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Journey to the End:

An Unofficial Minecraft Novel

By Zoe Wynns

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Original Acknowledgments:

I am only 12 years old and this is my first published book, and I am very excited about it. Thanks to my dad for helping me out with the cover design (even though I designed the final product), and to my mom for putting up with my begging to read over each new edit I did.

Current Acknowledgments

I am now thirteen and have published two other books, Flicker, Fade, Soar and SpyCam: The President Plot. Both are for the same age group and each are written better than the last, so if you enjoy this story, make sure to check out the others! This book is an original copy. My writing skills have improved since I wrote this (Not to say that it’s written badly, because I worked very hard on it.)

Please tell me if you find a grammatical or technical error, but know that I tried my best at this and am very proud with the final product, even though I know it isn’t perfect.



“They’ve gotten into Minecraft again!” the developer hissed in exasperation.

“But… but… our firewalls! Our antivirus programs specifically designed for them! The multiple exhausting hours of blood, sweat and tears writing code!” the coder stammered.

“Yep. They’ve denied it all, just like their ancestors.” The developer shook his head in wonder.

“I mean, why? Why go to all this trouble and risk their lives just to implant themselves into a fictional game?” the other wondered.

“They must think they’ll be safer in there, what with us on the brink of World War IIII and all the mess this world is in.”

“I guess I can’t blame them,” admitted the coder. “But do they think they’re going to be able to escape the ever-plaguing zombies and creepers at every turn in there?”

The first shrugged. “Well, obviously they’re willing to take that risk.” He peered at the screen, and chuckled. “Ha! It’s not working out for them very well so far. They’re huddled in a dirt shelter! No food! Zombies all around them! They’ll soon be dead, and then they’ll be transported back to the real world. At least we know that piece of code is up and running.”

“We shouldn’t have been so merciful with them,” growled the coder. “We should have implanted the code so when they died, they died.

“We’ll give them a second chance. When they die, their extensive knowledge of hacking should be helpful to further improve on Minecraft.”

“You say when they die like you’re so sure, but have you noticed they’ve had a child?” the coder said tentatively.

“WHAT?” yelled the developer. He shook his head. “No, no, no! Now even if they do die, their child will continue on the line of Minecraft residents!” He literally banged his head on the desk in frustration.

“We’ll just have to hope they all die,” the second shrugged.

“They could infest Minecraft!” the first yelled, unaware that the coder had even spoke.

The coder hated to see his leader so upset. So in a voice filled with venom, he said, “They call themselves Minecraft residents, but they’re really Minecraft infesters.

Chapter one

The wonderful world of Minecraft.

That’s what I was thinking as I stood tall on top of a mountain, looking at my beautiful house, my huge farm, and my happy family, playing catch with their dogs in a field.

I was going down there in a minute as well, to hang out with my cat and work on my brand-new cocoa bean farm.

It might seem strange that I, a child, was the one that created all this.

But when I was born, my Mom and Dad were huddled in a dirt shelter, every day a struggle.

As soon as I was old enough to help out, I did. I killed pigs for food, and eventually started breeding them. I grew a cocoa bean farm and a huge wheat farm. Then I was able to make cookies that we could survive on.

My parents picked up on my ways, and we started to grow. They had three more children, and we moved to a nearby village, where our house was a minute’s walk away from everything we’d ever need and more.

I decided to go down to the village. I hadn’t visited my best friend, Chassidy, in a while. She was a villager, though, and there’s only so much conversation you can have with one of those. No, she did more than stare at me and go “Hrum.” Villagers do talk, just not to normal users.

But most of Chassidy’s conversations were about her collection of emeralds. “I managed to convince a user that fifty stalks of wheat were worth two emeralds. Now I have seventy-two! Ha!” were her first words as I knocked on her door.

I giggled. “Yo, Chass, want to go on a monster killing spreeeeeee…” I trailed off as I remembered that she wasn’t programmed to kill. I mean, she couldn’t even hold a weapon!

Chassidy glared at me, then it was swiftly replaced by a sneaky smile. “Hey, maybe not. But do you want to go trade with a bunch of users for emeralds? OH WAIT! YOU CAN’T!”

I laughed. “Well, I deserved that.” I said with mock despair. “I apologize for my carelessness!”

“You are forgiven.” Said Chassidy, bowing as best she could with her chunky and awkward body. This made me laugh, and she playfully punched me in return.

