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My Second Lover


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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This book is based on a news item published few years back where a herd of elephants saved the lives of many persons in a similar circumstances in Assam as I described in this book. Some portions of the book is based on my childhood memories of riding on elephants without saddle and offering of rice and paddy to the visiting elephants to my parental home. I try to project the news item to a true love story between a person and female jumbo. Hope my readers will like the love story between a man and an animal.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all. I am also thankful to Google for taking few pictures of elephants from their website.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


Chapter I: She was my second lover

I fell in love with her much before I attained the age of thirteen. She was big enough to carry me on her back comfortably. She was ash black with comparative very small eyes. I wondered how she can see the world with two small eyes. My mother used to tell me she was very intelligent who can remember a person for hundred years. Her walking was an envy for all of us. When she runs, whole world shakes! She was about thirty years when we first meet.

When I was young she used to visit our parental home quite often. I loved her visit. My father used to give her few banana trees for her lunch or dinner. In lieu of that my elder brother and I used to ride on her for few minutes. Though it was interesting to see the world from a height of ten feet from a moving jumbo, it was also very scary. After getting down from her back, we felt lot of pain in our stretched young legs for few hours (she was never saddled for a comfortable ride). But the pain did not deter us from our next ride on the magnificent female elephant. I used to envy the Mahut who looked like a dwarf on the back of the black lady for his controlling power on her with mere movements of his legs.

My mother used to give us handful of rice to feed her. Both of us, my brother and I enjoyed her efficacy in taking the rice from our little palms with her huge trunk.

The Mahut used to like her very much like his own sister. He gave two huge steel earrings with few small bells which used to give some soothing sounds for the ears of the passersby.

Those are my memories about the female jumbo I used to ride on a young village boy.

Chapter II: She was left in the Jungle

Once I passed my matriculation and I had to leave my green village for good. I seldom saw the black lady moving around our village during my occasional visits to my village during college vacations.

During one of my visits after joining to service, I met the Mahut of the black lady on foot. I enquired about the black lady, I was to adore.

He told me, ‘The owner of the black lady died few years back. Now Government has banned catching of elephants from the forests and cutting of log has also been banned by the Government. The son of the owner joined a Government service and left the village. Though he told me to look after the elephant as owner of the elephant, how can I afford an elephant? Now a days, none gives a banana tree free of cost like your father used to give us. Therefore one day, I left the elephant in the jungle from where from she was picked up few decades ago. I do not know the fate of the elephant. If she was welcomed by other elephants she may be alive; otherwise she may not be alive today. I have no idea about her wellbeing once I left her two years ago. Now I become a daily labourer.’

I saw few drops of tears in his eyes, but I could not find any appropriate word to console the old man. I put a hundred Rupee note in his hand and left the place with a heavy heart.

Chapter III: Shock of the Life

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