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The Secret of the Dead Stone

A Summer Camp Mystery Kids Adventure


Ginny Lassiter

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Chapter 1

The kids from Miss Shoe’s Orphanage have been together their whole life and are more like a family than just five roommates. Each year they spend their summer vacation volunteering for non-profit groups like the local Animal Shelter or at National Parks. This year, Miss Shoe signed them up to spend a night inside the Egyptian Historical Museum - sleeping inside a pyramid!

“I can’t believe we get to spend the night inside a real pyramid!” Scotty cried.

“It’s gonna be the Best Night Ever!” Carter shouted as he jokingly shoved Scotty’s shoulder.

“All right people,” Grace whispered and narrowed her eyes at the two boys. “This is a museum…so keep your voices down!”

“I know but, seriously?!” Scotty and Carter turned in a circle to stare at the entrance to the giant pyramid.

The museum pyramid is not as big as the real pyramids in Egypt, but it still stands at about 50 feet tall. It has underground tunnels and a maze of passages and chambers that are exact copies of the inside of real pyramids! It even has Egyptian hieroglyphs - picture stories left by the Egyptians.

“Welcome to the City of the Dead!” Madison announced with a dramatic sweep of her arms. She and Tyler walked up and dropped their backpacks beside the pile of multicolored sleeping bags. The two had just returned from the museum information counter to get a map of the pyramid.

“Looks like there are a lot of places to get lost,” Grace murmured as she peered over Madison’s shoulder to look at the twisting tunnels and dead end turns.

“Yeah,” Tyler nodded. “That’s why the guy at the counter said to wait here for the museum curator. She’s busy talking with some news reporters but her daughter is going to show us where to set up our sleeping bags,” he explained.

Scotty reached for the map and passed his ham and cheese sandwich to Carter. “This is a lot bigger than I thought,” he swallowed with a loud gulp.

Carter strained to get a closer look. “And the tunnels look a whole lot darker,” he worried.

The loud sounds of people moving throughout the gift shop and snack bar were starting to fade as guests began to gather and make their way to the front of the museum. Kids carrying stuffed mummies and eating popcorn walked excitedly toward the parking lot as they talked about Egyptian pharaohs, empty tombs, and grave robbers!

Taking a bite of the ham and cheese and talking around a mouthful, Carter asked, “What’s a museum curator?”

“A museum curator is like a store manager,” Scotty boasted. “Except the curator runs a museum instead of a store.”

“You’re right!” an athletic girl answered as she walked up to the group. “I’m Kara Price,” she said in a clear voice. “My mom’s the curator here.”

Kara had long, curly, black hair that she wore braided and tucked under a blue and red baseball cap. Like Grace and Madison, she wore jeans and a T-shirt. But Kara’s shirt sported a picture of a Mummy wearing dark sunglasses and saying, Theodore Thornton’s Egyptian Gifts and Souvenir Shop - Get wrapped up at Theodore’s!

Grace stepped forward and held out her hand and smiled, “I’m Grace and this is Madison,” Madison waved hello.

“Hi Kara, I’m Tyler and those two 9 year olds staring at the pyramid are Scotty and Carter,” he chuckled.

“It’s nice to meet you all,” Kara replied. “From the looks of the sleeping bags and backpacks, I guess you’re the group that’s camping in the pyramid tonight. I’ll be your guide, so you can start by picking up your gear and following me!”

Chapter 2

Kara and the group of campers had just finished gathering all their stuff when an ‘Employees Only’ door opened and a woman with curly black hair and glasses stepped into the museum lobby. She was walking with 2 news reporters carrying small notebooks and one carried his phone in his hand. Seeing Kara and the kids, she turned and walked over to where the small group had gathered.

“Hi mom!” Kara called out. “These are the kids who are camping out tonight. I thought I’d take them into the pyramid and show them where to set up their sleeping bags.” Kara gave her mom a quick hug.

“That’s great, honey,” Kara’s mom grinned. “I’m Katrina Price - Curator of the museum. You must be the group from Ms. Shoe’s,” she scanned five sets of eyes.

“Yes, ma’am,” Grace answered excitedly. “We can’t wait to see inside the pyramid!”

“Perfect!” Ms. Price said. “We’ve been fortunate to be able to collect many Egyptian artifacts and to have this pyramid built to display them! I think you’re going to have a great adventure tonight! In fact, Kara, why don’t you take the kids to the New Records Room. They might enjoy seeing The Dead Stone even though it’s not ready to display yet.”

“Sweet!” Scotty cried. “I’ve always wanted to see The Dead Stone!”

“Well, we just uncovered it 4 months ago,” Ms. Price said playfully.

“Oh, well ….” Scotty adjusted his sleeping bag and squeaked, “What exactly is The Dead Stone?”

“The Dead Stone is a carved stone tablet that was found hidden in the City of the Dead in Egypt. Some archaeologists believe that it was made by a High Priest named Imhotep. He was a genius and also the Engineer who designed the first pyramid,” Ms. Price explained.

“The mysterious part about Imhotep,” Kara added excitedly, “Is that even after his death, when ancient Egyptians began worshipping him as a god, his burial tomb was never found!” “The Dead Stone has Hieroglyphs -picture words- that some say are clues left by Imhotep so that his tomb could one day be uncovered - it could even be called a map!”

“Pardon me, Ms. Price, but I thought the Committee of Archaeologists haven’t made a decision on whether The Dead Stone is actually a map or if it’s just a picture of everyday life,” the reporter questioned.

“Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Paterson,” Ms. Price began. “Kids, this is Mr. Paterson and Mr. Crane from the educational magazine Loads of Learning - L.O.L. for short,” she smiled.

“L.O.L.?” Grace and Madison giggled.

“It stands for Loads of Learning,” Mr. Crane said sharply.

“Of course,” Kara shared a smile with Grace and Madison.

“You’re right, we haven’t made a formal announcement yet,” Ms. Price continued. “But after my own careful research I’m confident that The Dead Stone does contain clues to the location of Imhotep’s tomb. I’m just not ready to make that announcement yet since we haven’t properly protected the Stone here at the museum.”

“The Dead Stone is actually here at the museum?” Mr. Crane insisted?

“Well, yes….” Ms. Price said hesitantly.

“We would love to see it,” Mr. Paterson blurted. “I mean, we would love to see it if you had time,” he corrected quickly.

“I guess that would be alright.” Ms. Price replied. “You did say that your article about the Museum wouldn’t come out for another month? That would give us plenty of time to install the new security system.”

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