Yes, I thought, as I returned to my home. The world of Minecraft is wonderful.

Until one day.

Chapter two

This day started off as any other. I had finished making some cookies, but as soon as I was done, my two youngest twin siblings came over to me. “Coo-kie?” they asked sweetly.

I knew their hunger bar was almost full and they’d just had some bread. But Kellen and Micah loved cookies. Any time I made them, I’d sprint into my room and put them in a chest for special occasions before Kellen and Micah could see.

But they had raided my chest before. I had come into my room and opened my chest, to find that all my cookies were gone! They were replaced by huge stacks of baked potatoes, Kellen’s least favorite food, and carrots, Micah’s least favorite.

But Kellen’s blue eyes were so sweet! I sighed and tossed a cookie into each of their hot-bars. They immediately devoured them and looked up at me.

“Now your hunger bar is full, so you have no excuse to ask me for another.” I said sternly.

They sighed. “Mommy will give us more cookies.” Micah grinned.

Well, that was true. Mom had a soft spot for Kellen and Micah. They were spoiled beyond belief.

I didn’t know what they’d do when it was their time to actually start pitching in and helping the family. The first thing they’d probably do would be to go up to a zombie, look sweetly up at it, and ask “Coo-kie?”

I basically ran things around here, so I would be totally fine to lead the family if something ever happened to Mom and Dad.

“Alex! Will you come help me with this newfangled mine-cart thing?” I heard Ruby, the second oldest, call from her experimenting cave.

I left Kellen and Micah searching for Mom, and went down to Ruby’s cave.

I descended the dark, spiral staircase leading to Ruby’s room. At the bottom, a single torch shone above Ruby’s auburn hair, sparkling in the dim light.

Ruby was a great sister and a great friend. She was good at farming, and loved to experiment with mechanisms.

I glanced at Ruby’s greasy face before beginning to examine her work.

She had attached a hopper to a mine-cart with a chest. “I tried to get the hopper to move the chest from the cart onto the ground, but it’s not working.” She explained.

I immediately saw the problem, and worked for the next couple hours on helping her to fix it.

As we were putting the finishing touches on her machine, a low growl sounded from the shadows of Ruby’s cave.

Ruby kept working, but I glanced around.

The growl sounded again, louder. This time Ruby looked up. “What is that?” she asked nervously.

A zombie walked out from the corners of her area, growling all the while.

“Oh, a zombie. I got this, sis.” Ruby said as she took out her iron sword and swung it at the zombie’s head and body multiple times.

But the zombie didn’t die. It just turned red over and over and over.

Eventually, Ruby’s sword broke. I raised my eyebrows and took out my diamond sword. “This is strange.” I said as I eventually killed the zombie and collected the XP. “You must have hit it twenty times!”

Ruby looked uncomfortable. “I guess. But my iron sword was already almost broken.”

I shrugged. “Maybe that’s why. You should put up some more torches around here.” I added, and forgot about the incident... until that night, when screams drew me from my bed.

I opened my eyes to darkness. It was still the middle of the night!

My Dad jumped out of bed beside me. “That sounds like Micah!” he yelled.

It was. Our door had been broken, and a zombie was in our house, fighting Micah and Kellen. Micah had a wooden sword, and Kellen a stone.

“They’re toast!” I yelled, jumping up with my diamond sword in hand and hitting the zombie as I jumped down from my bed, catching him with a critical hit.

But no stars appeared above the zombie’s head, and he didn’t quit attacking Micah and Kellen, who were rapidly growing weaker.

My dad joined the fight, pushing Kellen and Micah down a hidey-hole and flashing his enchanted iron sword in the zombie’s face. “You don’t hurt my babies and get away with it!” he roared, as the zombie finally fell.

I turned to him. “Great fight!

He narrowed his eyes. “Weird fight. That was the strongest zombie I’ve ever seen!”

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, remembering about the zombie yesterday. “Well, that wasn’t the strongest one I’ve seen…” and I proceeded to tell my dad about the events of yesterday’s zombie.

I finished, and he shook his head at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I shrugged. “I thought it was because Ruby’s sword was almost broken.”

My dad looked around. “Speaking of Ruby, where is she?”

“I dunno.” I said. “Probably down in her cave. She sleeps down there sometimes.”

