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Rattles Doesn’t Like Santa Cat


It started out innocent. Rattles was enjoying her first Christmas batting balls off the tree when suddenly, there was a commotion!

The girls burst into the room excited. It was Christmas Eve, and they kept talking about Santa coming. Michelle put out a plate of cookies. Linda held a glass of milk, and commented, Santa likes milk!”

Linda told Rattles, “Now this milk isn’t for you. This milk is for Santa!” Rattles frowned. She liked milk, and she felt jealous. Rattles came up with a plan. She didn’t know who this Santa was. Maybe the humans were getting another cat named Santa. “So,” she thought to herself, Santa likes milk!

Rattles was going to show this Santa cat a thing or two. Maybe she could even get it to stay away. Rattles was going to drink up all the milk before Santa arrived! That milk should go to Rattles – not this Santa cat. Rattles thought she’d wait until everyone went to bed and then drink the milk. “Ha,” she laughed to herself, Santa likes milk!

Mom told the girls that they had to get to bed and go to sleep before Santa would come. The girls excitedly went to bed, but it sure was going to be hard to get to sleep. Michelle told Rattles that she could sleep with her tonight, but Rattles laid under the table and refused to go. “Okay,” said Michelle, “You can stay there. Come on up when you’re ready! Just save the milk for Santa. Remember, Santa likes milk!

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