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg stood quite still.

Close up to Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg’s eight faces, you observed the funny, funny expressions on all their otherwise sweet, innocent, cute, little faces.

Save their pocket money for a rainy day? Save their pocket money for a rainy day? Save their pocket money for a rainy day?


Pocket money made today better.

It was money for the pocket. Money for the pocket, for the day, today.

Money, for the pocket, for the day, today, to spend, not to keep, or save. At least, that is what went on in Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg’s minds.

Until a bell rang. Mrs Banks got up to her feet in flash fast time.

“Saved by the bell. Saved by the bell. Saved by the bell. Saved by the bell.

Saved by the bell, you, you, little dontknowwhattocallyous.” Mrs Banks said, so softly it was hard to tell if she said it at all.

Did Mrs Banks say that six times, six times, all the while making her way to the tea trolley? It was hard to say, considering how fast she said her words, and moved.

And once Mrs Banks got to the tea trolley, she grabbed four cups and made tea in super-fast time. She then heaped four plates till they were very, very full of sweet eats.

“Don't just sit there,” Mrs Banks cried out in her super silky throaty, lovely and lulling voice.

“I serve Mr. Banks only.” She said, balancing four plates of sweet eats and four cups of tea in her two hands.

“All of you get no tea unless you bring your small shallow bottoms here to help yourselves.”

The young people laughed carefully.

Mrs Banks tut tatted, tut tatted and tut tatted. The young people carefully laughed some. Mrs Banks quadruple tut tatted and then, it looked like she would fall from all that tut tatting.

She spoke.

“Now listen to me all you small people with shallow bottoms!” Mrs Banks said.

“If I fall and hurt myself, it will be on each and every one of you.” Mrs Banks stressed each syllable of the words.

The young people looked at her, their faces registering a little disbelief.

“You, and I mean you, small people with no idea how to save your pocket money for a rainy day, think on that for a good full minute.”

As she said this, she used her middle fingers to point at the children. The fingers somehow did not seem to be carrying anything at all, at all.

“I said, if I fall and hurt myself, it will be on all of you!”

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg stopped staring, made as if to laugh, only to stare at Mrs Banks.

“Come, come honey!” Mr. Banks’s sudden laughing loud voice, heartily said. “You know you have the very best balance in the world and so, you, my dear, will never fall!”

“Huh!” Mrs Banks said, looking at Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg. “Huh! Huh! Huh, and Huh!”

“Hey honey.” Mr. Banks said. “Don’t mind at all, at all, if these, these small people who don’t save any of their pocket money laugh at you.”

“Grrrrrr! Grrrrrr! Grrrrrr! And double Grrrrrr!” Mrs Banks made the noise with her teeth.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg could not help but laugh.

“Come here dear.” Mr. Banks gently suggested. “Do let us have tea while it is still piping.”

And at that, Mrs Banks smiled coyly at Mr. Banks and served his tea.

Mr. Banks carefully took one long loud sip from two of the tea cups, all at once, and then looked at the eight boys and girls thoughtfully.

“You, you small people” He said kindly. “I really think that you ought to stop laughing at my dear darling first lady here.”

Mrs Banks smiled.

“And, instead, may I strongly suggest that you all try the sweet eats?” Mr. Banks said.

“You, best enjoy them too, because well, we sure tried but darn if I myself now don’t have to say no matter how hard we did, and we did try very, very, very, very hard, we could not, and we cannot make you see why you should save some of your pocket money!”

“Oh the shame of it, the very, very, shame, shame, shame, shame of it!” Mrs Banks exclaimed.

All the eight children looked at, and listened to Mr. and Mrs Banks.

“To think we have never, ever, ever, ever failed before. Ever, ever!” Mrs Banks said this, her lovely throaty and lulling voice, now almost screeching.

“And now? Look at you eight!” Mr. Banks said, in a most baffled voice.

“You cannot save any of your pocket money! What is worse, you don’t want to!” Mr. Banks said.

“Oh no, not these eight. They most certainly don’t want to.” Mrs Banks said.

“Do you know what really, really saddens, and hurts me?” Mr. Banks asked.

“Go right on and tell them honey. Let it all out of your system. Tell them love.” Mrs Banks said. Mr. Banks cleared his throat.

“Why on earth, is it that you will not even hear of it? Not even hear of it?”

“Yes, yes dear husband. It is indeed a great shame that these eight will not even hear of it.”

Mrs Banks took up where her husband left off. “And I, think I know why they will not even hear of saving a penny, a cent, a dime or a shilling, dear.”

“Do you honey? Do you really, really know why?” Mr. Banks asked swiftly, looking up hopefully to his wife.

“Yes, yes, I know why we failed, dear husband.” Mrs Banks stated matter of fact.