“Can you go check?” my dad asked.

I thought he was just being paranoid, but I nodded. “Sure.”

I went down quietly, so not to wake Ruby.

But when I got to the bottom, Ruby’s bed was empty.

“Ruby?” I called quietly, begging her to emerge from the nearby chest room, or to pull in on a wild mine-cart ride.

But nobody emerged. “RUBY?” I loudly said.

“RUBY!” I shouted, about to cry.

No reply.

Chapter three

I sprinted up the staircase, almost falling off of it in my hurry. “Dad! DAD!” I cried. “She’s not there!”

“WHAT?” he roared, almost dropping Kellen and Micah, who he was carrying out of the hidey hole.

He put them on the ground and ran down to her room, while I checked all the other rooms in the house.

In my parent’s room I found Mom, sitting up in bed. “What’s all the-“Have you seen Ruby?” I interrupted her. “Noooooo…” she said, bewildered. I left her and ran back to the family room.

By this time we had all met up in the main room, breathing heavily. My dad told my mom what had happened. “No.” my mom whispered. “No.”

The sun was peeking up over the horizon, and Mom was sobbing on the sofa. My dad patted her back. “It’s alright.” He whispered.

“Well, even if another zombie found Ruby, she will have respawned by now, right?” I comforted her. “She’ll be making her way towards our house right now!”

But the truth of the matter was, none of us had died yet. We’d managed to survive, barely, each battle wearing away a little more of our strength. We knew that the users that actually lived in the real world would respawn once they died. But we lived in Minecraft. This was all we’d ever known. What would happen if we died?

“But what if she’s been kidnapped?” Mom squeaked suddenly.

At this Kellen and Micah burst into tears. I slapped my forehead in disbelief. “You guys. Zombies can’t pick stuff up, therefore they can’t kidnap.”

“Zombies also can’t withstand a critical hit from an enchanted diamond sword.” Dad pointed out. “I don’t think we’re being attacked by regular zombies.”

We went through the next day in a daze. I found Dad in his room, about to eat rotten flesh. “No!” I yelled. He looked up at me. “All I want is some steak.” He told me, mumbling.

“Well, rotten flesh is going to make you sick, not steak.” I said, pretty proud of my alliteration.

Dad looked at the flesh in his hands. “Steak…” and with that, he ate the rotten flesh.


He didn’t respond, just groaned and closed his eyes.

My stomach churned. I needed food for him, to make sure his hunger was completely satisfied and the flesh couldn’t take all his life.

I sprinted out of the room, towards my farm, where I could give him some potatoes.

In the main room, I came across Mom. “Dad’s poisoned!” I shouted. She looked at me, bewildered, and I continued my wild sprint towards my farm.

But when I got outside, I stopped in my tracks. Creepers were swarming through my farm, blowing up every aspect of it.

“Wha… how…?” I stumbled. “Creepers only explode when a player is near.” I recited something I’d learned from my mom. “Then how come…?”

I rushed down to my farm. “Shoo! Move it, creepers!” I yelled, waving my hands around. Some of the remaining creepers fled, but many just continued blowing up what was left of my farm: the potato section!

Without hesitation, I ran towards them. “I NEED THAT TO SAVE MY DAD! BACK OFF, YA LOSERS!” I screamed at them. One creeper looked at another, and the first headed towards me.

I backed away. “Oooh, no. No. You are not blowing me up.” I grabbed my diamond sword and hit the creeper, backing up with each hit, whether it landed or not.

Suddenly, I realized that I was right next to my house. I ran away from it as fast as I could, but it was too late. The creeper sizzled, and exploded the main room of our house!

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” I yelled, anguished. I knew, with painful certainty, that my Mom was in there, and that she had been destroyed.

Nevertheless, I rushed through the lone-standing door, and immediately saw the terrified forms of Kellen and Micah. They were standing stock-still in the middle of the rubble.

I rushed towards them. “Have you seen Mom?” I asked frantically. The two young children just looked back, eyes huge, both holding their swords.

I suddenly took a closer look at the swords in their hands. Why were they holding these?

“Why are you two holding your swords?” I asked sweetly.

No reply.

“Do you guys want Mama?” I said, a bit impatiently, but still keeping my sugary sweet tone.

Micah still looked at me blankly, but Kellen’s face softened and her eyes filled up.

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