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Rattles’ Secret Escape


Rattles had been dreaming sweet, kitty dreams all night when she was awakened by a horrible noise from outside. Urrrr-urrrr-urrr! It was the siren from a police car passing by. Rattles never heard a police-car siren when she lived in the barn, so she didn’t know what this was. Scared, she hid under Michelle’s bed. Michelle’s sister, Linda, looked for Rattles and was worried. Where’s Rattles?

Found you!” said Linda. A bright light from a flashlight shone in Rattles’ eyes. “We have to go to school and work, but we’ll be back. Don’t worry! You’ll be safe while we’re gone.”

Rattles didn’t know what to think. This siren noise was new to her, so she thought maybe she’d better go outside to see what was happening. Her curiosity got the best of her. Just before the humans were ready to leave, they opened the door to quickly let the dog out to the back yard. “Come on, Woofley,” they said. The humans didn’t notice Rattles slip out the door with Woofley, but Woofley did. When they brought Woofley back in the house, Rattles did not slip back in. Woofley wondered, Where’s Rattles?

It was Rattles’ first time going outside since she had moved to the city, and she didn’t know about this city thing. The police car and siren noise disappeared, but there were lots of houses all over the place. Cars with humans moved back and forth. People went in and out of houses. Rattles thought this must be a very big farm. “Where’s the barn? Where are the cows? Where are the fields?” She thought to herself, Where AM I?

Rattles decided to see what was out there. She started to cross the street, but everything happened fast. There was a big screech from a car. Car doors flew open. Humans came running out. The last thing Rattles remembered seeing were black stars. As she started to pass out, she again thought, Where AM I?

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