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Sophie’s toys’ club

Author of Simple boy


About the Author

Chanchal’s first novel, Simple Boy, written when he was twenty-five, received immense love from the readers. Since then he has written a number of novellas, essays (Incredible India), theories (The theory of God, Theory of bullet and others) and children’s books and Letters (Letter from the Muslim boy).

Act 1

After a long time”

Mask: Hey, see who is coming?

Zip saw puzzle: Ohoooo, Teddy bear is coming.

Balloon calls everybody “hey listen everybody, marbles, yoyo, Barbie, blocks come outside, Teddy bear has come back”.

Everybody hugs him.

Marbles said to the teddy bear “Hey, welcome back to the Sophie’s toys’ club”

Barbie: Come teddy, come. We missed you a lot.

Blocks: Hi Teddy. After a long time.

Yoyo: What happens, Teddy? Why you are so quiet?

Puppet: any problem, Teddy? Is everything Ok? How is the Sophie?

Teddy breaks the silence.

Teddy bear: Sophie is fine. I am feeling bore.

Blocks: don’t lie. You were there in drawing room for two weeks. How can you feel bore there? All the time, people come and play.

Zip saw puzzle: yes, He is right. I think, you have so much fun there. You are making us fool.

Teddy bear: No man, there is nothing funny there, except Sophie. She used to play a lot with me. And after playing with me, Sophie’s dad always kept me on table beside the sofa set. There I was alone. Some sceneries are there, but they are all bore people.

All the time Sophie’s dad and mom had to watch the TV and that also they had to fight without any reason. Just for the sake of remote. Her dad always wants to watch the sport or news. And her mom always wants to watch some “teary shows”.

Mask: What is “teary shows”.

Teddy bear: It is some type of show, in which people always cry.

Barbie: why they want to cry?

Teddy bear: I don’t know. But they want to and worst thing is that they fight for this bullshit.

Her dad, wants to watch news. And these news channels always show the same thing again and again, all the time and all the day, and take the some much ads. They suck.

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