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Mister Spunky and Farley

(Based, roughly, on a true story.)

Kelly Preston

Copyright © 2017 Kelly Preston

All rights reserved.

ISBN:  1546357339

ISBN-13: 978-1546357339


I would like to take this time to give praise and thanks to God.  God has blessed me yet with another beautiful angel, Farley; God, thank you for trusting me with his life and providing me the resources to aid him in fighting cancer.  I would also like to take this time and give a dedication to those may be fighting a serious illness and to the caretakers. You are not alone in the fight!

To my sister, Colleen, you are my number one fan and I love you sis! You believing in me, gives me the courage to go out and make dreams come true.

Dr. Payton, thank you for the exceptional care that you have provided to help Farley thrive with his lymphoma. And, to the incredible team of doctors, assistants, and staff at Arrow Animal Hospital; each one of you are amazing and truly blessed to have you on Farley’s care team.

As the saying goes, “it takes a village” and that is what Farley has, a village of supporters, fans and cheerleaders from around the world. To each of you, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for him!

A special dedication goes out to Corridor Therapy Dogs, for all the work you do in schools, libraries, hospitals, care centers, and other facilities needing therapy animals. Enriching young students with learning challenges overcome those obstacles with therapy dogs right by these children’s sides.  Thank you for your dedicated work.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Corridor Therapy Dogs, assisting children and adults with reading and other learning challenges.



Editor In Chief: Jerry Payne


Illustrations and Cover Design: Magical Creations Studio


Photography: Heather Martin


Corridor Therapy Dogs

Dedicated to enriching the lives of others

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