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Nicu – The Littlest Vampire


‘Dead Again

Book Four


Elias Zapple

Illustrated by Reimarie Cabalu

Copyright Elias Zapple, 2015

Smashwords Edition


This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons or vampires, living or dead or undead, is purely coincidental.



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Chapter One - Chasing Squirrels

Chapter Two - All is Normal

Chapter Three - A Bit of a Surprise

Chapter Four - Funeral

Chapter Five - Vamlock

Chapter Six - Swallow Your Losses

Chapter Seven - Empty

Chapter Eight - Sleuthing

Chapter Nine - Garlic

Chapter Ten - Conundrum

Chapter Eleven - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Piping Hot

Chapter Twelve Goodbye, and Thanks for all the Slaps

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Chasing Squirrels

Just outside the medieval village of Biertan, in a valley of the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, was a forest filled with leafy tree after leafy tree. A freshwater river ran through it and the moon high above was shining down providing enough light for Florin, Felix and Nicu to play chase the squirrel. The game involved trying to chase a red squirrel and the winner that caught the bushy tailed squirrel would get to drink its blood like it was a carton of apple juice. Apple juice that was red. And a little thick.

Florin was more than back to his normal self, in fact he was about three times as big as what was typical for a ten year-old boy vampire and running around after an acrobatic squirrel was taking its toll. He was drenched in sweat and lumbered around as if his shoes were made of very heavy metal. “I cant run anymore. Just gimme it when you catch him, Felix.

Nicu raced up a tree and swung from a branch then dived for the reddish, orange squirrel but missed and fell to the ground, managing to turn into a little, speckled brown sparrow and fly up into the air then land in front of Florin. Fatso, youre not getting anything unless you catch him first.

“Id give it to you if I caught the squirrel.

No you wouldnt, you greedy guts. Its amazing enough that you didn’t die again when you went weeks without drinking humans’ blood, and yet you’re not just undead but bigger than ever.

I have a great body.

Great as in huge.

Florin got to his feet once more and staggered forward. He pointed. “Its there!Florin raced forward with his last breath, eyes focused on the prize, not seeing Felix coming towards him from the other-side, eyes also focused on the squirrel. The squirrel turned this way and that, it seemed to be in two minds where to go. “Ive got…”

Bang! Florin and Felix collided, heads banging together with Felix being launched against a massive oak tree. Felix – the goofy, skinny very moveable object was no match for Florin the freight-train like immovable object. Florin fell onto his bottom, sitting upright as Felix leaned up against a tree, his eyes going round like super fast ferris wheels.

You alright, Felix?” Nicu put a hand onto Felixs shoulder. He didnt look all right at all not that Felix ever looked all right.

“Im seeing stars and birds that are going cheep. Theyre only five a piece. We should get some.

Florin came over. “Hes fine then.

How is he fine? Nothing he said makes sense.Nicu crouched down and stared right into Felixs eyes. They were vacant and it looked as though nothing was going on behind his eyes. That seemed about right.

Nothing he says ever makes sense.

“Youre right. Felix, get up.” Nicu shook Felix.

Hello Nicu, Im Felix. Whats your name?

Florin brought Felix to his feet. I shouldve drunk all your blood when I was bloodthirsty.

What? No, you shouldnt Florin. If you had killed Felix then they wouldve killed you.

Oh, guess youre right.

“Its lucky Felix is scared of vampires and saw his reflection in the metal bars otherwise we wouldnt have been able to stop you.

Vampires are bad.Felix shook his head. Drinking blood, eating lovely whales…”

Vampires don’t eat whales, ditsy,” Florin said.

“Dont they?Felix crouched down and picked up an ant. Hello Mr Ant.

“You dont.” Florin tugged at his hair.

Mr Ant is a busy ant, arent you Mr Ant? Watching it crawl all over Felix’s hand.

Nicu put a brave smile on. How would Felix react? Felix, youre a vampire.

“Im not a vampire.

You are a vampire!Florin threw some rocks against a tree.

“Im a what, what?

A vampire!

“Agh!” Felix screamed then collapsed to the ground.

I shouldve drunk all his blood,” said Florin.

“Maybe.” The sky was getting lighter to a navy blue colour. Nicu shook Felix awake again and then Nicu turned into a sparrow and flew away with Florin and Felix joining him in the pre-dawn sky.

All is Normal

Sunset was a couple of hours away and the town of Biertan was bustling with people going about their everyday business. A baker selling the last of his bread, a butcher flogging some of his remaining cuts of meat, a haberdasher selling cotton and thread with which to make dresses. Some people were going home and some going to church. On a cobbled road, some girls played hopscotch outside of a church whilst most of the boys kicked a ball around trying to keep it from one particular girl. The girl then nicked it off them, dribbled past each one and scored a goal. Golazo!

At Nicus crooked, door-less house with its black roof, crooked steps, garden of brown, rotting grass and dead trees, all was calm. So calm and quiet in fact that you could hear a blind ant scream that had wandered into a firepit. The only other noise was the occasional banging of a window that had been left open and was now opening and shutting at the behest of the wind.

The sky got darker and darker casting a shadow over the house and the land. The shadow crept up to a hill behind the house and it all started getting eerie. It was close to the time for the vampires to wake.

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