“Pray tell. Tell, tell, tell? Please honey. Tell me quickly please.” Mr. Banks implored.

“Can’t you see my love?” Mrs Banks’ voice dropped an octave as she moved closer to Mr. Banks.

“See what love?”

“That it is patently clear the eight little ones’ shallow bottoms? Yes? Yes? Yes? Their very, very shallow bottoms are responsible!”

“Their shallow bottoms? Their shallow bottoms?” Mr. Banks asked, winking at Mrs Banks as she gave him his second lot of two cups of tea.

“Now, come, come dear. Even shallow bottoms have a little foresight.” Mr. Banks said authoritatively.

“But dear …?” Mrs Banks said.

“Forgive me, honey, for failing to see how these eight and their failure to save even a little of their pocket money could possibly, possibly, be the responsibility of their very own shallow bottoms.”

“But, but, but surely honey…?” Mrs Banks whispered.

“Hush my love. Pray, let us let the shallow bottoms be. There is a first time for everything! Yes, yes, a very first time for everything, even failure.” Mr. Banks said.

“Oh my word!” Mrs Banks said out loud. “To think, we, have never failed. Never, ever, ever!”

“There, there, shhhh my love. Even I, must say, I never thought that we would ever live to see this, this phenomena called failure come our way dear, darling Mrs Banks, but …..”

Mr. Banks let out the loudest, most pitiful sigh ever.

“Now you young people, I suggest you all go on and best try the green forest cake. I know that it is by far better than all the other treats.”

Mr. Banks said this sadly, and then, he suddenly stopped drinking the tea in his two tea cups.

Carefully, Mr. Banks dunked two pieces of cake in both cups, and pulled out the moist cake gently to his mouth.

Slowly, he ate the cake, drank tea from the two cups all at once, finished drinking the tea, ate the cups, and then munched the two saucers.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg’s eyes bulged in amazement.

“Did you, did you see that?” Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg shouted all at once.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Mrs Banks answered in a long suffering sounding voice.

“He, he, he ate the cups and the saucers!” Meg exclaimed. “I saw that!”

“Yes, yes, yes cutey cutes, that he did because you upset him.” Mrs Banks said, rolling her eyes upwards in exasperation. “Still, I fail to see what the big deal is?”

“But, but, but, you, you just don’t eat cups and saucers!” Fiona exclaimed.

Mrs Banks sighed, looking each of the eight children in the eye.

“If you fail to do something here, you eat cups and saucers.” Mrs Banks said.

“Don’t they, don’t they make you all sick or something?” Janet asked.

Mrs Banks looked at Janet, then noticing her expression on all the other children’s faces as well, she sat up straight to face them all.

“Please little people? First, none of you want to hear of saving any of your pocket money. And now, can’t you even tell that the cups and saucers, are made of chocolate?”

Mrs Banks’ voice had a long suffering sound.

Did she say chocolate cups and saucers? Chocolate that did not melt when they put hot tea in it?

Now that, Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg had to try!

In a mad rush, they went to the tea trolley, all thought of the day’s events and all the imploring to save pocket money, and that, that, that lunch immediately forgotten!

Yes, even thoughts of that, that lunch!

That lunch, that long, light, light meal full of nothing to talk of …

Save for how the Banks looked at the lunch bill and passed it up one side of the table and down the other?

Again, again, again, again and yet again? Well, that had been something.

“I think I will try this.” Janet said, helping herself to some sweet that looked like soufflé.

“And I pick this, this chocolate cup and the saucer.” Leora said, also adding to her plate, a sweet cut out like eight starry eyes.

Yes, Leora looked again. The sweet was indeed cut out like eight starry eyes.

“I’ll start with these six crab shaped tarts.” Barry said, heaping the six onto his plate. “If they’re any good, I’ll have ten more, and that’s just for starters.”

Jarmaine, Leora, David, Fiona, Floyd, Janet, and Meg thought Barry was joking, till he opened his small cute mouth - and started eating.

Barry ate first one, then stuffed six more of the small yellow and black tarts incredibly fast into his cute small mouth.

“This is awesome!” Barry said, with a full mouth. His hands gently rubbed his tummy.

“Grrrrr.” That sound came out of Barry. “I sure could get used to living here.”

Jarmaine, Leora, David, Fiona, Floyd, Janet, and Meg all looked at Barry as he again helped himself to two full plates of sweet eats. Barry now danced as he ate.

They all burst out laughing.

As Mr. and Mrs Banks looked at the young laughing people, something happened. Light bulb! Yes, yes, yes. Light bulb, as in Mr. Gru’s light bulb? Yes? That very one.

Mr. Banks spoke.

“If you will all pardon me young people? Seems like all of you, are enjoying these tasty treats?” Mr. Banks loudly noted.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg paid him little attention, save for a nod of head here or there.

“Well, I suppose we all still remember that Mrs Banks and I gave you young people a light lunch today, true?” Mr. Banks, undaunted and ever relentless, asked.

“Mr. Banks, are you actually calling that none event lunch?” Barry asked.

Jarmaine, Leora, David, Fiona, Floyd, Janet, and Meg laughed. Mr. and Mrs Banks did not.

“I suppose you can all very well think what you may of the food, but, it was lunch.” Mrs Banks said with pomp and dignity.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg shrugged.

“Well, we could have spent all the money on lunch, giving you a single meal.” Mr. Banks continued, casting a grateful and loving look at his wife.

“But we did not do that. No, no, no, indeed, we did not. Instead, what did we do? I’ll tell you all. We saved some of that lunch money.”

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg continued eating, while listening to Mr. Banks with half an ear, just in case.

“So, would any of you care to know why we saved?” Mr. Banks asked.

Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg did not answer, all their teeth deeply embedded in one sweet or the other.

Their thoughts and attention were bent on indulging their appetites.

“Well,” Mr. Banks continued, looking each child directly in the eye. “We saved, so we could use the money to do something else.”

The children continued eating, just paying enough attention to keep track of what was going on.

“And that something else is what all of you, are now enjoying!” Mrs Banks, quick to read her husband, loudly spoke up.

Maybe it was the way she said the words.

Or the particular taste of the food at that moment, as her words flowed over it because immediately after Mrs Banks spoke, Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg stopped eating.

The moment turned magic. The magic created by moments of realisation. The moment of eureka.

“Wow!” All the eight children said in unison.

“So, so, you saved money on lunch so you could give us this, this amazing tea?” Janet exclaimed.

“Golly wolly goo, wow and double wow!” Janet went on. “Then saving money is actually good!”

“Yes, yes, yes, it is.” Mr. Banks said out loud.

“And I, for one, am totally grateful that the money saved from the, eh, not so, so nice lunch actually got us this tea!” Barry added.

“Yes, yes my darling, dear, dearest, sweet, sweet cute angels.” Mrs Banks, smiling from ear to ear, now said.

“In that case, I shall have seven more yellow and black tarts.” Barry said going once more to the trolley and helping himself.

All the young people laughed, suddenly glad to finally get what Mr. and Mrs Banks had been trying to tell them all day.

It was now, so, so totally crystal clear.

They could all now see that saving money, some money, was good!

“Thank you for the best tea ever Mr. and Mrs Banks.” Janet said. “It is very kind of you!”

“Not kind of us dear.” Mrs Banks told Janet. “Not kind, but very, very careful about saving, and how we use money.”

“I’m telling you young darlings, we two, have always been careful to save, for a rainy day.” Mr. Banks audibly whispered.

“That is why, today, like all the other days of our very organised lives, we chose not to spend all the money one time, and instead what did we do?”

“You saved and got us a great tea!” Floyd, Leora, David, Janet, Barry, Fiona, Jarmaine, and Meg said in unison.

“Well done! Well done!” Mr. and Mrs Banks said together. They were oh so, so very, very happy now.

“Guys, tell you what? If I start saving part of my own pocket money,” Leora said laughing, “I shall hold the party I want for all my friends in no time at all!”

“Yes, yes Leora.” A smiling Mr. Banks agreed. “And, the very best part is that, all of you can start today and save some of your pocket money.”

“Can I, can I really start saving today?” Fiona asked.

“Yes, yes you can dearest.” Mrs Banks answered. “So, will you do it?”

“Yes, yes, I think I will.” Fiona replied. “My parents give me enough pocket money to spend and every day, I’m left with ten cents. I can save that.” Fiona told everyone.

“That’s it! That, is what Mr. Banks and I have been trying to tell you all along!” Mrs Banks said ecstatically.

“So, if you keep ten cents, and another ten cents, and another ten cents, and another, and so on, and so on, what will happen?” Mr. Banks asked.

“The amount of money you save will grow!” David answered.

“Excellent, excellent! Very well done!” Mr. and Mrs Banks said.

“And, all of you have no idea what cool gadgets I’m going to add to my games now that I know about saving money!” A happy Jarmaine told everyone.

“And I, don’t have to wait for my mother or father to buy my games anymore if I save part of my own pocket money.” Floyd added.

“Guys, I’m going to save and grow my own money!” Barry said, laughing.

It was at this point that Mr. Banks handed Mrs Banks a handkerchief. She was so happy, so happy tears of joy gushed out of her eyes.

“Did you hear that honey?” Mrs Banks asked Mr. Banks.

Mr. Banks looked at Mrs Banks and back to the eight young people.

Now, he could not, for the life of him, get why these eight had given him and his dear wife such a hard day.

To think how hard, very, very hard the day had been.

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